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    Join my server? :)

    Hey guys, so this is my first public plugin and I'd really like some feedback for it :) So be sure to comment on whether or not you like it, and what I can do to make it better! I'm also looking for someone to do a video showing each of the mobs being built, so if you're interested, PM me! If you find any bugs, please fill out a ticket and I'll work on fixing it right away!

    • Build any mob with blocks (1.2 mobs are still in the works)
    • Permissions for each mob
    • More to come!
    How to install:
    1. Download the plugin
    2. Drag it into your CraftBukkit server's Plugins folder
    3. Start-up or reload the server
    4. Have fun building mobs :)
    buildamob.* - Permission to build all mobs​
    buildamob.blaze - Permission to build Blazes​
    buildamob.cavespider- Permission to build Cave Spiders​
    buildamob.chicken- Permission to build Chickens​
    buildamob.cow- Permission to build Cows​
    buildamob.creeper- Permission to build Creepers​
    buildamob.dragon- Permission to build Dragon Shrines​
    buildamob.enderman- Permission to build Endermans (Endermen?)​
    buildamob.magmacube- Permission to build Magma Cubes (Fire Slimes)​
    buildamob.ghast- Permission to build Ghasts​
    buildamob.mooshroom- Permission to build Mooshrooms​
    buildamob.ocelot- Permission to build Ocelots​
    buildamob.pig- Permission to build Pigs​
    buildamob.pigzombie- Permission to build Zombie Pigmens​
    buildamob.sheep- Permission to build Sheep​
    buildamob.silverfish- Permission to build Sheep​
    buildamob.skeleton- Permission to build Skeletons​
    buildamob.slime- Permission to build Slimes​
    buildamob.spider- Permission to build Spiders​
    buildamob.squid- Permission to build Squids​
    buildamob.villager- Permission to build Villagers​
    buildamob.wolf- Permission to build Wolves​
    buildamob.zombie- Permission to build Zombies​
    Note: Being Op also gives you all of these permissions​

    Tutorial for Each Mob:
    Watching the Video is Recommended.
    W = wool and the last block in the equation must be placed last; and the orientation should be pretty self explanatory
    Blaze = Orange W + Orange W + Nether Brick
    CaveSpider = Teal W + Teal W + WEB
    Chicken = Snow Block + Throw an egg at it :p
    Cow = Brown W + White Wool + Brown W
    Creeper = Dark Green W + Dark Green W + TNT
    Dragon = You make a shrine(3x3 square of obsidian with Gold Block in the middle)
    Enderman = Obsidian + Obsidian + Obsidian + EndStone
    FireSlime = 2x2 square of Netherrack
    Ghast = 3x3 CUBE of White W with Glowstone in the middle on top (wasn't really sure how to do that one :p)
    Mooshroom = Same as cow but Red W instead of Brown
    Ocelot = Sandstone + JungleLog + Sandstone
    Pig = 3 Pink Wool
    PigZombie = Pink W + Dark Green W + Pink W
    Sheep = 2 x White W + Sand
    SilverFish = Place a button on a StoneSlab
    Skeleton = Light gray W + Dark Gray W + Light Gray W (shoot the dark gray with an arrow)
    Slime = Same as fire slime but with Lime W
    Spider = Black W + Red W + Black W + Web
    Squid = Dark Blue W with fences all around it + Dark Blue W on top of the first one
    Villager = Log:1 x 2 + Sand
    Wolf = 3 Light Gray W
    Zombie = Dark Blue W + Teal W + Melon
    Planned Features:
    • Fixing the bugs in Skeleton and Chicken creation
    • 1.2 Mob Support
      (Cats to come in pet update)
    • Colored sheep based on wool color
    • Mobs becoming your "pet" when you create them
    • Silverfish (If you've any ideas on how to build one, send me a PM ^_^)
    • The ability to build tame dogs/cats
    • Configurable Messages Any other ideas? Post them in the comments! :)
    Extra Credits:

    Special thanks to Muddr for helping me with the Chicken and Skeleton creation!
    And to Monkah for the logo! He's doing something really cool guys so watch out ;)
    And also to BrandonHopkins from TechHut for the awesome video

    -Added Ocelots and the permission to make them (buildamob.ocelot)
    -Fixed NPE Error when right clicking, thanks to @eccentric

    -Added SilverFish and the permission to make them (buildamob.silverfish)
    -Removed an accidental server broadcast when Dragon Shrine is made
    -Cleaned up code

    -Stopped Dragons from tearing apart worlds as they fly throughout them

    -Initial Release
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    Really nice plugin :) I loved making the video for it.
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    Why you no respond to me?!
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    This is a really nice plugin how do you think of these ideas?!
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    Thanks :) to be honest I was surprised I thought of it as well! I thought every idea was taken
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    Not alot of people seem to be liking it... But I do because I spoke out! :p
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    [1.1-R7] is the latest RB
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    He fixed it ;)
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    Will this work with pistons or must the player place the last block for it to work?
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    I was just about to say it would be cool if they would be friendly, then i saw it in the upcoming update. That would be soo cool.
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    Would like to see maybe economy support :)
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    put it into my server :D <3 you fell
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    How about adding custom recipes for the mobs? (configuration?)
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    what about the giant?

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