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Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by orange451, Nov 29, 2011.

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    Could you post your permissions file? That would make it easier to see what the problem is. :)
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    I am also confused on how to give a class splash potions, they are always drinking potions no matter what id you use, so how do i give a class splash potions?
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    So many posts in just so few days...
    I can't fix any bugs at the moment, for as I said before, I don't have a working computer.
    As I've found out from some of my friends, Mob Arenas no longer work in this bukkit update (mobs don't spawn). I will look into this when I can :)
    read other posts that I've made, that will be fixed when I am able to fix it

    Read the original post :/ I wrote it for a reason

    1. I will add permissions to classes (when I can)
    2. That will be fixed when I can fix it
    3. In some servers, gold is a currency, if you don't like the default rewards from arenas, change them.
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    this is what i get when i put all of the permissions in the yml file:

    [WARNING] Server permissions file permissions.yml is not valid YAML.
    java.lang.ClassCastException: java.lang.String cannot be cast to java.util.Map
    at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.CraftServer.loadCustomPermissions(CraftServer.
    at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.CraftServer.enablePlugins(
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.t(
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.a(
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.init(
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    Then you did not set up your permissions yaml file correctly.
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    1.) You could do in update, that for gold you could buy for example: jump 1, jump 2, jump 3, ability 1, ability 2... But somehow it should be supported for iconomy, because gold is item and you need to drop it before game.
    2.) Also make a permission to member arenas and classes

    Thanks :)
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    oh ok, then how do you set it up? I cant find anything else on the main page, if you have already discussed it can you give me a page # from this thread, unless you wanna just tell me how, thanks!
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    I'm not going to help you set up your permissions plugin, that's for you to do.
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    haha sorry im such a noob! Anyway i put "ultimatearena.player: true" in the group location in permissionsbukkit and then when i start it up its unable to load configuration! I don't see what im doing wrong. FAIL.
  10. i use Permissionsex but... why did you to :true???

    just do ultimatearena.player

    SUGGESTION for future:

    make a mob arena where you could have like 1-4 teams in a mob arena(owner chooses how many depending on how big the course it) then it adds up the team kills and the winning team is the one with biggest kill score. Just a variation.

    OOOH OOOH HERES ANOTHER GOOD ONE: have it so i(as admin) can make a lobby that has infinite wait untill i type command(so i can host tournaments without worring about having to restart cause the slow typers didn't make it =D)
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    OK thanks here is what i now have, this is only the group part:
    permissions: true

    that seems wrong, and also i still get the same message as before. Thanks! The spacing is correct in notepad ++

  12. group part:

    just get rid of the : true

    WAIT WHAT??? I READ U WRONG!!! cn't load what config?

    there is one message that ALWAYS says you can't load the config!

    but if it works: who cares?
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    OK i changed it to what you have. The ultimatearena.player is to make it so non-op people can play right, i went in to minecraft i de-op my self, try to join an arena and it still says i dont have permission.
  14. Post ur WHOLE Permissions
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    i only put one line of text in, the only one to do with ultimate arena under groups, the rest came with it of course.

    permissions.example: true
    - admin

    permissions.*: true
    - user
    permissions: true
    coolplugin.item: true
    - default
    build: '&cYou do not have permission to build here.'

    debug: false
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    Can you add a Hide & Seek Arena ?
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    on my server, when i do anything involved with ultimate arena is not responsive in any way. i try to do /ua create /ua reload. the only command that works is /ua help
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    Remove those annyoing blazes from CTF or do a protection from burning
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    I do understand you can't work on the plugin till you get back, but I wanted to mention a few things to ya.

    One. Really appreciate the plugin. I have been using it on my server for a while now.
    Two. Are you willing to release the source code?
    Three. Could you please release a version without the kill streak perks, or have it where the perks can be disabled?
    I asked this a while back and you stated that the perks are hard coded into the plugin.
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    I'm having a very serious problem that with which I've looked everywhere to try to resolve.
    So here it is: The mob arena I had created was working like a charm, but when I was creating other arenas (CTF and FFA) I got up to the point where it asked me to creating the arena spawn points for the red and blue team. When I typed "/ua sp" and hit enter I got absolutely no response/messages from there. Is there something I have done incorrectly? Or is this a bug itself?

    Details: Here are the plugins I'm currently running:
    1. Essentials+Essentials Spawn
    2. Multiverse Core+ Multiverse Portals
    3. Worldguard/Worldedit
    4. VoxelSniper
    and of course- UltimateArena

    Also- When selecting the arena spawn point I am looking directly at the block.
  21. Hmm Im wondering if anyone could help me.?
    I can set all the point for the arena until i have to set the RED/BLU spawn points.
    Any help?
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    i love this plugin but i have one problem so if you can help me:
    im using groupmanager i like to know how you do to do that people in my server that aren't op can use the arena. or how to do that everyone can JOIN the arena.please help me as soon as posible.
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    Just decompile the plugin if you want the source
    yes, I will eventually allow the option for allowing/disallowing specific perks

    Did the permission nodes I state in the main post work?

    You need to make sure you follow the instructions EXACTLY as they are given to you in game, or it will break.
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    Yo Can u Guys Use My Vid It Be Great If You Do :D its a how to install and setup UltimateArena
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    in the arenas that haven't teams you have to put red and blue spawns but it only uses one of them. in my case it 0nly uses red. but when you start the arena the players haven't team even if they were all together in the lobby

    i've tryed to follow the instructions but im not shure how and where to put ultimatearena.join because every time i try its says you dont have permisions to do that. how do i do to put in every class of my permisions that they can enter? because now only if you are op you can use the ultimate areas.

    thanks for all

    i tryed and tryed but at the end i have a solution. im usin groupmanager so i recomed you to doit too
    if you use group manager you have to put /mangaaddp (the group that you want) and ultimatearena.player
    and thats it.

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    Anyone using this plugin and want to share some KOTH arena designs?
    I can't think of any real designs besides just a big hill. XD
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    i am able to set up a arena just fine but when i try to join one it says stand still for 2 sec and then dose nothing i have tried restarting the server and no errors come up in console
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    I've got the plugin, but it keeps saying clear inventory, even though it already is. The server has been reloaded, but it still wont work. Suggestions?
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    Hello, I think your plugin looks amazing but am having some troubles with it. I create the arena and follow all the steps. Everything is working fine, until the very end. At the final point on any type of arena once I have reached the end of creating the arena instead of the plugin saying the arena has been made, nothing happens. If I then do /ua list the arena doesn't show up. I have watched the videos on how to create an arena and follow them step by step. Another interesting thing is when I type in /ua join (arenas name) it says please clear your inventory, once I clear my inventory and I try joining once again I get an error message back saying this arena doesn't exsist. I have tried reloading the plugin reloading the server, reinstalling the plugin but to no luck. Please if someone has any suggestions it would be greatly appreciated!
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    What other plugins do you need for this one to work? I dont have PermissionsEx, and I saw something about that in the posts, do you need that?

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