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Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by orange451, Nov 29, 2011.

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    I was having a bug with MCeat it the pvp arena, the soups would be there but they would be infinite can anyone help me with this? (The bowls would stack up to 30 without one soup being take away)
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    I got everything correctly, but my problem is that whenever me and my friends enter, I have my complete stuff, but they have nothing but wool.
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    I am trying to use the plugin but when i use the /ua create command i get nothing?
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    ive got a problem when i create an arena after a while making it it stops giving me instructions and then it says im not creating an arena. i looked in the arena list and my arena isnt there.. i was making a spleef arena. any idea of what could be wrong?
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    You probably used /ua done before you were supposed to, or kept using /ua sp even when it told you to type /ua done :p!
    Everything needs to be done EXACTLY as the instructions are given.
    If, you are completely certain you followed the directions, as soon as I can find my flashdrive containing a backup of my old harddrive, I will recompile the plugin with a new version of bukkit.
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    Could I please get my server added to the Server list you have?
    I have been using UA for a while and would really appreciate it.
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    I fixed that part but now the only issue i have is when i join it says Stand Still For 2 Seconds. I wait the 2 seconds and nothing happens then i check the arena in /ua list and it says its in LOBBY with the amount of seconds left. When the timer ends nothing happens it just says the arena name again and doesnt teleport you to the lobby or anything. Any ideas?
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    Have you tried /ua enable and then reloading/rebooting the server?

    Also, thank you for adding my server, Orange! Didn't expect ya to add it so soon. :D
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    dude you need to make a Rush mode styled like Battelfield 3 it would be super cool ! :D
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    Worked... but is there any way to get the plugin to work in a different world? lol its right in the middle of my survival world.
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    Not at the moment, no.
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    Glad to hear that fixed the issue. :)
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    alright ill move some worlds around for it great plugin thanks for the help
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    It's works great until i try to set a team spawn for a PvP arena, nothing happens. help?
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    i think that i have a problem....
    i' ve made the arena and it's awesome.
    But when i try to join an arena with a non-op character it says that: "i've no permission to do that"

    Pls if anyone knows what i should do pls reply ;)
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    I have a problem, with creating a spleef arena
    The problem would be when i finish the 2 outzone points it just says done wiht outzone points
    And nothing else like created the arena
    So... uhm Idk what to do, when i do /ua sp or /ua done again it says i'm not making an arena anymore?:(
    Idk why its doing this
    I will readd the plugin and let u know what happens
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    Hi i had the same problem too, and i think that i can help you with that.
    I think the problem is that when you installed the plugin, you only dragged the jar. file into your plugin folder so technacly the ultimate arena plugin that you have on your server is incomplete.

    what i mean is basically that you need to re install the plugin, but this time you have to drag the jar file and the other folder, called UltimateArena, that's also in the ZIP file of the plugin into your plugin folder.
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    Thanks for reminding me, i had just forogtten to do that when i was readding the plugin to my server graci mile
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    you're welcome
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    Does anyone know where the infect part of this mod came from? Is there another mod that just adds this part? If not, could the author upload just that part of the mod? I already have spleef and mobarena on and I like to continue using them so if they update, I don't have to wait for this mod to update to play the new features.
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    When players type /ua join (my arena) they don't teleport to the lobby! They just stay in the spot they were at w/ the wool on head.
    It was working fine before, but when I reset the server and added "LaggClear" plugin, it started doing this. I also tried to recreate it, didn't work etiher
    My terminal doesn't show errors!
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    To add on and to bump this. My server is running on 1.2.5 could this be the problem? I recieve no errors from console. Could it be because I didn't install the plugin 100% correctly? Please if someone has any suggestions reply!!
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    Hi i've already said that in page 27 but no one replyed my message so ...
    I think that i have a problem with this plugin, i dont know if it's normal but i think that i should expose that here.
    The problem is in when i try to join an arena with no OP permissions. Instead of appearing in the lobby, it says that "i've no permission to do that" and how you all should know in a server the ideal is that normal players could enjoy fights in some arenas.

    PLS if someone knows what i'm talking about, PLS reply this message
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    Ok. So I downloaded the plugin and I want other players to be able to use my CTF arena. But when they do this it says they dont have permission. I couldn't find anything in the config file so I came here. It seems only OPs can join. Also do you think you would be able to make it so that when ever someone joins they are no longer in creative mode?
    Thanks, WEM
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    it's not a problem with the plugin. A lot of plugins require you to give certain permissions to a player or group for you to be able to use the plugin without being OP. To setup permissions use either permissionsEX or Essentials Group Manager as these are the most commonly used.

    Read what I said above to OnPocket please, it will answer your question.

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    Ok thks ;)
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    When I got finished with my Infection arena I typed /ua j Infection and it said stand still 2 seconds but nothing happened in those 2 seconds! Please help!
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    is it possible to make custumable classes?
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    Theres like a glitch or something with making arenas, i empty my inventory and join, then I'm in the lobby and i join the arena, but all it says is "please clear your inventory" cuz i have the wool block on my head, but when i try to take it off, a new one just appears. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!
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    Indeed there is. If you frequent some of the servers using this plugin you will see they have custom classes.
    You can edit the class files yourself and leave the names the same, or create a new text file following the same format as the others. It seems you need to change the extension of the text file to the name of the class.


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