Inactive [FUN/MECH] SpongeRestore v1.4 - Bring back the functionality of sponges. [1.1-R6]

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    Devil Boy

    SpongeRestore - Bring back the functionality of sponges:

    This plugin merely makes sponges craftable and useable again. By default it is meant to replicate how sponges worked in past versions of Minecraft. This plugin also lets you give sponges extended function through configurable options.


    Old ChangeLog

    For those of you in doubt, donations are in fact appreciated -->[​IMG]
  2. May I suggest Custom Crafting for your Custom Crafting needs. ;)

    Though the crafting recipe here is inherent to the plug-in.
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    Devil Boy

    Oh I forgot to tell you guys.
    Version 1.2 is updated for 1000. There were no functional changes from from 1.1, I only replaced some depreciated methods. I left a link to v1.1 on the right side of the original post for those of you who may still be using an old version of Bukkit.
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    I tried it out and it works really great!

    But I miss one feature :-/ Do you know the Plugin "Controller Block"? You can hide and restore blocks with an iron_block and redstone (Place iron_block, add blocks to it, blocks vanish when power on and come back when power off)

    It would be absolutely great, if this would work with your sponges. Maybe you could have a look in it? :)
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    Devil Boy
    Is that the plugin you were talking about? I believe the author is still working on it, so I won't try to get involved just yet.
    You want the effect of the sponges to disappear when they are hidden right?

    Umm... Did you read my original post? Or at least look into your configuration? :confused:

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    Lol yea I realized that like 15 min after I posted and was like -facepalm
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    Mathew Alden

    Wait... this is off topic... but are block properties client-side? (luminosity, break-time, etc.)
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    Devil Boy

    Depends. A client can think that a blocks breaks earlier than the server does, but since the break won't register for the server, the block will just reappear. From a coding standpoint, we can easily set a block to air or insta-break on hit. The block change is sent to the client, thus giving the server most control.
    I don't know much about luminosity, but I do believe I've heard that it is also server-side, but the game itself would try to set the light-level back after you change it.

    On another note:
    For those of you who are waiting for redstone support... I'm still working on it.... I'm still in the experimental phase... (Testing what would still be compatible with older versions of my plugin, while not too heavy on the server.) Currently it appears that I may end up having a second database (.dat file) to store sponge locations. I'm hoping that wouldn't increase overhead too much, but if it's necessary, it's going to be there.
  9. This is pretty cool, but if the sponge soaks up all the water, it doesn't replace it

    Would it be possible for each sponge to store the location of the water it has removed or anything?? Just an idea :)
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    There is a bug caused by InstaBreak (and I guess other instant removing block plugins).
    If you destroy a sponge while using InstaBreak the plugin doesn't seem to notice that the sponge has been destroyed and still absorbs water at the place the sponge has been before.
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    Celtic Minstrel

    That's because such plugins work by catching the block damage event, which means that SpongeRestore would never receive the block break event to let it know that the sponge is no more.

    ....I may be mistaken on the second half of that, since I'm not entirely sure how instabreak works.
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    Hm... a workaround could be to implement a command, which checks whether every registered sponge location is a sponge or not.
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    Devil Boy

    I'm going to start implementing a system like that in the newer versions. Currently sponges themselves aren't registered. The locations where water isn't allowed to be in are. This has been doing a great job of keeping things lightweight with the quick-firing BlockFromToEvent, but it limits my ability to figure out if sponges are still there.

    But don't worry... My newer versions will store the sponges' exact locations.
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    if you could make it so that a simple pull of a lever lets you toggle the effect from a distance that would be great ^^ it would save me having to run more plugins to make waterfalls etc. disapear ;)
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    Sorry if this has already been asked/answered, dont feel like reading 5 pages of commenst, but...
    Can u make it so breaking the sponge allows water to flow back? or if theres a way to do this let me know.
  16. Try reading the original post lol, it actually states that water is restored on sponge break >.<
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    Celtic Minstrel

    Only if you set it to do so in the config; by default, it's disabled.
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    Devil Boy

    Yea.... I'm still working on the redstone support. I've got so much test code in there that I'll probably have to revert recode it in once I find the best method. I think I've pretty much decided how I want to go about doing it though. It's just that WorldEdit and other block editing plugins are something I need to keep in mind.
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    OKE i will tell you this. Your plugin is a grat plugin with the crafting stuff and that. BUT i crashes my server permissions! after i saw the bugs of your plugin i deleted it. And from that on no-one could place water. exept admins. so i insatlled all my plugins again! and when i deleted permissions everything was okey. bdw i fixed it with the permissions, YOUR plugin messed with the permissions.jar. when no-one could place water, i spawned some cheated water (not in a buckit) and if i placed it it sais: Unknown consol command. So im not going to use your plugin anymore. Thats it sorry for bad spelling bdw...
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    Celtic Minstrel

    Um what. I don't think that could possibly have been this plugin's fault...
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    that is all.
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    Devil Boy

    Perhaps you left out the "J" at the very beginning of your post.

    Yes, you probably did crashes your server permissions.

    Perhaps you are insinuating that I added some malicious code in my plugin that intentionally unzips and edits compiled files within Permissions.jar?
    Also, if you really wanted to, you could look into the source code and try to find where I ever run a command when someone places a water block.

    I'm so sorry. Did you want a refund?
    I mean you've done a great job of asking for support and giving me the proper information (console output, installed plugins) before deciding that a plugin that works for thousands of others (with almost 8k downloads) was programmed to damage your server setup.

    Not a problem. This just tells me that I need to remodel my error-inducing design and take into account human imperfection. No biggie.
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    have you seen the plugin because that is what i currently use, and it has functioning redstone support, maybe you can look at it? once you have redstone support i can put it on my server.

    EDIT: forgot to say that the plugin author dropped support, so it is currently listed as inactive, so not recommended for a live server.
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    I LOVE working sponges. <3
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    Devil Boy

    I'll go ahead and take a look when I get a chance, this could really help. Thanks a bunch :)

    BTW, just a note to anyone who has been wondering. I have been holding back most development until the release of 1.8. I have to see if the sponge block gets removed or not, along with any other possible updates.
  26. Just tried this plugin and im very happy with the result. Especially happy with the water fix feature and how you can either restore all or make walls to keep it dry when you remove Sponge. Big thanks Devil Boy and keep up the good work.
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    Devil Boy

    After taking a look at the 1.8 pre-release, I've decided to continue development. The sponge block was in creative mode without any effect on water.

    I also moved this over to so that we can take advantage of the support ticket system.
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    Mathew Alden

    I just wanted to let you know that I love this plug-in. I'm going to use it, a texture pack, and a custom lang_us file to make dark-stained wood.

    lol. I know I'm doing it wrong but it's still great.
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    Devil Boy

    @Mathew Alden
    ROFL, somehow that's going to work out for you and we're all going to stand here with our jaws on the floor.
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    How can I make sponge to suck lava? Can you give me a specification?(Sorry for my english.)
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    Devil Boy

    In the SpongeRestore.cfg file, change the "absorbLava" option to "true".

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