[FUN/MECH] WarningSign v0.3- Type [Warning] on Sign And Strikes Lightning In The Signs Radius [1060]

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    WarningSign- Protect A Area!
    This plugins is being Continued By @Spartan_V23 Visit: http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/cautionsigns/ For New Updates!

    Version: 0.3
    Ever wanted a area protected that no one can go to? Well heres your answer! Type [Warning] on a sign and it will strike anyone that reaches a radius of 5 around the sign! Make sure you have god mode or you will be hit! :O

    • Type [Warning] on a sign and it will strike anyone that reaches a radius of 5 around the sign
    Download This Plugin

    Not Fully Complete

    version 0.4
    • Creates a txt doc of who use this plugin
    version 0.3

    • Fixed Any bugs
    • More Lighting Strikes
    • Fixed When your remove sign it wont continue to strike lighting
    version 0.2

    • Fixed Some Small Bugs
    • Smaller, Neater Code Chunk
    version 0.1

    • Release
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    I know, im really busy with other plugins but ima try to get to it, if anyone wants to take it over they can to hahah, but anyway ill try to fix it
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    thanks and i use your SideKick plugin!! :DDDD
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    <3 haha ip?
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    Username: FNCPro's Freebuild

    Password: No password
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    Love it <3
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    Oh this will be a cool addition to my arena! All for it! :D
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    can you make it so on line 2,3,4 you can put player names so that lightning wont hit them (Great Plugin)
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    :< S#!t! I keep getting killed when I go near my sign after I've installed this plugin!!!!
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    Look great


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    it is pretty cool but i just put a normal sign there was noting on it and i got hit by lightning so you got to fix that but it is cool
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    Mr Frostyass

    I typed Warning on a sign and it worked perfectly but now whenever i put down a sign no matter wat or if it says anything lightning will hit me or others

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