Inactive [FUN]MineBuilder v1.7-Experience/Money for mining ,building and adjustable exp for mobs [1.4.5-RB1]

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    i cannot change the settings.config file
    for some reason it keeps resetting
    can you help?

    edit: i have vault on my server and i cant change the money option. Vault works for essentials right?
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    Which version did you use before? may it this is the probleme save your changes and delte the Minebuilder folder reload and copy the exp changes into the new Exp/Money config

    To vault , pleas look Here

    And yes , thank you will fix this propblem with reseting in the next minutes ;)

    EDIT: Updated pleas download 3.5_1
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    This Plug-in ROCKS! :D
    DAMN! It works 100% ! :D
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    I would like if you could upload the source code of this plugin to github. Keep up the good work! :)
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    When you give me a good reason I will upload the soure code when I have rewrite it complete.

    I think no one would understandt the src because it was my first plugin and i worked not long with java befor it´s written very unclean thats one reason why I decided to rewrite it :)
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    I think after looking over it most of the ppl who worked some time with java and bukkit plug-ins would understand it.;) In fact I would like to see it on github is that on one hand i only use plugins which i can provide myself with updates (as a lot devs gave up their works in past so i had to update the plugins). On the other hand its easier to follow your changes between different versions and help you finding bugs.
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    Really nice work. I'm trying it but it semms that i have a bug on it.
    I'm trying to send message when people Lvl Up but , the msg wont prompt with mob bashing , only with blocks.
    Any idea? Am i wrong with something?

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    I promis that I will keep it uptodate (when the release api for 1.3 make it possible to change the exp)and okay when i finished I will upload it and sry but I dosent think that people will find and understand all :3

    Oh .... never thought about this .... it should work but i forget that it drops orbs and you dident get it directly ... i will add a timer for this , currently i work on a update for 1.3 because a error apear when you mining emrald but nearly done :) I will fix that and upload the version may today else at the next morning
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    In the next months I will go to a shool where I learn dev and I will keep the plugin up todate :3 ^^ but I will upload the src when I´m rewrite my plugin but I think the most commands will be omitted only only / reminer and / mgetblockid will remain(I think)
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    Thanks for that:). It will be a pleasure to read your codes in future
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    I dont think that it will be a pleasure Im not the best dev even when i learned much since i worked on this plugin :)
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    Hi. I have just installed this plug in on my own server which is running on my pc but i cant seem to get it wroking 100%.
    I can set player levels but i dont seem to be able to get money or exp points for anything. I have all the lastest updates as i only set up my server today. I have latest minecraft and latest tekkit builds.
    PLease help as ive been trying to get these pluging working for hours now.
    Many thx
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    Do you use the latest stable (1.2.5) bukkit or tekkit version? never test it with tekkit only with bukkit , are you sure you break/place enough blocks?

    Just downloaded tekkit only need to downgrade my minecraft version and i will test it :)

    EDIT:tested and it works , you said that the server is new? I think you was in the spawn area there it gives no exp because normal player without rights can´t break/place blocks there :) run a bit an test it again :)
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    I try to use the command /mgetblockname on the server console and on minecraft client, but i receive an error message who says that i am not allowed to do that!
    Can you say why and whats the name of those Nether Warts? ( i tried NETHER_WART_BLOCK but didn't work...)
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    Which permission plugin do you use? yeah wait few minutes :)

    NETHER_WARTS :) one of the next update will make it possible to write the ID :p
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    I don't use permission, i am just a host for some friends, like 4 or 5 people, i am op.
    btw, thanks for your plugin, we love it!
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    Hm this is crazy ... works for me when i´m op and thanks you :) Nice to hear something like that :D
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    One more question, do you will change some settings on ores? now that vanilla mining gives XP... i am trying to disable the vanilla settings but i don't know if that is possible...
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    There is currently now way to change this I will fix that as soon as it is possible the only way is to patch the bukkit 1.3 jar No-Vanilla XP


    2. Completely shut down your server.
    3. Open the craftbukkit.jar (for 1.3) in WinRAR or 7zip.
    4. Copy Block.class to net\minecraft\server in the JAR-file.
    5. Wait for it to finish.
    6. Start the server.

    But I never tested this "mod"
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    I like the way of those experience orbs dropping on mining but the current way is random, for example, a diamond ore block can drop from 3 to 7 orbs and i like the way on plugin just plain 10. Now that is random, i cant just change the config file to for example, 3, because if i don't get lucky i receive just 6 for that block, (3 from minebuilder, 3 from vanilla.).
    that fix change the smelting experience too?
    obs: sorry for the bad english.
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    I like this way too but the current Api dosent allow me to change the amount of orbs , but it gives already a pullrequest for this so I hope the first stable bukkit version for 1.3 make this possible :)
    And , my english is bad too :D

    I have to get up early so , G8 :)
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    looks cool
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    Hello i've got a issue.

    I just recieve experience when placing stone
    and earn money when killing mobs..

    i modified the .txt file , i've reloaded the plugin and nothing changed.

    Any solution?
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    Hm thats really weird ...
    Could you may send me your exp and money config and may a Plugin list :)?
    Else , did you try this @ the spawn? normal player cant place blocks there but earns exp/money so I blocked this
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    No, i've tested it on Wilderness.

    But it's ok , i've setted get money by killing mobs.

    Thats enough for the moment. Thank you
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    I would like too help you but thats not enough informations :(

    because I tested the latest version alot :/

    I´m really sorry for this !
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    i cant get this money thing to work.. i downloaded "Vault" and GiveMoney is true ? even command /money not working ? exp mining works well.
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    You need a Econ plugin which supoorts vault :/
    Vault Connect My plugin whith a plugin which creats a Econ I dosent add this to this plugin because no Plugin would work with this then :)
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    My vault is Vault 1.2.18. I think its supports ?

    Oh i see. what econ plugin u recommed with this ?

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