Inactive [FUN/MECH] Shotgun v1.1 - A minecraft style shotgun & and other destructive things! [1.3.1-R2]

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    A minecraft style shotgun.

    Shotgun is a minecraft style shotgun & and other destructive guns, grenades, bombs and
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    * Use a book as a shotgun
    * Smoke Effects
    * Gun Fire Noises
    * Use a egg as a grenade
    * Use a snowball as a smoke grenade
    * Don't want to have certain features or weapons? Use the configuration to disable them!

    Video Demo:

    Video by: damnnicholas

    How to use:

    * Just left click the air with a book to fire the shotgun!
    * Throw a snowball for a smoke grenade.
    * Throw a egg for a grenade!
    * Type /nuke for a nuclear explosion. (WARNING: May ruin part of your map)
    * Right the air with a book to use the rocket launcher.
    * Type /airstrike to fire the shotgun

    Commands and Permission Nodes:

    Need help? Post below

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    Is great the plugin, I mean adds new stuff to the PvP, but if you haven't noticed, the guy at the video says "Enhance your PvP" when PvP on minecraft is already broken xD. Anyway thanks ;) seeems to be a nice plugin to change a little perspective
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