Inactive [FUN/MISC]Infected v1.2 - A Minecraft version of Infection. [1.2.5-R4.0]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by NinjaWAffles, Jul 4, 2012.

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    MobDisquise doesn't work with it, you can't config when you join an arena you disquise into a zombie
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    im pretty sure once this plugin is fully finished without any mistakes then it would be really popular ninja im waiting for that day to come and when it does ill be the 1st one share this on the net and download :D
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    Sometime. This need Spout for Disguise or Zombie skin :)
    Btw. I'll translate an Vietnamese Version :).
    Here some Vietnamese Translate page for this plugins.
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    When a survivor dies, he doesn't become infected.
    He just respawns at the world's spawn and he is still showing on the list of non infected...
    This plugin doesn't work at all, why did you even publish it?!
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    Nice Plugin but, can you make more arenas? I am making a Pvp server with Maps from differetn games such as CA and other ones. I want to create different arenas.

    Also is it possible to make a video to see how it works and/or how it works ingame and how you play it. Ty that would be very nice :D !

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    Yes. The next version has multi-arena support.
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    ty awsome ! I will test it out later :)
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    I understood the second and third, but not the first one.
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    I absolutly love this plugin. Please keep updating it! I would also like some things add:
    1. Permissions (I use PEX)
    2. The ability to change what each side gets. Changing the kits and such.
    3. If permissions is a bit much then at least make /inf start for admins. I don't want people to start the game if others wanna join. It makes it hard to get everyone in the game.

    Other then that, I very well done plugin. I love it!
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    Nice job :p
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    Would you be able to make me a custom version of this so when a person joins the server they instantly have to play this minigame giving them no decision?...
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    And looking forward to
    • Multi-Arena support
    • A voting system allowing users, in the intermission period, to vote for the next played map.

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