Inactive [FUN]MineBuilder v1.7-Experience/Money for mining ,building and adjustable exp for mobs [1.4.5-RB1]

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    v1.7 for [1.4.5 RB1]
    inspired by ExpMiner
    This is my first plugin and it would motivate me if you leave a comment or like it
    This plugin will give you experience/money for breaking blocks and placeing and adjustable Mob exp.
    • Give exp for mining and building adjustable Mob exp( you can turn both off).
    • Give Money for mining building and killing mobs (!!!!! Need Vault und must turned on in settings!!!!).
    • Make the amount of exp and money random.
    • Changes the amount of exp depending on the level.
    • Set a level limit.
    • Set Permissions.
    • Works with PermissionsEx , GroupManager , bPermisions and PermissionsEx.
    • For Exp nothing.
    • For Money support it need "Vault".
    Configured yml files:

    (All people which download 1.6 an run the plugin the first time will have this as preinstalled config)

    Special thanks @ Daego for this files :)
    How to:
    Add Block / Mob:
    1. You need the block ID or Name (Like in my old version).
    2. You go under the rubric where you want to add it (like Break block or PlaceBlock).
    3. There you write "ItemID;ID/NAME:exp:how often you need to break/place or Slain a mob.
    With ItemID;3:2:10 you would get 2 exp after breaking/placeing 10 dirt blocks.​
    ItemID;DIRT:3:10 would do the same.​
    Add Levels:
    1. You go under the rubric "Levels:".
    2. Then you can add some thing like "lvl15:20" this will give you 20% more exp with lvl 15.
    1. You can add a random when you go under the rubric "Randoms:".
    2. there you can write some thing like "test123;10:40" this will give you a amount of exp between 10 and 40 he name does not matter.
    1. You can insert randoms instead of exp
    2. It should look like "ItemID;3:test123:10" this would give you a random amount between 10 and 40 after breaking or placeing 10 dirt blocks
    minebuilder.reminer (Need for the command when you use any permission plugin) (when you set Permissions on in the Setting file only the members which have
    this permission will get exp / money then)


    Great thanks @ ipodgenex which made this Video
    It shows what the plugin does but it is in german so dont be surprised because of the language ;)

    v1.7 Added support for editing funrace Exp
    Updated Config

    v1.6 fixes misspellings from mobs in old config (you need to delete the old config but can copy all only the Monster had some mistakes >_>)
    Fixed error with java 6

    v1.5 fixed some bugs

    1.4.8 - Fix a bug with Citizens2 , No errors now and NPCs do not drop Orbs and Items if killed by a Guard/Sentry, It prevent Lag in Chunk and abuse with Item / Exp farming.

    -1.4.5 Now you can save the placed blocks in a file to protect from reloads so players cant´t cheat exp then (I think 100k positions should be possible without Consol laggs) , and some little fixes

    -v1.3 Many bug fixes

    -v1.2 Now Max lvl and BlockSave works , fixed a bug with reminer (dosent reload right) fixed a bug with random in the new uploaded 1.2 ( 19:04) it include two MineBuilderExp , one is for the RB for 1.3 and one is for the dev Build where you can set the amount of dropped exp orbs for blocks :)

    -v1.0 bete version of the rewritten plugin

    -v3.5_1 Little fix with settings now it dosent reset

    -v3.5 Now, it only give ep when wheat and pumpkin/melon stem is fully grown.
    Suger canes have a 3 second protection when they get placed and in this time they will not give any exp

