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    Can you make, that there would be configurable minimum and max number of players that can join?
    And so people with creative gamemode would turn automatically to survival
    It would be awesome fix for this plugin :)

    And i saw bug... I have enabled pvp in my world and when i go to arena my team people can kill me...

    Oh and make so people cant use commands in arena.... You still have much to work in this plugin... But thx anyway for this great thing :)

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    Is it possible to have multiple game types assigned to one arena?
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    can you put this on BukkitDev? just helps xD
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    (from main post)
    If I get a cool logo (hint, hint)
    It's... possible... but there's nothing stopping people from joining the other arena type while another is running in the same field.
    I also think I fixed the inventory loss issues...
    For the next update, I will have a list of commands that get disabled when inside an arena (configurable).
    How does it not work with factions?
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    You should have a configuration option to disable joining arena types while one is in progress except for the type that is in progress.
    I ..think that made sense
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    /ua disable pvp will disable ALL pvp arenas in your server
    I think I may be misunderstanding your statement.
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    Yes haha, I mean that there should be an option (so people can use just one arena) to disable joining of any gametype except for the one that is currently in progress.
    This might be a bad idea but I don't know XD
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    Doesn't let me use plugin. I put it in and then started up my minecraft and I tryed to use the /ua commands and it didn't work. Help?
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    I need help whenever i try to make an arena other than pvp and mob it says it is not a valid arena. Help me i want a bomb arena and ffa arena and they wont work.

    I cant make any other arenas. I can only make pvp and mob arenas. when i try to make a bomb or ffa arena it says invalid field type.HELP

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    /ua create bomb
    /ua create ffa
    Make sure you have the newest version installed.
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    I have tried that i will test getting the newest version (i think i already do but i will try anyway)
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    I can't find the reward editing place.
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    in the files named "[arenatype]CONFIG.txt", you can edit the rewards. I have a short description on how to change them in the text file if you want to make your own.
    For instance, the pvpCONFIG.txt's rewards are this:
    the 266 is the item id, and the ,2 is the amount (needs to be seperated by a comma, without any spaces).
    if you want to give a piece of colored wool, you can also do this:
    That will give the user 3 wool, with the color 7.
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    Wow is all I have to say ^^ this is amazing and has my whole server in an arena building frenzy lol thanks so much for this!

    I would like to ask if there is a way to get say a mob gauntlet-style game mode? so from point A to point B with mob spawner's in the middle. I imagined a Massive house so you start off at the bottom have to make your way to the roof for extraction xD with nothing less then madness along the way of course.
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    I'm a Creative/Survival/PVP Server Owner, and I'm having trouble with the PVP Arena Setup.

    I watched the video, and did exactly that, but whenever I get to the point where I setup the second line of Arena Spawnpoints, it doesn't give a message, or respond whatsoever.

    I used /ua sp - But nothing happened, is it a glitch in the programming, or uneducated users?

    Please reply soon, thanks. - THORADAL[creeper]
  16. I second this, its great plugin but we cant use the Mobarena part due to the mobs just getting burnt to death during the day, only alternative is to have a closed arena which limits arena designs by alot, also if it worked in other worlds we could effectly instance our main arena and have up to 6 arena interiors to ensure players can choose (portals) which gamemode they want to use.
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    I have at the moment 3 worlds on the go, one for survival, one for creative and one SKYLANDS world that I would like to have set to permanent night and to set this world up as an Arena world! xD

    Please I know that it says in the "To do list" that you will be adding this function but hell even if we can get a dev build I would be willing to test it out, give some feedback.

    PS, I thought of another game mode ^^ not sure if this has been said already but how about a Paint Ball style game mode? You would set the points for red and blue teams as normal, but this time only allow for one class, Archer. Then you would set on arena join all the players health to half a heart and their hunger bar to half ( stop any heart regeneration ) One simple shot, just like a Paint Ball arena and your out! xD last man standing.
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    I ran into a bug me and a buddy were doing a FFA and we both were archers we were unable to land arrows on each other getting the message you can't hurt your own teammate or something to that effect. It has previously worked fine in normal PVP but we had an odd number of people who wanted to fight. I also still get the kicked from the arena upon respawn sometimes and arenas ending before the proper amount of kills/deaths occur a lot.

