[FUN/MECH] Speedwalks allows you to create expresways.[1.2.4-R1.0]

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    How to use:
    • To define an expressway, just built a road composed of 2 different layers.
    • By default, the first layer must be made of wool (35) and the upper layer must be made of stone slabs (43 or and 44).
    • None, just built your expressways and they are ready to use.
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    Configuration file:
    • This config.yml contains 3 lines which define the material IDs of the lower and upper layer (35 for the first and 43, 44 for the upper) and the speed.
    • Just put speedwalks.jar in your server's plugin directory, then restart or reload the server.
    • You can then modify the configuration file if needed.
    Bukkit Dev Page:

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    Great idea!!!
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    nice i test it now :)

    it works and without any bug's ... a very nice plugin !! ;)

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    Thank you! ;)
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    Changelog please
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    I just thought of this today :O Scary :)

    Please add permissions support, i only want admins to be able to make the roads.
    And only want some groups to be able to use the road.
  7. Has it been tested on a highly populated server ? (I mean about performances issues)
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    Why should this make performances issues? It just changes the velocity of the player ;)
  9. Depends on which event is catched and how ;)
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