    -v3.4 Much little bug fixes which exist since 3.3.5 (reason of decompling my own plugin)
    Added PlayerEarnedMoneyMessages to send players and/or players arround the player a​
    -v3.3.5 Fixed a minor bug with the "add" commands​
    added Support for MobArena so you cant cheat you exp in protectet areas :)
    -v3.3 Much config style changes​
    Added Money Config , need Vault​
    -v3.0 Fixed that you can cheat exp in protectet areas where you have no permissions from WorldGuard​
    Now all freezes should fixed​
    -v2.9 Add some mobs fix havy bug which may can freez your server now Essentials-Chat cause no problems with mob exp​
    -v2.8 Added adjustable Messages which will get send to a player or bordcast when a player reach a certain level​
    Added so when you use a permission plugin you dosent need to add all vip player manuel to the permission file​
    -v2.7 Beta build : Some bug fixes with the Player save system​
    Added adjustable exp for Mobs and fishing​
    You can add PAINTING to get Exp for placing / breaking paintings but that can be​
    miss used​
    - v2.6 Now you can set randoms between two numbers (random1:100:200)​
    Now you dosent get exp in spawn area for placeing blocks​
    Now works with PermissionsEx​
    -v2.5 Heavy changes added function that you can earn exp buy place blocks​
    you can turn both functions of or on​
    change commands /mdeleteplace/break /maddplace/break /mchangeplace/break /maddlastplace/break​
    -v2.3 Added /mevent all [how much percent] [how long (hours)] which give all players even if permission turned on exp​
    (all players who not in permission file will get the percentage of the lowest members lvl)​
    /mevent end which will end the Event directly else the event will ends when the time run out​
    fix bug with mchangeplayer​
    -v2.2 Add /mevent [how much percent] [how long (hours)]​
    now m/deleteplayer will delete temporary players out of the permission list​
    fix bug that you can add the player with /maddplayertemp more than one time​
    -v2.1 Add temporary permission and add the command​
    /maddplayertemp [PLayername] [Memberlvl] [how long (hours)]​
    -v2.0 Now when you use a command you get a message so you know if you do this right​
    Add /mchangememberlvl with this command you can set a new percentage for a member​
    -V1.9 Add Permissions ,add the commands /maddmemberlvl /maddplayer /mdeleteplayer​
    /mchangeplayer /mpermissions​
    -V1.8 Add the commands /mchange /mdelete /maddlastblock /maddlevel​
    change /addblock to /maddblock​
    Now the Minerconfig will be creat in plugins/Miner :)
    -V1.7 : Add /getblockname /addblock​
    -V1.6 : Add function so that player cant replace a block and break it again , but can turn off​
    add obsidian​
    fix the glowstone and lapis bug​
    -V1.5 : Improve saving
    Add MAXplayer set higher if more than 50 players online at the same time else error​
    messages will appear.
    -V1.4 : Add level-based experience .​
    Fix a small bug.​
    You can set the maximum level(will prevent server crashes due to high levels).​
    -V1.3 : Improve random function(now you can add randoms not only change).​
    Add command /reminer which reload "Minerconfig".​
    Minerconfig will update itself now (when new Version installed).​
    -V1.2 : Add random function(random amount of exp).​
    -V1.1 : Change the Configstyle , fix one bug.​
    -V1.0: Release.​

    - 1. Try to add Smelting exp (Currently not possible with the normal Bukkit Api but it is a pull request)

    - Have someone a request?​
    When a error appear:​
    Pleas say what you done just , may you use a command or while clicking a block​
    It would be the best if you post the error message often it contains the problem :)
    hope you like it and sorry for my bad english

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    I am really sorry for that. Its other plugin fault. I must find which.
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    Sorry this is no Trojan :)

    EDIT: Have no old source make a video soon :)
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    I am a little freaked out by this comment, but i will still download it and check it out, i lover expminer so I hope this plugin shows well.
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    @ all pls download new version 1.5_1 fix a heavy bug ! :)
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    Still don't see any file for this plugin, it just has a .jar, possibly fix or explain?

    Edit: Now i see the config, i didn't watch the video, since i had just noticed it.
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    puppydemon20 :) will add the place of config to the description , hope the plugin work for you if any error message appear pls say :) try to fix it fast
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    Minor/Major bug - I don't get any experience for redstone or lapis lazuli ore
    Here is my config


    Set MAXlvl to 0 for no lvl limit
    Use Level:true

    write only in lower or uper case:


    Use random1,random2,random3...for a random amount of exp
    Example; STONE:RANDOM3:10
    random3 will pick a random aomunt of exp (between 0 and 30 points when not changed)


