Inactive [FUN/MISC] HazordBounty v1.6 - Bringing back the age of Bounty Hunting. [1060]

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    Hi Bukkit and the Bukkit Community. =) This is my first plugin that i am throwing out to the public.

    HazordBounty adds a brand new perspective to PvP. For people who has ever been killed by another player and wanted revenge. Now you can by just using this plugin. :)
    HazordBounty adds a public Bounty list to the server, making it possible for players to anonymously post a Bounty against their enemies for cash. Other players can take on the role of being a bounty hunter, to fulfill bounties and earn the reward.

    HazordBounty is a plugin originally developed for the public. :)

    Have Fun!


    • Become a Bounty Hunter and kill for your pay!
    • iConomy support! Earn money in game for completing the kill of a fugitive! Supports iConomy ONLY at the moment!
    • Anonymously create Bounties against your enemies!
    Plugin Help: A really awesome person who helped me start the base of this plugin was
    Denkfaehigkeit or now known as MasterAsp so you guys should thank him too. =

    Yes, I know there are a few screw ups in the video. I didn't want to take 1000 videos. But, Its just a quick example of how the plugin plays out. Well, with commands.

    Commands (open)

    /hbounty list - Shows the global Bounty Listings.

    /hbounty create <PlayerName> <Amount> - Used to create a bounty.

    /hbounty accept <ID #>

    /hbounty help - Shows the in-game Help Menu

    Change Log:
    1.6 Update
    • Edited the /hbounty list command to give more information if there are no Bounties.
    • Added a onPlayerJoin message telling of my plugin.

    HazordBounty(jar) Sponsored Link
    HazordBounty(zip) Sponsored Link

    HazordBounty(jar) Normal Link
    HazordBounty(zip) Normal Link

    Source is coming later on. I'm setting up a github.

    More Information Coming Soon!

    Doesn anyone like this idea? Ill be adding a download link tonight im setting up dl.dropbox.

    EDIT: I added Download Links.

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    Hi guys. Im still working on a newer update for the plugins. Sorry that ive been so pre-occupied with school and such.

    I also made a BukkitDev HazordBounty page for you guys which is where i will be posting stuff for now. On so go on there. I will be making a post with the link in a sec.

    Heres the BukkitDev Link.

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    I think customizable menu and command alias would be amazing. :D What I mean by customizable menu is like the text where it says by and above. ??? :D
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    Well. I dont thin i shout make the By xSh4dowXSniPerx part configurable =). Due to ive seen it in the past and people would take credit for other peoples work
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    Well that is usually banned. I would just have it be Bounty Hunter or something like that. And on top my server name ZombieRun. :D
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    Whats ussually banned? If your referring to the "By So And So" part then why would it be bannable? The Authors should have that right do something such as that so that people would know who the creator of the fabulous plugin is! :)
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    Stealing plugins is usually banned
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    Yay for more bounty plugins!

    Schloop Schloop Bing-A-Bang Bong!
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    Easy, The player that creates the bounty, looses the money he put in

    Player 1 has 100 dollars
    Player 1 makes a bounty for player 2 worth 50 dollars
    player 1 now has 50 dollars
    player 3 has 100 dollars
    player 3 kills player 2.
    player 3 now has 150 dollars
    player 1 still has 50 dollars
    player 2 looses nothing

    Money is not entering or leaving the server this way through "magical" means
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    having issues with this plugin working.
    Getting an error in console:
    [SEVERE] Could not pass event PLUGIN_ENABLE to HazordBounty

    this occurs a few times during server startup using the newest version [1185]

    the plugin seems to load but when I try to create a bounty nothing happens, no error or anything and nothing shows up in the bounty list.
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    same bug here

    this is actually what I was thinking as well..

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    Permission Support?
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    Mosh Mage

    If you are going forward with this idea, please make it an opt-in. Explaining why:

    Even if making a bounty on a Faction brother isn't the nicest of things to do... well, you CAN do it. it's not like it's a "bad thing" to do, it's just not righteous. But neither is the concept of making war for a piece of land holding some chests :p
    as long as "if there is faction THEN no anonymous bounty" there should be no problem on making it able for faction brothers going on a bounty frenzy between brothers.
    Or even, making it impossible for someone from the same faction to ACCEPT the bounty; so, i could make a bounty on a fellow faction member but NOONE of the same faction could accept it?

    i dont know, 2much ... coffee :)
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    seeing as it's unlikely any server would have 2 bounty plugins would you please either:
    A- change /hbounty to /bounty
    B- add the option to use /bounty instead of (or in addition to) /hbounty via the configuration file?
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    Hi there! I type for exapmple , Hb create lawrence1998 1000 and it dosent make it, no error message, nothing.
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    ^ same thing here.
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    Hi guys. Sorry i havnt had any works with this plugin in a while. Ive been focusing my efforts in on school more that anything. Ive actually started working 0on this plugin again plus im working on a pvp leveling system plugin now too. Based on kills players earn on other players and stuff. any ways ill be fixing the bugs. I need to make a 1185 update for this anyways ^_^
  18. Hey just seen this mod looks good i dont know if it can do it but can you make it so it puts the names on a board.

    Like The Plugin Cool :p
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    Hopes for 1.0.0 with Factions support and configuration :)
  20. Hey, both links are down! My internent blocks ur site and the other link is down. This plugin looks supernice and really want it!
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    Hey seems like a great plugin but can you please add essentials economy support

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    The plugin is outdated.. You may want to look for an alternative. In some time, i may develop a bounty plugin. If you are interested private message me, or reply here.
  23. the download links just lead to 404 errors
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    Dead plugin is dead. Fix links please :3
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    The Download Links are Dead giving Error ;-( please can you fix i really want this plugin
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    Is this going to get updated ever? I would like to have the opportunity for my players to create bounties, considering I used to use bounties when the plugins were up-to-date. It seems like a dying plugin category, and it needs to be brought back to life!
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    Would be nice if you could fix the download link! :)

    Thank you!
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    Yes. There is something wrong with all of the download links. (Error 404)
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    Download link not working
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    hey ur downlaod links dont work bro can u post a workingone

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