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    UltimateArena - MobArena construction I beg you for help. When i die i don't get any reward i mean how to make it when i reach 50 kills to get slime balls or something else do i have to finish all the waves to get them ?!? cause in your video u say u get slime ball at 24th kill i dont get anything skype never-happy2
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    Hate to be a nag lol but will the current version be compatible with the RB that came out today? And if not what kind of eta would we be looking at before you got there? Overall this looks like an extremely promising plug so I can't wait to try it once I get around to it. At the moment though I'm going through plugs to see which will break the servers on 1.3.1 and cause constant "end of stream" errors. I had an old version of this so I removed it for the time being. Will re-download later and test it on the latest build for errors and report back.
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    I have only one issue with this...
    I create the arena, follow all the steps correctly, however, once i finish confirming the arena spawn points for both teams (TDM Arena Btw), it only comes up saying 'done with player spawns' and that's it. Instead of giving me the final option of /join....

    So when i go to join the created arena, it doenst exist!!
    Any suggestions?
    I have PvP enabled in my server etc...
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    I am trying to install UA on my 1.3.1 server and wanted to talk with Orange on the server, but I seem to keep missing him.

    I have a interesting problem. I will do a step by step.

    I start off with creating (/ua create arena spleef). It leads me through the steps of setting up lobby, then the arena.

    Then it asks me to set up the red team lobby. I thought it was just weird, so I went and did that as well as the blue lobby. After that, It asked me to create the Red Team Spawn. I did this-- and it became unresponsive. There was no error in the logs.

    So I did /ua done, and nothing happened. The arena was not created. Figures, that I did not set up the outbox, etc.

    I tried doing PVP. Same thing. asked me to set up red team lobby and blue team lobby, then pulled the same thing -- unresponsive when I tried to set up red team spawn.

    Would like some light on this. Thank you for this plugin! I appreciate the work you've put in this.!

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    Having a little bug, it seems that whenever someone dies in mobarena, the wool stays on the head?
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    Then you did not follow the steps EXACTLY as they are given.

    Then you probably either missed a step, or did not follow a step correctly during the process of creating your arena.

    I will update to the most recent build of bukkit as soon as I can, though it should already work.
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    ugh i created a spleef arena and it keeps saying game interrupted. cant find info about it anywhere
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    Hey Orange. I've noticed other people have had the same problem as me, but I set up my CTF arena following the exact steps. For some reason, though, when I try to set RED Arena Spawn, it will not let me. Nothing pops up saying invalid command or anything. Help!!

    -Dedicated Server Owner

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    same problem here.
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    Decided to move with PVParena instead. Thank you.
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    When i try to make the red team spawn it says nothing, not even in the server run. file, what should i do?
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    Then (as I said to other people) you did not follow the steps correctly.
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    Is it possible if you could add configuration for the BOMB mode? I would like to add more than two bomb points and maybe prolong the countdown until it explodes.
  14. How come when i play the spleef arena it won't end, people just respawn? (i did a 1v1, 1 person fell, and they respawned) I had max deaths on 1, then tried 0. help?
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    Um, I struggled with /ua sp spawnpoint bit too, it helps to try different areas. Test it out, keep trying, wouldn't work for me so I switched the point around a bit.

    Disregard post, sorry.
    The plugin works as intended, with minor bugs.

    EDIT: I think I have your plugin confused, or at least the arena. Disregard this, I guess.
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    This is such an awesome plugin, thanks so much for hard work :)
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    Mobs doesn´t spawn at my arena. please help
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    after i do /ua done after i finish the mob spawn pionts what do i do
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    Orange, you cannot set the red spawn point. For some reason, it gives off nothing. If you could please tell us how to work around this bug, that'd be great. And, I did all the steps the same.
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    Just wanted to pop in here once more with another suggestion based on my player feedback. Some players wont use the arena because they loose their XP if they die. It would be a huge advantage if UA could save their XP from dropping even if they die in an arena. To take this one step farther, I would love to have the ability to set this as a flag per arena.
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    Yes, you can.
    Then you're not following the steps correctly.
    By following the steps exactly
    I beg to differ.
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    *sigh* i guess I'll go through it all again.
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    If a player disconnect while he's inside, when he reconnect he has free armor.

    Can you solve this? For example, if a player disconnect during a arena, then he lost all the inventory.

    (If I said something wrong is because I'm not english :p)
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    The plugin is great, but it is barely configurable. I made my first infection arena yesterday, and my server loves it. However, you can't configure zombie traits, kill streaks, and a lot more stuff.

    Help! There is a wierd problem with the plugin. Everything is pretty good, except my infection arena keeps getting reset. What do I do? Its not in the main world, but its a normal world. What do i do?

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    I dont think you want to follow my questions.
    but could you add a signs listening leaderboard?
    so names appear on leaderboards who has most wins/kills in one of your arena's?
    and theres a bug that when you come out of an arena and you still got wool on your head xD
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    Orange you say we didn't follow the steps corectly but where are these steps, In game all it say's is '' Please create the Red team arena spawnpoint'' but what do we do it with /ua sp or somthing else intirely if you can please reply with a solution it will help alot. Thanks for your time
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    Sometimes players are not visible in the arena
    also when i play Koth it gives error messages
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    1. That is a minecraft glitch
    2. Please send me the errors :)

    Watch my videos, I demonstrate how to correctly set them up.
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    Awesome plugin! Keep up the good work orange451 ;)

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