[FUN/MECH] VoxelDoop v1.7 - Never Run Out of Blocks Again

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    Voxel Box

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    Voxel Box

    VoxelDoop will get a new version before long that will make the Magical Paintbrush a "no-phsyics" device, allowing you to use to accomplish things like placing torches on fenceposts by hand. Stay tuned. The current version works with 1.6.6 builds just fine. Thanks, bukkit team!
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    im getting an error saying it couldnt pass player_interact to voxeldoop
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    is it possible to make this work for one world (freebuild), and have a smp/rp feel on the other world?
    because i saw this on your server with voxel survival and voxelbox freebuild
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    VoxelSurvival was a plugin I have written back in hMod days, many months ago. We currently don't have a Survival area, but that is bound to change if I rewrite VoxelSurvial
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    Where do i have to copy the config because when i spawn the tools i get slime ball or iron pick
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    Contemplating this for approximately 10 minutes, I have come up with a security measure that could be taken for those who do not want this functionality in a survival mode world. First, make sure you have MultiInv or something similar so that items cannot be taken back and forth from creative (and if you don't already have one, you shouldn't be concerned on this level anyways as your survival server is already a free-give place). Second, set the tools to items which could never be gotten normally in survival, like fire, monster spawner, burning furnace, etc. Then, they would never be able to use the tools because they would never be able to get the tools. It would also give admins/ops the ability to override, simply by giving themselves the tool if they desire.

    Simple, eh?

    EDIT: Not so simple... It appears when you right-click with fire, cake and burning furnaces it places the object. I'm going to try with the chain-mail armor which is not available in survival and doesn't do anything when right-clicked or left-clicked (hopefully). I'll report back.
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    Voxel Box

    you are correct, Flobi, the items assigned must be items / tools that have a right click hook in bukkit -- so that means no block IDs of any sort, and you shouldn't bind them to thinks like flint and steel unless you want a fiery paintbrush. the chainmail armor items are a very good option for vanilla servers who want to retain the use of these tools for admins. I may try to talk to Przerwap about releasing VoxelGuest or adding in an admin-only toggle into the plugin for the next release. The next release also makes the paintbrush a no-physics device, allowing you to do block combinations that would normally break off (think torches places directly on top of fences to make a tiki torch). I'll have a video of some of the fun no-physics application of the paintbrush by release time.

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    Yeah, chain-mail worked perfectly and it's safe from infecting the purity of my survival world which is which is reasonably decent, I suppose. It was actually quite funny when I set cake to the paintbrush, left-clicked on a cake, then right-clicked on grass turning the grass into cake but also placing a cake on top of that cake. I've been playing with it most of the evening and I love it. Maybe tomorrow I'll tell the rest of the guys it's there. :)

    Oh, and I was thinking about writing a php script that would allow a person to upload a zipped texturepack, automatically replace the icons for the selected tools (respecting the size of the texture pack, of course), and send it straight back to them zipped (oh how convenient that would be!). I'll post up here with a link if I end up doing that (which I probably will, I've been looking for a fun project to do). You said in the OP you don't mind if we use your icons in our OWN texture packs, I may not by default but I may present it as an option; let me know if you are not okay with this (quote or PM please so I make sure I notice it).

    EDIT (6/11/2011): This is actually taking longer than I thought. The uploading, unzipping, updating, zipping and downloading is fine, it's the darn interface to specify what to do, not the doing that what itself that's taking so long.

    EDIT (6/11/2011): Just a note, in the Pangea Pack, the wrench is one pixel above where it should be.

    EDIT (6/16/2011): If anyone was curious (not a very active thread here), I'm effectively finished with that tool I was talking about. I'm doing some security checks (gots to make sure when you let people upload files) and aesthetics stuff...I'm also thinking about letting people upload their own replacement images especially as I don't actually have any I made myself.
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    Well I'll throw my voice onto the (apparently unwelcome) pile of those that would like to give out these tools selectively via any manner of permissions.
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    Voxel Box

    Totally 1.7 compatible. Keep on Doopin'!
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    This would be brilliant if I could restrict it to Ops only...
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    My low-rank users were quite amused to discover they could rotate stairs with bones they had acquired. I was not so much. Is this tool not restricted to ops by default? VoxelGuest flags are not explained anywhere and with a bit of digging I can only assume this is an unreleased plugin for managing groups/guests.

