Inactive [FUN/MECH] UVRay v0.4 - Burn players in sunlight [Multiworld, Permissions][1060]

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    UVRay - players get damage on 15 light level
    Version 0.4

    This plugin causes players to get damaged while exposed to a 15 light level. (the sun) It is more or less aimed at servers with a post-apocalyptic RP idea or at servers wanting players not to appear above ground. You can also use it to exile players underground thanks to permissions support.

    How to set up the multi-world (the server automatically generates world=true so if you don't use multi-world ignore it unless you use a differently named default world):
    1. open the worlds.dat in UVRay plugin folder
    2. put an entry like this in, <world name>=<true/false>
    3. run server
    • Players get damaged in sunlight
    • Permissions support
    • Configurable
    • In-game commands to enable/disable/set damage
    • Multi-world support
    • Configurable protective armoring that prevents damage
    Download v0.5
    Source Code included with .jar

    Permission nodes/Commands:
    • UVRay.burn - Allows a player to burn. Given to non-OP players by default
    • UVRay.toggle - /uvraytoggle - Toggles the damage on/off. Given to OPs by default
    • UVRay.damage - /uvraydamage <number> - Sets the damage of the UVRays. Given to OPs by default. 1 = half-heart, 20 = insta-kill
    Version 0.5 (courtesy of DigitalStorm)
    • The plugin checks if there are any blocks above the player's head and doesn't hurt them if there are
    Version 0.4

    • Updated multi-world support
    • Added configurable protective armour
    Version 0.3
    • Added multi-world support
    Version 0.2
    • Added commands/permission nodes, uvraytoggle & uvraydamage
    • Redone permission node for UVRay.burn (now default to true for non-OP)
    • Added configuration file
    Version 0.1
    • Plugin release
    • Make players literally get set on fire instead of just damaging them
    • Make animals burn
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    You are missing a post header
    name - description
    Version: vX.X
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    *sigh* edited and released
  5. Hehehe that'll learn those admins and moderators for making it day >:D
    nice job.
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    Could you perhaps add players get a "sunburn" for being in the sun after taking (set) amount of damage. It could make them less effective at mining, taking a tad bit longer to break blocks. The sunburn would last a (set) amount of time itself of course.
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    That sounds pretty complex and but it's actually something I will try because I want to learn more about plugins. I'm not quite sure whether making a player take longer to mine is possible as it looks client-side to me but other effects could be implemented.
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    maybe set their tool damage backwards for the duration, diamond damages at iron level, iron at gold level, gold at wood and wood at bare hand level or speed
  9. Needs Multiworld Support then this will be wicked
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    This would be great in combination with the Heroes plugin. You could make a vampire class pretty easily now.
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    Good idea! I will try get this in the next version.
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  12. nice one i hope u do as it will allow for some killer worlds to be made hehe
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    Regarding permissions, It doesn't seem to work for me. I am using multiverse and you have said that it doesn't support it yet so I understand this could inappropriate but it doesn't seem to matter whether I have have the node or not. Your description is confusing about setting the default burn to false yet I cant see where i would do that.

    Really good idea cant wait to see it advance
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    Well let me try put it as simply as I can. If you want a group to burn then ignore the node completely, it's on by default. If you want a group NOT to burn give them UVRay.burn: false. You would use this for an admin or for making certain groups immune. As for multi-verse it should work no matter what. It simply checks when the player moves if he is in sunlight and damages him if he is. Hope this helped. You can PM me your permissions config if you want and I will see what you have done.
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    OK so an admin group with
    - '*'
    Should be immune shouldnt they? This is not the case for me.
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    No. The * gives a group true to everything. You have to give another node UVRay.burn: false to make a group immune. So like:

    - '*'
    -'UVRay.burn: false'

    Looking into a better node system as I agree it it is a bit confusing.

    Update: Version o.2
    Added commands, config files and fixed up some nodes, check main thread for details.

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  17. I dont think it needs permission to be honest should just be default for all players on the specific world that can damage from UV but i may be wrong on that one lol
    Now it has mulitworld support i will test it out give me a few days to test it to full then i shall post my results/feedback
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    I looooove the idea, but I think that if you can, you should try to make it so that people can combine some armor with a special item, (of your creation of course) and be able to go out in the sunlight.

    I don't know, that may be kind of weird. I really do think that would be pretty cool if you had to wear special armor to go out into the sunlight.
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    Guess it is about time I registered. Anyways, I am attempting to use this on a large server (6 worlds) and we are having issues with it. I believe I have set it up correctly but the multiworld damage doesn't work right. The damage is across all worlds. I know you said it hasn't been tested, but I thought I'd give you feedback.

    Otherwise, works great.
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    Could you please PM me (from your UVRay folder in plugins) your worlds.dat, your config.dat and a list of the worlds you are running.

    I was thinking about this as well, something like gold armour which currently has no use. This should be quite easy to implement and of course you can all ways turn it off. Added to the to-do list!

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    Why, thank you! I was thinking gold armor as well, because whenever I'm in a server, I (almost) Always skip making it and try to go straight to diamond.
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    Can you make a check for what block the person is inside?
    When a person is going up stairs to fast, or walks over a diode or redstone, it causes that person to get hurt.
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    That's interesting, I'll look into it.
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    a option to hurt mobs too would be fun ^^
    that could look like "Really Hot Sun"
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    Well I'll add it but the only problem I can see is resource usage. Checking every single mob's light level on movement could be quite taxing on servers. I'll make it configurable though.
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    Whenever I try to change the damage value it reverts it back to 1 when i reload my server. What do I do
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    Thats weird, it works on my end. Have you tried with /uvraytoggle? Does it also revert to true? If you are using /reload then that might be causing a problem. You can change the value manually if you want by editing the config.

    Has anyone tested this on 1060? Please post if you have whether it works and whether all it's functions work. Thanks

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    I'm about to launch my server with your plugin on build #1060
    Feedback coming soon...

    EDIT: This plugin runs flawlessly on #1060 except that when I reload the plugins the configs go back to their original state. Is it intended?
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    Thanks! Will update to [1060] as for the reload thing I don't know why that happens. The plugin loads up the config when it is enabled (usually on server startup) and then doesn't use it again until it is disabled (usually on server shutdown) at which point it clears the config and saves everything from the program back to the config. I think the reload command does not disable the plugin or something like that so the changes are reverted.
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    About that problem, I played around with it and noticed that when I change every slot except the head (Pumpkin) to an unequippable item. I reloaded my plugins so that the new configs would take effect right away but instead it reverts every unequippable IDs back to the golden armour, only the pumpkin stays.

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