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    joerep - A simple player driven reputation system.
    Version: v0.5

    Uses Permissions (Tested with v2.7 Phoenix).
    Uses sqlite or mysql.

    Allows players to give and take reputation points from each other based on their interactions. Don't like that someone pvp'd you - take a rep point from them! Feeling generous give someone some rep. Over time players will be able to see how others 'feel' about each other based on their chat name color.

    Default: ( @overlordror - Thanks for the scale!)
    [-40 : -31] Grey - Criminal
    [-30 : -21] Dark Red - Evil
    [-20 : -11] Light Red - Despised
    [-10 : -1] Gold - Hated
    [0 : 10] Yellow - Neutral
    [11 : 20] Dark Green - Liked
    [21 : 30] Light Green - Loved
    [31 : 40] White - Divine (white not black, otherwise can't see on this background.)

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    • Use ~PN for PlayerName, ~REP for reputation and ~0-f for colors in the ranks.config file. Easily build fairly complex display names with suffix, prefix, colors, etc.
    • Based on the number of points you have your chat name may be a different color, have a prefix or suffix or even have the chat text a different color
    • The plugin can add a [#] to the chatname allowing others to see your exact number of reputation points. For example JoeJoeMcBean[50]: Hi There! by using the ~REP option in the ranks. config file.
    • Players can display the top 1 best and worst reps, as well as a top/worst number of reps (rankings).
    • Cannot give or take rep from yourself.
    • Can only give or take reputation once per configurable time frame per player.
    • Admins can set player reputation, and reset their re-use timer.
    • Admins can generate a report to list players and reputation to a log file.
    • Source included in jar.

    Download jar's here (or from attached file below):
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    Copy the joerep.jar file to your plugins directory. The plugin will create the plugins/joerep folder, joerep.db, joerep.config, and ranks.config.
    Copy sqlite.jar or mysql.jar to the main server folder or to the plugins/joerep folder (if you do not already have).

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    /rep me
    /rep best [#] # is optional; /rep best 10 will show top 10 rankings, otherwise just top 1.
    /rep worst [#]
    /rep give <playername>
    /rep take <playername>

    /rep info <playername> Display player reputation info.
    /rep set <playername> <rep #> Sets player repution.
    /rep resetuse <playername> Sets use timer back a day so player can give or take reputaion point.
    /rep report Dumps DB PlayerName and Reputation to joerep_report.log

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    Clean up code.​

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    Version 0.5
    Allow players to give rep more than once in the time period but only to different players.​
    Version 0.4
    Added mysql support.​
    Simplified re-use time setting in the joerep.config​
    Version 0.3
    Greatly simplified display name configuration in the config (Thanks @Valrix code for getting me pointed in the right direction.)​
    Version 0.2
    Added customizable configs.​
    Added ability to not use color. (May conflict with plugins that change DisplayName, untested)​
    Added ability to set re-use time (milliseconds)​
    Added ability to set each rank level and color.​
    Added prefix, suffix and color choices for each.​
    Added joerep_report.log​
    Version 0.1

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  2. @JoeJoeMcBean I am using default user permissions for MySQL and I am pointing to localhost, I know the server is responding because I have BigBrother and iConomy running of the same database.
    I hope thats enough info for you, if you need any more info just ask :)

    Oh, I also use wamp, if that helps, so anything to do with MySQL is done with phpMyAdmin
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    @L4w3s , another thought. Have you created the DB in MySQL. joerep does not create the db (schema) it just adds the tables and what not.

  4. I have changed that database to minecraft in the config file and yes, that database is created already.
    Could there be any other reasons and do you know of any compatibility problems with other plugins?
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    Compatibility problems, I haven't heard of any, but I haven't tested for any either.

    As a test would you mind creating a new db just for joerep, setup user permissions for it and try that?
  6. Hmm, that didn't seem to fix anything unfortunately, just tried making a DB called joerep for that plugin and set user permissions but that didn't do it, still same error as before.

    Here are my files just in-case you can spot anything wrong with them:
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    @L4w3s , geez, it all looks good. Off hand I would think it's something with your permissions to the DB, but it sounds like you are pretty saavy with this sort of thing. I did some quick testing and was getting the same error when my username/pass wasnt setup correctly or when the schema didn't exist.

    I even pointed to an existing logblock db and it was able to insert the new tables there with a good user/pass.

    What permissions are you granting to the db for that user?
  8. All possible permissions, I did that to see if i could get it working.
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    Awesome, thanks so much!
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    @kmccmk9 , I take it that helped?

    If so - you're welcome!

