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    Hi Bukkit and the Bukkit Community. =) This is my first plugin that i am throwing out to the public.

    HazordBounty adds a brand new perspective to PvP. For people who has ever been killed by another player and wanted revenge. Now you can by just using this plugin. :)
    HazordBounty adds a public Bounty list to the server, making it possible for players to anonymously post a Bounty against their enemies for cash. Other players can take on the role of being a bounty hunter, to fulfill bounties and earn the reward.

    HazordBounty is a plugin originally developed for the public. :)

    Have Fun!


    • Become a Bounty Hunter and kill for your pay!
    • iConomy support! Earn money in game for completing the kill of a fugitive! Supports iConomy ONLY at the moment!
    • Anonymously create Bounties against your enemies!
    Plugin Help: A really awesome person who helped me start the base of this plugin was
    Denkfaehigkeit or now known as MasterAsp so you guys should thank him too. =

    Yes, I know there are a few screw ups in the video. I didn't want to take 1000 videos. But, Its just a quick example of how the plugin plays out. Well, with commands.

    Commands (open)

    /hbounty list - Shows the global Bounty Listings.

    /hbounty create <PlayerName> <Amount> - Used to create a bounty.

    /hbounty accept <ID #>

    /hbounty help - Shows the in-game Help Menu

    Change Log:
    1.6 Update
    • Edited the /hbounty list command to give more information if there are no Bounties.
    • Added a onPlayerJoin message telling of my plugin.

    HazordBounty(jar) Sponsored Link
    HazordBounty(zip) Sponsored Link

    HazordBounty(jar) Normal Link
    HazordBounty(zip) Normal Link

    Source is coming later on. I'm setting up a github.

    More Information Coming Soon!

    Doesn anyone like this idea? Ill be adding a download link tonight im setting up dl.dropbox.

    EDIT: I added Download Links.

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    Can you place a bounty using items? (eg, if a player has diamonds, he can place a bounty of two diamonds on a player.)
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    No, i havent added anthing like that. But that would be a good option to add. Good Idea.
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    This is a pretty good plugin. I have had no errors so far with 15 players. They all enjoy it! EIFFEL TOWER
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    Thanks. If you added that, would I still need Iconomy to use this plugin?
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    At the moment you can only use iConomy. But soon i will be making it possible to use any Economy system.
    Just watch for the change log.
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    I can't remember the name, but there was a similar plugin to this (haven't seen it in a while, dunno if it's still active)

    There was an exploit that this one seems to share.

    Say you put a bounty on me. I get my friend to accept the bounty, let him kill me, he wins the bounty and we split the reward.

    Sorry to be a downer.
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    Permissions support would be nice.
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    Well, soory to be another downer. but i cant controle that. But, if anyone has an idea to prevent this i would be happy to put it into actiom.
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    This plugin is actually good. The members of my server love the enhancement. It makes pvp alot more fun.
    The only problem im having is that when players and even i type in /hbounty list or /hb list i get an exception.
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    Yea, Ill be adding alot more funtionality. which means ill be making admin commands.

    Yea. In the next build i have fixed this problem. I havent added the new link yet.

    Ill update the plugin links tomorrow.

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    The only thing I can think of that would stop the easy abuse angle is to have it ask the bounty-giver to confirm it.

    1) I place a bounty on PlayerX
    2) You choose to take the bounty
    3) I get a request for confirmation ("___ wants to accept your bounty of $___ on PlayerX Type: /confirm or /deny)
    4) Pretty straight-forward.

    Shity part is it complicates a good system because people have to go and fuck it up for everybody.
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    I'd have to say. That sounds kind of nice. But, that wouldnt control the exploitation of this in the iConomy.
    Here ill explain.

    Ok so what happening is. I'm going to repeat your story a bit. Anyways, Ok so a friend places a bounty on you. You accept it, and you let him kill you. But, it gives him the money like its supposed to. The only reason it can be exploited is of iConomy. Because, all he has to do after getting the money is type /money pay yourname ammount.
    See what i mean? I cant control it. But, if the creator of iConomy could control it then that exploit would be out of the picture.

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    True, but it cuts down the abuse some. If you know I have certain friends that would do that, then you could say're getting the bounty, but somebody else can still apply for it...but still it's not a very elegant solution.

    I'd say leave it as is. Some servers can still make great use of this. I depends on the community.

    Edit: It also occurred to me that this would fly a lot better than average on servers that use Factions, as every time you die your faction loses power and becomes vulnerable to having their land taken from them, so a little cash isn't going to be worth losing your house.
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    Well, I will have to keep it as is. considering, I have no other idea on how to control something such as that. Well. I have a few ideas.
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    Love this idea. Nice work. (y)
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    Thanks Samkio =) Its nice to know that even more famous developers like ideas such as this.

    I updated the download links for you guys. I wont have time to make the changlog yet. Ive got a football game. So, Ill post the changlog when i get back.

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    Glad to see a release :D

    After much buggy testing on my server, his friend's server, and his test server, it looks like the plugin has finally got itself in shape for a public release :D Good job!
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    Maybe, for Servers using Factions, you could control if a player is in a guild allyed or in the same guild as the player to kill, preventing him to accept the bounty.... this could be a solution
    I don't think people would leave a faction just to kill someone and then rienter it(as soon as factions have a joining fee)
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    Well, Ive been thinking of this consept for a while now. I have to agree. Its unfair for your faction members to make bounties against you. So, I will try to add this. Guess ill be figuring out how to hook into factions =)
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    I think it's quite simple... just put theyr jar into your build path and start experimenting with the class, or look at theyr source code ( i've modified Factions for my Server and it was quite simple)
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    Pretty cool plugin! Glad to see you've developed it :)
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    Well, I havnt ever developed for Factions API. But, im sure it wont be too hard. What ill have to do is check for the player using the command and then fetching the Faction of that person and then just putting all of that work in an (if) statement.
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    Isn't the correct spelling HazardBounty?
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    Working on the commands problem. I noticed that the commands weren't working the way they were supposed to. so Im going back and working on em. Ill post another update later today. I am also fiddling around with Factions.

    Yes, HazardBounty is the correct spelling. ^_^ But, I used HazordBounty. Sounds for fun =)

    Status Update - Still working on commands. =/ haven't had much time today to work on them.

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    Did everyone give on me? On this plugin? lol
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    Nonon I love this plugin so far just needs permissions and can you post it on bukkitdev as well.
    That is the new thing. :D

    nvm just seen it on there.
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    i working on permissions im also still working on the bukkitdev stuff im almost done. gotta make it perfect for you guys ^_^
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