    Overall though this is shaping into one of me and my buddies favorite plugins and has made great progress so far, It isn't as needlessly complicated as some of the others we have tried and is less buggy.

    A few suggestions I have:
    1. Fix bugs of course :)
    2. Multiworld support
    3. A system for storing someones items maybe with a simple slash command to store pre fight and get them back post fight or automate it whatever is less likely to cause issues/simpler to implement
    4. Having the rewards not being auto granted would be nice if you want to do arenas back to back maybe a /claim like command to get all pending rewards if you have the room this could tie in with the inventory storage and only kick in if the person was too full to hold his items + reward.
    5. Economy support for rewards and or an entrance fee

    That's all I could think of for now but keep up the great work, this plugin alone has got me back into an almost daily Minecraft player.
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    This is great plugin :D but i have suggestion :
    When you die your armor and inventory will be cleared.
    Because i have plugin which keeps players inv. after death and when i die in arena my armor and sword.. stays im my inventory.
    Thank you.
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    Hey can you help me? Every time I try to join the Mob arena I made, it says wait for 6 seconds. Well, I wait but it never happens I just stand there. Any help?
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    I guess bukkit doesn't like setMaterialData... crafting with won items /should/ be fixed!
    I also fixed /ua refresh
    I also made it so you cannot rejoin an arena that you used /ua leave in (for the lobby).
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    cool, i'll try it! and thanks vm!
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    For some reason i cant set arena spawns Help?
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    Ok, we have them back up. Thanks again for the work. It seems the "craft with rewards" issue is fixed. The inventory issues are sketchy. If players do what they are supposed to do and use /ua leave, it seems ok. There are a few glitches though... Sometimes upon join and tp to mob lobby, I am glitched in the terrain with no way out but to /home. When I tried to test- force a glitch, I left an arena by using /home (I'm assuming that the same might apply to other "tp" commands), my inventory was permanently gone after logout/login. Another instance when another player left the mcgame to exit the mob arena, it caused my inventory to disappear after my next /home cmd but it returned when I logged-in/out... weird, but much better.
    /Ua refresh, seems to disable all ua commands. If I type it, all /ua commands return a "unknown ultimatearena command" error.
    Also, i did /ua disable by mistake, then /uaenable, both seemed to work, I then did /ua disable test, blood, an ma, which also showed just those as disabled in /ua list but my created arenas that showed as free, posted as disabled after the 6-second still-time instead of tp'ing me to lobby to start arena, when i tried to join.
    I've tried most all of these plugins, they all have glitches but I definitely prefer the structure of UA and your dedication to producing a good plugin.
    My Requests, lol: Configurable rewards for Mob arena? Leader Board?

    Thanks again!
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    Funny how you pointed out the enabling and disabling, I just fixed those after my friend pointed it out! xD It'll be fixed in the next release.
    Perhaps, when you're online I can come on your server (add my on skype: orange4513), so I can see at first hand, how the inventory glitch occurs, I still am not 100 % following you ;P
    /ua commands isn't an UltimateArena command :confused:
    More configurables will come soon :)
    Thanks! If it werren't for people like you, my plugins would seize to exist :)
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    bump bump bumpity bump
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    I am having the same problem, but orange won't reply. He clearly thinks we are stupid and should know this. I can't use it, which makes me angry. FIX THIS ORANGE!!!!!
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    I think you should reconsider accusing people of things in which you clearly do not know about. I don't think anyone is stupid, I think that, in order for me to help you, you need to supply me with more details. When you say, "nothing happens when I wait for the 6 second wait", that tells me nothing. Did your arena load in the console correctly? did anything print out? errors? Is it only for one type of arena?
    There's nothing to fix but you own anger issues.
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    When you are setting your two points are you cuboiding it and want the whole structure a lobby or just the outline? Also i have a circular areana how would i set the areana points to fill the whole thing?
    One last question. If you have multiple rewards, do they randomize?
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