[FUN/MISC/RPG] BrokenNuckles - Stop punching stuff!

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    Version v0.1
    • Every time someone punches something, doors, wood, stone, they lose half a heart. Why? Because they broke their nuckles in the process, so use items / tools for jobs like that ^_^
    • Knuckles is spelled wrong on purpose before you cry...
    Change Log:
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    Remember the build version in the title :)
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    cb version tag missing from the title
  5. Already done but according to this post not under further development.

    My suggestion is to make this version more expansive:

    1. The right tool for the job:
    1a. If you are not using a tool, you have a chance to get hurt.​
    1b. If you're using the WRONG tool for a job, you have a chance to get hurt.​
    1c. Quality of Tool can have an effect:​
    1c1. Wood Tools for instance would have a chance of harming the user. Each progressive tier of tool would have a lesser chance. Maybe gold tools have *NO* chance to damage you. (Giving them a good use)​
    1c2. The lower the health of a tool, the higher the chance it'll hurt you.​
    1c3. Material being mined vs. Tool used can have an effect. (all configurable of course)​
    1c3a. Using a wooden tool *always* have a chance to hurt you, with increased chances based on the 'tier' of the block being dug. A stone tool may be safe for mining stone, but can hurt you if mining coal or iron. Iron is safe for coal and stone, but has a small chance to hurt you if mining iron, and anything 'harder' than that has a chance. Etc.​

    2. Semi-Permanent Damage: (With Bandages tie-in, see 2b.)
    2a. Allow players to be damaged by this previous to 'breaking their knuckles'​
    2b. If you 'break your knuckles' you have to use a configurable item or items to repair damage that is otherwise permanent. (IE ~ 3 Wool and a Stick to create a splint). This will allow the wound to heal.​
    2ba. Permanent damage should be able to be cumulative, should be configurable to pass through death, and should have a 'minimum hearts' you're allowed to have. So you can't be permanently at 0 and keep waking up to die.​

    3. Rainy days are good for staying in
    3a. Working in the rain (if you're outside) can be dangerous. Modifiers to all potential damage.​
    3b. Configurable chances to increase damage potential from standing in/on:​
    3b1. Running Water, Standing Water, Underwater​
    3b2. Standing Lava, Running Lava, Underwater​
    3b3. Block types, including 'snow covered' 'snow blocks' and 'ice'.​
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  7. Liked all of that did you? XD

    Suggestion Part Deux:
    Let certain worn equipment make a difference. (Wearing Iron boots while working in running water? That reduces your possibility of taking damage, after all, you're weighted down!) That's actually the only example I can think of, but hey!

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  9. Awww, why run?
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    Sorry, i've been busy, updating CB version. Il work on suggestions :D
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    title missing version AND CB version
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    No damaged when punching damage to the following -
    Wool, flowers, buttons, levers, signs (For other mod purposes), torches. snow/sand?, leaves, sponges, redstone, sugar cane/crops, cobwebs, grass/shurbs, doors and traps?

    Either that or make configurable?
    Have in the Config like,
    No damage to: (ID),
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    This is a great improvement of the original idea ! Keep coding ^^
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    inactive then

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