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    puppydemon20 hm sorry Minecraft Wiki name the blocks a bit other than Minecraft :/ change LAPIS_LAZULI_ORE:7:1 to LAPIS_ORE:7:1 and REDSTONE_ORE:15:1 to GLOWING_REDSTONE_ORE:15:1 and you should get ep :) will fix this in the next version :)
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    well i finnaly found both redstone and lapis (for some reason i kept missing it) but i checked to see if it gave any exp and it does, so i just wanted to let you know that it was the only issue so far. I also have some suggestons, you could add obsidian as one of the blocks in the config by default and a question, can we add blocks ourselves? Like wood? For those who cut wood alot, it would be nice. (most suggestions from what i did with EXPMiner)
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    Sure you can add own blocks , read description ;)
    But wood is named log dont know why ...
    Add like this
    Hope you like it and g8 :D
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    Thx !!!
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    If someone has good ideas which fit to the plugin pleas post :) !!!
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    Maybe you can find some adaption to machinacraft, justsayin. :)
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    Hm will look later :) i think it will get hard to register the destroyed blocks :/don't know if the normal blockbreak event work there :) but i will try it :) :D
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    OK have fun doing it and take your time, i am not looking at anything else anyways.
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    Glad an exp miner is back :) Ummm I'm trying to config it but I can't find the config file, it seems like it never creates a miner folder? whats up with that?
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    The config is creat in the server folder should mark the the point in the description more :eek:

    puppydemon20 so i have take a look at this and I can only say its allready work with Machina xDDDD :)

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    Hmm well i have an anouncement plugin that shows how much ore i find (found diamonds works great) and it works with machina just find, but i don't get any experience when I use machinacraft, maybe you could take another look? (possibly i should take another look at what i am doing as well....)

    Edit: Nevermind this comment All is well

    I have an idea, perhaps you can add some in-game configuration? Like (added with the Add block command) /add level 'LVL' 'XP'. Also be sure to make it more unrelated to other commands. Like /m add block or /m add level. Just a few ideas. :)

    Also, I can see someone already had a problem with the config, it is unusual to have a config outside of the plugins folder (or atleast i haven't seen one), it would make it much easier if you put a folder creation in the plugin.

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    Yep will add this today , add lvl works with addblock command too but will add an extra command for this and dont know why it doesn't work :/ with the owen folder i have some problems don't know why but he create no owm folder will work later at this evening have to learn for school:)

    EDIT: Added own folder :) know add the commands if all goes well may I update in 1-2 hours :)
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    Hey, I got a pretty big request.

    I'd like my members to be able to "purchase" the right to get xp from mining. (Aka Advanced Mining, or something like that). This way, they have to spend money to have an easier way to get xp, otherwise they wont get any.

    Two ways you can do this:
    One, have the system built into your plugin that handles the purchase requests, through the Vault API.

    Two, just implement a permissions system, where only someone with the permission (for example: Minexp.on, or maybe even be able to specify how much % of the normal xp someone gets, say then have a few ranks of the xp mining).
    (easier way, I think)

    If this makes any sense then good, if not feel free to PM me or, what ever. I'll try to explain it better if I can.

    If this was implemented, I would use this system, but till then its useless for my server.

    Great plugin though!
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    well in addition to dapezboy's comment I believe implementing some permissions would be a good idea, but something a lot of people end up not doing is choosing whether you can default all USE of the plugin to OP's or NON-OP's. So in the config you could put PERMISSIONS: [true or false] and on the next line you could put some permission nodes for those NOT using permissions. (ie Miner.use.*:[true or false] or Miner.*:[true or false])

    Make sure to keep your ToDo list updated :)

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    Have made a extra config for the permissions TimE it looks nearly like(withou [name]
    Use permission:false
    member's level:1
    percentage:50 // how much percent you get from max ep means if a block will usually give you 100 exp it will only give
     [Name]                             50
    member's level:2
    will update @evening see you later ;)
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    Hmmm did you use /mgetblockname ? came this error when you start the server or when you click a block ? when yes which block was it?
    :) would be nice if you can say me this becaus this error only say me that this happens while an playerinteract ... :) will fix an error in the new version with the permissions and take a look @ this
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    I didn't use any commands. When it happened afaik
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    Have someone a request ? nothing to do
    And josip1 testet it with most of the plugins you gave me and havent get a error message yet dont know why sorry :)
  30. Pretty nice but I've seen a couple plugins like it before.

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