    @L4w3s , Really strange. It seems to be pointing to the db permissions not being right or not there somehow as far as I can tell. I even went and tried with cb670. I'm using 'root' though and have not created a seperate user and added permissions. I'll try that next.

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    does this require permissions?
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    2011-04-21 08:30:54 [INFO] openDBconnection:com.mysql.jdbc.exceptions.jdbc4.MySQLNonTransientConnectionException: Could not create connection to database server. Attempted reconnect 3 times. Giving up.
    2011-04-21 08:30:54 [INFO] [joerep] Disabled
    i dont get it on CB684 running, i put the mysql.jar into main and jorep folder, all settings are correct my only difference is the databasename, on my root i cannot use the dbname jorep, i have to use another name. All other plugins with mysql running fine with it.
  13. Hmm, earlier this week i reported this wasnt working for me however i think it was my CB build, I have just got #693 which supports 1.5_01 and joerep is now working for me... i think.
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    -1000:-201,~0[Rapeest] ~f~PN
    -200:-181,~0[Killer] ~f~PN
    -180:-161,~4[Villain] ~f~PN
    -160:-141,~4[Evil] ~f~PN
    -140:-121,~c[Outlaw] ~f~PN
    -120:-101,~c[Criminal] ~f~PN
    -100:-81,~d[Faggeet] ~f~PN
    -80:-61,~d[Sheetface] ~f~PN
    -60:-41,~5[Deeck] ~f~PN
    -40:-21,~5[Beetch] ~f~PN
    21:40,~2[Liked] ~f~PN
    41:60,~2[Praised] ~f~PN
    61:80,~a[Loved] ~f~PN
    81:100,~a[Adored] ~f~PN
    101:120,~e[Sexy] ~f~PN
    121:140,~e[Boner] ~f~PN
    141:160,~6[Hero] ~f~PN
    161:180,~6[Saint] ~f~PN
    181:200,~f[Divine] ~f~PN
    201:1000,~f[Legend] ~f~PN

    Is there something wrong with my ranks? They're not showing up in game
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    Same problem
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    Is it possible to say subtract 1 point of rep each time a pvp kill is made by that player, and possibly +1 rep if a player heals another player?
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    @Tibs , so you are looking for some auto rep abilites? Currently joerep is only player driven.
    Interesting idea though. Maybe I'll make some auto features in future versions if there is enough interest.

    Thanks for the feedback.
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    Yeah pretty much, neg rep from player kill should be easy enough. I don't know about positive rep, maybe if you go x amount of time without killing someone you get some + points. Looking for ways to have players that do a lot of fighting stand out so other players can get an idea of they should run if they don't want a fight, or a way for the pvp players to find the good fighters to do battle against. Possibly get + rep if you kill someone with - rep.

    I'm not running stats&ach atm but it just occurred to me I can use that to issue rep commands. Hmm I think this will work for me, since all these things I want to use to issue rep on are listed in stats =) And your joerep will let players see other players rep based on stats that I can tune to my servers needs.

    Thanks for this most useful mod!
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    My pleasure!
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    Is it possible to disable the color?
    Like I want to keep my colorme names and dont reputation to change colors of names?
    Regards Tottely
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    Well i downloaded sry for stupid question found disable color in config. But i got some problem i could simply test it and set Tottely 11 for example then i relog and the status is no longer shown tested on 3 players same for all.
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    Running 740 i get the same problem as above /rep give or /rep set and everything works well till the player relogs, then the rep is gone.
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    Daniel Few

    Would it be possible to add an option in the config to turn off the colours? I'm using nChat and want the colours to be the same throughout, however would still like to be able to use this rep system.
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    Have you tried changing color_on to false in the joerep.config?
    If that doesn't do the trick let me know and maybe we can work something out.

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    I've been looking for this!
    Is this supported for RB818 and Permissions 3.1.1?
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    is this plug-in supported for 860? Is JoeJoeMcBean still alive? :)
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    Kaydin Smtih

    Seems to work ok with 860, seems like iChat and this plugin conflict a bit when it comes to prefixs and colors no matter what I change the settings to. It will show the tags randomly in the /who listing. I dont get it, but it mostly works.
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    This plugin color modifier is being userped by the Permissions plugin. I can't modify the name color to match the rep level because Permissions overrides with the group name color. I tried removing sufix from perms and it changed nothing. Have you tested this with Permissions? (aside from the permission nodes.)
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    To bad this isn't supported for craftbukkit 1000 it looks extremely cool.
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    nevermind. it was ichat. going to try to fix the ichat config toy work with it. any sugestions?

    Can you make this compatable with ichat?

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    tha d0ctor

    can you released the SRC or please update it so you can customize the table name as well as the column name in addition to the database name please?

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