Inactive [FUN/MECH] SunBurn v2.21 - Because the sun just wasn't hot enough [1.0.1-R1]

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    Current Version: v2.21
    Because the sun just wasn't hot enough!
    Requires [1060] || Compatible with [1.0.1-R1]
    Have you ever wanted a different playing experience? What would you do if you couldn't be outside during the day? Well, this allows you to live that reality! Any player with the required permissions node will be set on fire when they are in direct sunlight! Want to see more features? Well, there are more to come!
    Have a suggestion? Post it here!
    • Players get set on fire in direct sunlight
    • If a player is burned by sunlight, they will be extinguished my moving into a shady area
    • All mobs are burned by direct sunlight and extinguished in shade
    • Can convert any area into a "burned wasteland" (Back up your worlds if you are using this option!)
    • Now Configurable, and Multi-World!
    • Configurable protective armor that will allow you to walk in the sun!
    • Configurable armor damaging while in the sun while wearing the protective armor set! Configurable damage interval as well (Experimental recommended to turn this option off as of v1.1)(Fixed in v2.0.0)
    • Auto Update notifications! (Configurable)

    Permissions Nodes:
    • sunburn.admin - Allows access to the SunBurn admin commands (Defaults to Op)

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    Admin Commands: [Requires permissions node sunburn.admin].
    • /sunburn world [enable/disable]: Enables/Disables [SunBurn] on the current world.
    • /sunburn players [enable/disable]: Enables/Disables burning players.
    • /sunburn mobs [enable/disable]: Enables/Disables burning mobs.
    • /sunburn wasteland [diameter]: Converts the world within [diameter] into a wasteland. Cannot be undone.
    • /sunburn reload: Reloads the config.
    • /sunburn set default: Recreates and reloads a default configuration file. (WARNING: Overwrites current configuration)
    • /sunburn clear worlds: Removes all worlds from the "enabled worlds" section of the config
    • /sunburn update [enable/disable]: enables/disables update notifications. If no arguments are used, it will check if there is an update
    Other Commands: [Do not require the permissions node sunburn.admin]
    • /sunburn help: Displays the help dialog
    • /sunburn world: Shows whether or not [SunBurn] is enabled on the current world
    • /sunburn players: Shows whether or not [SunBurn] is enabled on the current world
    • /sunburn mobs: Shows whether or not mob burning is enabled
    • /sunburn info: Shows author and version info.

    Installation Instructions:
    1. Click download button
    2. Place .jar file into the /plugins directory
    3. Restart server and enjoy!
    • Make sure the spawn is covered/shaded. Otherwise people won't be very happy.
    Change Log:
    Version 2.21​
    • Fixed player/mob burning. Should work properly now
    Version 2.2​
    • Fixed update notifications
    Version 2.1​
    • Fixed players staying on fire after disabling it on certain worlds
    • Added update notifications
    Version 2.0.0
    • Rewrote entire plugin
    • Added default config command
    • Added clear worlds command
    Version 1.1
    • Added protective armor
    • Added protective armor damaging
    Version 1.0 [Official Release]
    • Added more admin commands
    • Changed some admin commands
    • Removed /sunburn burn command
    • Added "non-admin" commands
    • Added configuration file
    • Multi-world support
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    this is cool :D
    but can you please add multiworld support?
    then I will use this plugin for antoher then my main world :D

    EDIT: it is multiworld!!!! OMG OMG OMG!!!!!
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    Fixed a bug, added update notifications.
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    Fixed update notifications. I had to change the host where the version files are kept
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    Very cool plugin. Could you add a permission node for groups or individual players to be immune? sunburn.sunblock maybe?
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    did u release the source for this yet?
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    No, I have not.
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    hello, i have a problem on my server with this plugin,
    i made a new world so that i can enable the plugin in that world, but only the ops are burning and not the other players!
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    I can't replicate the problem. What are your settings, and what other plugins are you using?
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    umm, my settings of sunburn? just all enabled on the world i created, and my plugins are:

    - appletree
    - bukkitpiston (if you ask why: because it is configurable)
    - claygen
    - commandbook
    - giant trees
    - I believe i can fly (even when you have it on, you would see fire, but don't lose health)
    - levelcraft
    - multiverse (and portals)
    - permissions
    - softlanding
    - spout
    - sunburn
    - swordsgame
    - warpz0r
    - wireless redstone
    - world edit

    huh weird, now it did worked, but i needed to stay outside for something like 5 seconds when i got on fire

    Can their be an option that makes a world always sunny (and always day) with no clouds

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    Always sunny, yes. Always day, yes. No clouds, no, not without a client mod. (For example: Zombe mod pack, SpoutCraft client mod)
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    Ok, nice. Does clouds effect the plugin (like clouds in front of the sun)?
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    ok than that's not needed
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    It worked once but I am unable to get any ops or users to burn after I made the land sunburnt. It was working for a second but now its not. No idea why.
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    I've never heard of that happening before... How much land did you burn?

    @Aricus @jackkiej

    Version 2.21​
    • Fixed player/mob burning. Should work properly now

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    O, Thanks!
    gonna test it now
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    I know its been asked but any chance you can make it so you can choose who burns and who doesn't?

    We run an rp server and this would be brilliant to bring vampires into the rp side of things :)
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    Sure, I'll implement a sunburn.noburn (name not final) permission in the next update :)
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    Is it at all possible to configure this to happen at random intervals, or possibly only at a set time?

    Like maybe every couple of days the sun goes "super nova" or only during the Minecraft Day "hour" of high noon, when the sun it at it's highest?
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    Possible yes, and it probably wouldn't be hard to implement. I'll probably add that later, but for now I want to finish my current project. I'll be sure to keep all of my plugins up to date if something happens though ;)
  22. lol... looks just like the server i started developing a while back :D (no grass/leaves, etc etc), does this also get rid of water within the wasteland?
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    At the moment, it doesn't. I wanted to keep the wasteland command as lightweight as possible and if I added water it would at least triple the amount of blocks that it would need to read/change into a "wasteland"
  24. yeah.

    Have you thought about adding in the new feature with bukkit in regards to grass spreading? You could establish a region, that disables grass spreading (i had requested it be put in for my server, as well as so worldguard could add the flag :D )
    Without grass spread being disabled, it will just re-grow again. (at least the grass part)
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    I haven't done anything that has to do with regions yet, but I can check it out ;)
  26. Nothing major, its just an idea :)
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    Cool! But if make it like that you only burn if you are in the sun for... lets say 2 minutes, it should be great!
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    You can replicate this effect using the protective armors combined with the armor damaging function
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    Is there a way you can make it when sunburn is on trees will burn and the sun looks bigger

    O ya and water goes away can you do that

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    No, this would be texture modding and require a client mod. EDIT: And burning the trees would only work for a short time as they would burn away.

    I can do it when you use the /sunburn wasteland command, but it would make it take much longer, especially if you are using 1.8+ with the additions of oceans/lakes etc.

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