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Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by orange451, Nov 29, 2011.

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    I had the same error as devyl, but do we need java 7?
    I can't update it to java 7 because my unix system is not compatible.
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    ultimate arena is one reason of i make to work my bukkit server, but now i can't run this plugin in 1.4.5 r.0.2

    I've seen that I need to update java, but, i have linux, ubuntu server, and: first, i cant update java without crash all of my other servers, and second, isn't compatible... (tried to update in my local .p)

    i have NINE battlegrounds in my server... now, all closeds...

    please, help... i dont want to search alternatives to this awesome plugin...
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    I love this plugin, but I was wondering if you could add or if there is a way to do now a way to make splash potions and enchant weapons?If there is a way already I would love to know.
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    anyone know how you can choose a class but can choose only the VIPs??

    Mercy!!! xD
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    How would i make it so the arena are on an automatic cycle so say when one game finishes it starts another straight away with a vote for which map?

    Also Godan perhaps you could set perms up so that rank or group could select that class or something :p

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    i dont understand, i search any way for just create a class for a group such VIPs
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    I'd like to suggest a feature request to add the ability to start players in a degraded health state? Also, the ability to adjust the damage a weapon delivers to a player? In my use case I've built a snowball arena but we are unable to inflict enough damage to one another so the battle never ends. Thanks and nice work with the plugin so far!
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    Well you could get the plugin LWC. Password lock a door and let the VIP's know the password but put the class selection in the vip area or something thats what i did :p
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    Update please
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    How to add guns from PvpGun plugin without ammo?
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    is there any SIGN support for this? like (using WorldEdit or something like it) select an area of signs then have the signs do something like this:

    -Sign1 -Sign2 -sign3 -sign4 -sign5 (ect.)
    -Join arena (name)-Player on the arean (Green)-Playeronline-Players that Died(Red/gray)-Players Dead

    that would be nice if you cander stand it lol
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    Is this updated or compatible with 1.4.5?
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    I am having a problem with Ultimate Arena and when i have mcmmo on my server it glitches and says both players win but without mcmmo it all works ok can you fix the error with the two plugins colliding some how
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    Yeah, I'm having the same problem. When I test my arena with mcMMO the arena starts but when I die or I kill someone the arena ends and we both get the reward for winning. When the server doesn't have mcMMO all the arenas (execpt ffa) work. Can you Please fix the bug.

    I can also join the pvp arena when I'm the only one playing and it's a team so thats a bug to.

    I think the problem is the arena thinks the arena doesn't have enough player to contiue playing so it ends the game. But that doesn't answer why every time I die or kill someone, with the mcMMO plugin installed, the game ends but when I don't have mcMMO the game contiues.

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    when i enter a arena and then /leave it teleports me back in the arena. can u add a command to /leave and teleport u back to spawn or a certain place ?
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    Love the plugin but:

    1. Are there permissions for using specific classes? If so what are the permissions node? If not, could this maybe be added in future reference?

    2. Where can I get the source code from?

    3. Does this have sign support? I mean as in you press on a sign to join a game
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    Do you have an API to this? I would like to build something off of this.
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    hey orange[creeper] i love this plugin but there's one issue im having can you please tell me how i can get other people to join my arena? i don't have bukkit permissions just the default perms please help me out i will appreciate it thanks:D
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    How do you put enchant items and Splash potions. Not regular potions
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    HELP! I set up the arena and then do all the needed requirements for ctf, but then when I go to play the arena, it says "Arena not found"
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    Another question. How do i get the Zombie Killstreak to not attack me and i make them stronger?

    Last one. How do you make it to where some people can be 1 class but others cant

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    is there a way to make fields specific to a world becuase if i have 3 diffrent gamemodes and someone doe /join...TDM on a world with only FFA on it they goto lobby anyway
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    Please can you disable drops while in the arena because there is a way to get the items out if its enabled.
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    i have a problem where ppl appear to be in a position where they are not is there a way to fix this
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