Inactive [FUN/MISC] Herobrine v4.4 - Bring back the legend. [1.3.2-R2]

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    i liked the configurable spawn
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    I'm bringing back the setting, but changing how it works.
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    This sounds awesome! Can't wait to try it out. Can someone put together some videos of what he can do? I'm hoping that he runs away when people move toward him and vanishes completely if they get to close. I'd love to have this sort of mysteriousness on my server.
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    How do I create the altar?
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    If i build the thing for summoning herobrine will it come? :p
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  7. When i made the altar there came only a zombie, but i wanted the real herobrine with his real FACE. XD
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    Players on my server are complaining that it is not rare enought. In acouple of hours, it appeard 4 times, twice to the same player. It griefed a little his things too. Cant wait for a config to the spawn interval.
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    Added in the update, released.


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    The only problem i have is he's a zombie...why is this? he was herobrine in privious versions...and yes i know u gonna fixit but please do so soon. :/ Otherwise great! But...can we have configurable signs 2?:D
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    make so that when u kill herobrine it spawns 2 giants and they can shot fire :D well this is hard lol..
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    Does he spawn randomly, and scare (not attack).

    Or does he only spawn when you summon him; than he attacks?
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    Hello :)

    I have succyfully installed the plugin, but the Herobrine see like a 1:1 zombie :(

    Maybe have false textures?

    help me :D
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    So in a future update you will not need spout for the skin?
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    How can i get herobrine to build :'(
    and how can i even edit the files D:

    Ops sorry ik how to edit the file but still how can i get herobrine to build :(

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    Was making it a Herobrine NPC too messy/annoying to do? It would be much cooler if he had his name/skin!
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    Adding random spawning tomorrow.
    I'm working to add those.
    Set modify-world to true if it isn't already.
    Working to fix this.
    You will always need Spout for the skin unless Bukkit implements this natively.
    Adding those.
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    I'm not sure. Why do you require Spout for the skin? Couldn't you just give him the name "Herobrine"? That way he will have his skin, or am I missing something?
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    When combing release?
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    He should watch you from the corner of your vision and set the player fog to medium or high when he's nearby. He shouldn't be as active as chasing someone, he should just stalk you from a distance - something which could perhaps be edited in a config file? Adding a feature like letting him access the player view in-game and changing his stalking position due to this would make it really scary, like the Endermen can tell when you're looking right at them
    This is the original Herobrine, and how he should act in-game. You've probably already read it though
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    say the players fog is set to tiny or maybe short or somthing, is he made to hang around the edge of it just like in the story or..?
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    Okay if i want herobrine to do something more often should i raise the action chance or should i lower it?
  24. if you set the chance to 9999999999 herobrine would take a looong time to do things... if you set at 1 it will be making evill every second of your live (playing a really annoying presure plate-like sound) with everyone of your players (and your own if you aren't except) movements!

    --------------------------------------------/my question/--------------------------------------------------
    (wow your tutorial ( ) is not working :( ) <= solved

    hum.. he/she/it places torches make tunnels and altars allways on the player's back, then no one can see it if they are exploring ( trust me, i was trying to do it with a chance of 100 and ALLWAYS make the things on my back) the signs are awesome ( my favorite is "remember <player name>")
    and he/she/it is allways invisible except when i summons him/her/them... it's ok it has a zombie texture while summoning but all the other times it's invisible.. i think it will be more scary if you see a npc walking and making evil, and he/she/it coud send messages when doing actions (like putting torches and asdf..) to advise all players that he/she/it is still alive.. (not only when you summon her/him/them) do you think so?;)

    ah and another thing XD you've managed to scare one of my players A LOT Good job :p
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    Absolutely perfect! This is what I need!
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    Because I'm trying to follow the myths that he does not have a nametag.

    Will work on it, thanks! :D

    I'm working to add Spout this weekend.

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    I trying this out on my friend who is scared to crap of Herobrine and has no idea I added this plugin.

    I'll give you an update if anything comes up (I changed the probability to 1000 and she is the only one online)
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    Awesome plugin, love every bit of it. One of my friends has gotten really freaked out about a sign he saw, he has no idea about the plugin. I do have one question though, I'm not using any kind of permissions plugin, so will herobrine only stalk people that are not Ops? If so, could I change it so he stalks everyone?
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    When Will The Realse Come Out?..............................
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    This plugin is awesome! Its just that Herobrine is a zombie when you spawn him a t the altar. I know you are planning to change this^^

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