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    Plugin category: FUN/MECH/TP

    Suggested name: MoArrows++

    A bit about me: I am a server owner, who runs a server on my own computer, and am always on the prowl for new plugins.

    What I want: This plugin is supposed to be an add-on to MoArrows. It will add a couple of new features, listed here:

    • Preferred Target: Lets you pick 1 type of mob, and you deal extra damage to that mob! ( customizable, default 2.0 damage multiplier)
    • Range Boost: Gets a boost when far away! (customizable, default 20 blocks, 0.5 damage multiplier)
    • Leather Boost: Get a boost when wearing all leather armor! (customizable, default 0.5 damage multiplier) Also you have normal movement speed at full draw when wearing leather armor.
    • Patience Boost: Get a boost when holding the arrow at full draw for a couple seconds (customizable, default 5 seconds, 2.0 damage multiplier)
    • More Arrow types! Laser arrow, Hawk arrow, Cliff Hold arrows, and the old Drill Arrow. Laser arrow puts down a torch over a block that it flies over, and then removes it after it has passed ( customizable, default removed 1 second after torch leaves space). The Hawk arrow flies straight and does not lose altitude. The Cliff Hold arrow spawns a ladder where it hits. The Drill arrow does the same as he removed one.

    Ideas for commands: Same ones as MoArrows

    Ideas for permissions: Same ones as MoArrows. Also moarrowsplusplus.allow.preferred, moarrowsplusplus.allow.range, moarrowsplusplus.allow.leather, and moarrowsplusplus.allow.patience.

    When I'd like it by: Whenever it's done

    Similar plugin requests: MoArrows

    Devs who might be interested in this: @codename_B @MisterAverage
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    why thank you

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