Inactive [FUN/MECH] Shotgun v1.1 - A minecraft style shotgun & and other destructive things! [1.3.1-R2]

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    A minecraft style shotgun.

    Shotgun is a minecraft style shotgun & and other destructive guns, grenades, bombs and
    <font color="#000080"><font color="#000080">Download</font></font>

    * Use a book as a shotgun
    * Smoke Effects
    * Gun Fire Noises
    * Use a egg as a grenade
    * Use a snowball as a smoke grenade
    * Don't want to have certain features or weapons? Use the configuration to disable them!

    Video Demo:

    Video by: damnnicholas

    How to use:

    * Just left click the air with a book to fire the shotgun!
    * Throw a snowball for a smoke grenade.
    * Throw a egg for a grenade!
    * Type /nuke for a nuclear explosion. (WARNING: May ruin part of your map)
    * Right the air with a book to use the rocket launcher.
    * Type /airstrike to fire the shotgun

    Commands and Permission Nodes:

    Need help? Post below

    Find me on
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    my god, eggs are fun. i have to remove the plugin though because i was ruining too much terrain for my users LOL
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    pls add permissions!!
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    Check the bukkitdev page.
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    so does this hav thee the config for the shotgun item ,and can you change the ammo?
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    No, the ammo is arrows. Do you want that option in the next update?
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    yes i would love! ammo, and gun config and also where you have to have ammo for rocket launcher!
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    I could do that, the ammo would be flint.
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    i honestly, had lot's of fun with this. the bad part, my world is bedrock now.
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    Yeah be careful with that
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    Hahah, Yeah i just have loads of fun with this plugin. :)
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    why everybody can use this?
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    Working on updating to 1.0.1-R1

    Updated to 1.0.1-R1 See BukkitDev for download.

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    But... Where is the source code?
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    Do you want to submit a pull request?
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    awesome! I am getting this for my server

    Hmm I use fireballs for other functions on my server, will setting the rocket launcher in the config to false disable the changes itmakes to fireball explosions?

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    Nope, it should not. If you find that it does please let me know.
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    What I meant to say is, the fireball explosions are changed with this plugin to make fireballs incredibly powerful and destroy more terrain than usual. If set the config for rocket launchers to false, will the fireballs stop being incredibly powerful?
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    If you set rocket launchers to false it will disable that function.
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    lekcinnave Lots of other plugins use a stick, I didn't want to interfere with them.
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    does it mix well with the call of duty plugin?
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    It basically does the same thing. This just has more features.
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    hummm all the sudden i feel like going to the 711 down the street and say this is a hold up i got a book XD
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    [quote uid=48458 name="Butkicker12" post=701156]
    A minecraft style shotgun.
    I am in the process of updating. Check back on the bukkitdev page soon.

    Find me on
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    This plugin sucks. I tried it. It junks up your server and it is super laggy. It lags your server and it reandmy carshes if you get this plugin. IT also jacks up your world. orry for the bad reply but i am saving other peoples servers. Thx. Nothing Personal. Hope this info helps you guys -chillbill
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    And no one cares...
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    That is a fairly useless bug report. How is this supposed to help the developer at all? I see you've posted this on various plugin threads.

    Do you know, the leading cause of plugin issues is improper setup? If you're going to submit a bug report, give relevant detail, not circumstantial evidence that could very well be completely unrelated to the plugin at hand.
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    Moved to inactive
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    Updated to 1.3.1-R1
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    Will you keep it only as shotgun? You should add other guns. But I doubt you can without spout. :L
    I'm looking for a plugin like that, but without Spout.
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    That is the plan
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    Wonderful! I can't wait. :)

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