    It astonishes me that you acknowledge this in the documentation yet you don't have any kind of permission system implemented. :eek:

    It is an administrative nightmare when you can't properly determine who can and can't use a tool that could be used for griefing.
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    Voxel Box

    That is where you are incorrect. There is a permissions system inherent in VoxelDoop via a plugin called VoxelGuest, which is not a public piece of software. I have proposed to przerwap that we add in the ability to assign Doop only to players listed on snipers.txt or admns.txt or a new text list. However, such an addition would be an afterthought next to the other software we are developing in our frankly limited amount of time to work on such projects. When we have time to work on Doop again, we'll address some of these issues, but not before. VoxelDoop was designed as a "hey everybody!" tool for small, close-knit creative servers. If you're looking for our "admin-only by design" plugin, that's VoxelSniper. It does everything Doop would do and more.

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    I am having issues getting this to work. Your link to detailed documentation just leads me to a wiki article that doesn't explain anything about installation or how to change settings/which item is used for each tool.

    VoxelDoop.jar is in plugins folder. Restarted the server. Tried to /give myself the item numbers listed as default on this page, but instead I get normal items. (Tested to be sure they aren't just looking like normal yet actually functioning - they aren't)

    I'm sure the error is on my end, but what did I do wrong?
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    Make With Zones...
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    Voxel Box

    From the OP:

    VoxelDoop is a plugin -- it affects only what these items effectively *DO*, not what they look like. What the items look like is up to the texture pack installed on each and every client connected to your server. If you care to re-purpose those items in your texture pack, you may. The items in the video look as they do because I am using the Voxel Box texture pack, which has them re-drawn. If you like what mine look like, you may download a copy of my texture pack from http://www.voxelwiki.com -- feel free to copy my item textures out and use them if in your pack if you like, or draw your own in!
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    Fair enough, I understand the constraints of time with respect to programming as a developer myself. This is why I suggest you make a quick note in the OP so that other people know that it can't be restricted yet. It would have saved me a bit of time. :)
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    Hi, just a quick question: which plugin of yours allows for right-clicking with a damaged tool to get it back, and how do you enable it?

    EDIT: Never mind, I see it is part of the unreleased Voxel Tools. I'll look elsewhere.
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    demit i use slimeballs as money :p
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    Great mod, you should make the tools be a new item instead of taking the spot of other items for the creative build/Survival servers like mine. :p
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    No offense, but quoting what was already posted in OP is a bit redundant and insultive. I read OP, I still couldn't get it to work. I explained myself pretty clearly: plugin was installed, as instructed. I realize the tools won't appear with your textures. They are not your coded tools, they are default items that have no secondary purpose.. meaning the plugin simply isn't working.

    I have since switched to using other plugins that do similar (yet comparably inefficient) jobs, but I have a funny feeling it wasn't working because I didn't have worldedit installed.

    EDIT: just retested this... even with worldedit, the plugin does not seem to function. The wiki "documentation" on voxeldoop has ZERO troubleshooting, by the way. Quite unlike the voxelair documentation.

    Here's two screenshots. One of my plugin directory, one of the /pl command. I restarted the server before /pl.

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    For one, none of my plugins have anything to do with WorldEdit, nor will they ever have anything to do with it.

    VoxelDoop doesn't require any pre-installation, it's a Drop-in-your-plugin-folder-and-forget-about plugin. Of course there are settings you can influence and change after the plugin is installed. Like the item ID's of the 3 tools, or the types of blocks that can and cannot be dooped or painted and scrolled.
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    Well I did exactly that (dropped it into my plugins folder) and it has never worked for me. Still no ideas on how I can fix this? I'd rather use voxeldoop than competitor plugins as your design seems efficient.
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    Can u pls add something like the "snipers.txt" (in VoxelSniper) for VoxelDoop? That I can only allow this plugin for Admins?
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    @Voxel Box : Title CB# must be latest Recommended Build. #950 is NOT an RB. #953, however, is. I'd suggest to test against #1000.
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    And if you don't know who I am, or what The VoxelBox is, than get yourself up to date. And don't target the The VoxelBox admin account, I'm the programmer of all of the plugins. You got a problem you speak to me.
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    Dude, no need to be such an asshole. He's only doing what his job as a moderator is. Besides, it's in the plugin rules that plugins must be built against the latest RB.

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    Than call me a rebel.
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    Coming this fall! VoxelDump: The customer service plugin!
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