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Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by BlizzTeam, Dec 23, 2011.

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    ******At The Moment It Is Work In Progress*****

    BlizzCode by BlizzTeam [Twebby95, ZeHaxor, sparmerlin]
    Version 0.1
    Requires: SuperPerms OR Essentials' GroupManager Bridge, Vault, Latest Reccommended Craftbukkit Build,
    Website: www.blizzmc.net

    BlizzCode enables players with the correct permission nodes to create redeemable codes, that can give players items and ingame currency. You can also renew codes, so you don't have to enter them again.

    BlizzCode is a complete update of the outdated Coupon Codes plugin, and we would like to credit LaLa on their old plugin code which we used as source in our plugin. I have heard that LaLa has updated their version, but we will post ours anyway because it is a different plugin to LaLa's and will have different features. For example ours will not have SQL at this point in time.


    • Add redeemable codes that can give items or ingame money
    • Customize what the codes give the redeemer
    • Bukkit Permission & Essentials' Group Manager Bridge Support
    • Vault Support Coming Soon!
    • More Coming Soon!
    BukkitDev link (and downloads): http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/blizzcode/


    • /bc can be used
    • /bc redeem [coupon-code]
    • /bc new [coupon-code] [id] [amount] [number of times can be used] - Leave blank for 1
    • /bc new ic [coupon-code] [money] [number of times can be used] - New, used for creating an iConomy code
    • /bc remove [coupon-code]
    • /bc removeall
    • /bc renew [coupon-code] [new # of times can be used] - Leave blank for default of 1
    • /bc reload - Reload config
    • bc.help - See the command list (/bc)
    • bc. - Redeem an item (/bc redeem)
    • bc.new - Add a coupon code (/bc add)
    • bc.del - Remove a code (/bc remove)
    • bc.renew - Renew a coupon code (/bc renew)
    • bc.reload - Ability to reload config (/bc reload)
    • bc.* - Get all the coupon permissions
    Planned Features

    • Multiple items and iconomy from one coupon

    • 23/12/11 - Announced plugin as [WIP]
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    Good job on the post xP
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    Your bukkitdev link doesnt work!
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    fixed bukkitdev link.
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    Nice work!
    Also, Check out the Official Blizz / Chaos / Webicex Server!
    IP: Chaos-Craft.com
    Web: Chaos-Craft.net
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