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    Version: v0.8


    This plugin will allow you to make blocks that when walked over, will launch a player in any direction you wish! Even above the clouds!

    Place a sign with (without the quotes):
    '[Jump]' on the first line (case doesn't matter)
    The launch speed X on the second line
    The launch speed Y on the second line
    The launch speed Z on the second line

    The sign must be directly below the block you want people to launch when stepped on.

    If you want to test it, put in plugins folder, start server, and have the following text on a sign:

    Config File:
    onlyOpPlace: 'true' # Choose if only ops can create jump signs.
    timeout: '0.5' # Choose timeout, to prevent users from getting launched twice, or to place a limit on how often they can use it, in seconds, -1 for no timeout
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG]

    * Launches users that walk over particular blocks
    * Useful for a base with a cool entrance
    * isOp option to only let ops create jump signs
    * Timeout config option to choose how often users can use it

    * Let users select options
    * Mob Launching
    * Minecart Launching
    * Boat Launching (Should work in water!)

    Download latest on BukkitDev!
    Old versions:
    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>


    Show Spoiler
    You are allowed to use my plugin, and view source code, under the following conditions:
    You do not claim you made it
    If someone asks, you must tell them that I made it
    Do not use large portions of my code
    You may modify it for your own use, but not distribute the modified version of it

    Version 0.8
    * Updated for latest bukkit

    Version 0.7
    * Fixed some performance issues

    Version 0.6
    * Fixed issues where people wouldn't land in the same spot

    Version 0.5
    * Added config file and option to only let ops create the jump signs

    Version 0.4
    * Updated Plugin to recommended build.

    Version 0.3
    * Fixed a bug where numbers can't be too long

    Version 0.2
    * Changes the way it flings the user, to help prevent inconstancies

    Version 0.1
    * Releasing my awesome plugin

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    i took it off it dont matter now
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    Hi, I noticed a glitch in the mod today and i just wanted to report it. It is a minor one and really doesn't bother me too much.

    What happens is that whenever players have their compass out on my server people are always launched about 10-15 blocks further when they step on the launcher. I think it may have something to do with my world edit mod which makes it so that the compass acts as a teleporting device.

    It isn't a big issue i just thought you should know.
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    It's not my plugin that would be doing it, it's either another plugin, or Bukkit glitch, it's most likely another plugin, I can't really do anything about it though, however, if you'd like, I can test it myself and talk to that plugin developer and see if I can get it fixed.
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    Is it possible to get this or something similar for single player?
    Also a simple teleport sign would be nice.
    Example: First line [TP]
    Second Name of location to teleport to Like Home
    Third line Name of this location EX: Cave 1
    tp sign is indestructible by everyone except owner and tnt proof.
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    I think there might already be a plugin for that teleport.

    I'm not sure on the single player mod though, I might consider it.
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    I would love a single player version. Currently I play mostly on the server because of mods like this.
    I have better mods on my server then in my single player Minecraft.
    However the TP sign is not a very big deal i rather have a fun jump transportation then teleporting.
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    Hey nice plugin! You should add a feature that lets you choose whether you get hurt when you land or not because i don't wanna give people god mode just so they can try it out
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    instead of speed it should go by how many blocks away
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    I've not tested, it should be unless they changed something big. Try it and tell me. I've been really busy lately.
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    I can see this plugin being incredibly useful. There are a couple things I would like to see though. First, could you make it so a sign that's on a wall instead of on the floor will still affect the block above it?
    And second, is there any way to make it so the sign can affect someone in midair? I would like to have one sign on the ground that shoots the player up, then a second sign inside my airborne base that would nudge them sideways so they don't just fall back down the hole.

    Edit: actually, I just figured out my second request, but it won't actually work without the first request :p
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    Seems to work ok for me on 1060.
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    Could you post the source for the newest version? I tried making some minor changes for my server, but the source link seems to be the oldest version, with all the old problems :(
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    Done, updated source.
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    there is problem with spout-craft.

    it seems spout-craft block the superjump somehow.

    noone cant jump except admin.

    can you check it?
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    If my plugin breaks when you add spout craft, it's that plugin, not mine.
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    When I try and use your plug-in I get kicked with the message "You moved too fast" :'(
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    It's a bug with Bukkit then.
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    Hi first sorry for my bad english

    Maby i make somthing rong but it dont works on bukkit 1185... everyone have a idea?

    Peace Out Nate
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    What's the error? It's probably not your fault.
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    shame on my i have placed the sign wrong... :oops:

    Bun now i have funn... :p

    thx and sorry for my post

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    So does the plugin work for the latest build?
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    hahaha! So awesome! I booby-trapped my sister's whole yard on my server with these, and she couldn't even do anything! She got so mad, but it is so worth it, I'm still planting more and more of them in her yard, lol
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    Ha just another way to mess with the people on my server they always dont know whats going on, on the server its fun when the noobys come on and are freaked specialy if there are 5 notchs to welcome them until they start attacking
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    Does it launch people in minecarts?

    Edit: Tried it. Unfortunately no. Can you add that? Nothing else will launch minecarts.
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    I plan to in the future, I just need to find the time.
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    Nice ill add it to meh server! anybody know a block lock plugin for pre-placed blocks?
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    need a jump limiter
    like - not more then
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    Just a heads up to those who want to use it:

    Make sure only Ops can place SuperJumps because if you put in very large values for X, Y and/or Z, the plugin will crash your server.

    It took me forever to finally figure out it was SuperJump causing random crashes all the time.

    Make sure to put proper bounds on your input. :)
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    I thought that I did.

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