[FUN/MECH] SignCapture v0.1 Alpha - Capture your mobs with signs! [1597]

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    SignCapture v0.1
    now on BukkitDev


    SignCapture make your hunting easier. With only placing a sign to desire area and do nothing, all mobs that pass that sign will be caught. You can release them by breaking a sign. This can be a fence around your house to prevent mobs coming to your home.

    - Capture all mobs (monster, animals) into signs
    How to install

    Just put the .jar file in Plugins folder and run the server...
    How to use

    Check out a link in BukkitDev for more information on how to setup a sign and config a plugin

    v0.1 [#1.0.1-R1]
    Initial release
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    FIRST! Nice plugin m8
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    Moved to Inactive and locked at the request of the plugin dev.
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