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    BrokenFingers - 'Who said punching trees is easy?'
    Version: v1.0
    Download : (V0.1) (V0.2) (V0.3)V1.0

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    [torch] [​IMG] [torch]

    This is my new YASP (yet another simple plugin :p), lets face it we all punch trees to the ground at a given time on minecraft or in real life... the difference is that in real life it hurts like hell....
    WELL no more !!!!
    [brickblock] You can now have the pleasure of breaking a finger in minecraft [brickblock]

    It works like this:
    • You break a block with your hand
    • The plugin looks in the config file how many blocks of that material you have to break until your finger goes bananas !!!
    • If you don't break a finger the fist will heal quickly (config file has that value too)
    • If you break a finger every time you punch something you will loose life (config info)
    • After a while your fingers will heal and you can go back punching stuff
    • Auto generates a config file with all the current materials
    • Configurable damage properties for each material
    • Hurt knuckles and Broken bones heal with time
    • Can be enabled and disabled on the fly
    • Has permissions
    • Makes your server just a little more awesome !
        aliases: [brokenf]
        description: BrokenFingers management
        usage: |
            /<command> enable - Enables the plugin.
            /<command> disable - Disables the plugin.
    To do:
    • Configurable messages /(tks @Nitnelave [​IMG] )
    • Make Fingers Heal onDeath
    Version 1.0
    • Final version
    • Added Permissions
    Version 0.3
    • Fixed some bugs
    Version 0.2
    • Changed the way 'You're broke your knuckles!!!' is displayed
    • Fixed some bugs
    Version 0.1
    • Beta version - Help me fix the plugin and add new stuff !!!
    !!! Lets give @Sol_Prower a huge thanks for the awesome idea !!!​
    !!! and @m5k for the great catch phrase !!!!​
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  2. Sammy:
    Can you make it so that you get hurt *unless* you're using a configurable tool item?

    IE ~
    If I mine with a pick, I don't get hurt, if I do with a shovel, I can get hurt.
    If I chop trees with an axe, I don't get hurt, if I do it with a Pick, I can get hurt.

    I know this isn't broken stick, but currently it's far too easy to bypass.
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    Its like my plugin, but just for trees...
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    Howto configurable messages?
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    the fingers are breaking in all worlds, not just the world i put the permission in.
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    Wow, this is a fun mod! I love it already.

    I'd suggest a few improvements if I could:
    1. Limit the damage to respect the MaxDamage config value. This would entail checking that if more than 1 damage is done the user's HP bar won't actually deplete past the MaxDamage mark. As it stands now, if a block has a lostperHit value greater than 2, one can kill himself with a MaxDamage value of 18. What a way to go!
    2. Make blocks configurable to disable the "you're hurting your hands!" message. I don't think wool's really gonna hurt that bad unless it's still attached to the sheep.
    3. Allow a BreaksUntilDamage value of 0 to cause a breakage immediately. Punching bedrock is just a bad idea man! (-1 could work as disabled)

    Could you relate your time values to ticks for us? It's hard to tell what you are setting them to.
    Thanks for the great mod.
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    Dang, this looked like a nice plugin to add to my server. Version 1.0 fails to load on a CraftBukkit 1.5.2-R0.1 server.

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