Inactive [FUN/MECH/RPG] UltimateArena V0.1 - The Ultimate Arena plugin [1.3.1-R0.1 #2269]

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    I read that post, and i believe i do have the most updated version although i will redownload it and try it again just incase, thank you for spending all this time on this plugin, and responding so quickly to your posts, i will message back after i've tried it again with a redownloaded version of he plugin, i hope your having a great day :D

    Okay i just tried it out, it works now ty, i was also wondering why it isn't a bukkit dev plugin? Hope everythings going well have a great day! :D

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    This server is working well but i find infection is too easy for the zombies. Could someone tell me to set it so humans start with enchanted Bows please
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    When I can get a computer of my own, can recover my old hard drive to get the source codes to all my plugins, and can get my dad to actually let me use a computer (yes, I am grounded D: ), I plan on changing up Infection a little bit.
    My plans are this:
    -Make the Infected potion enchantments start out strong
    -When half of the humans are gone, Zombies will then get half of their strength when they spawn
    -When there is but 1 survivor left, he will get a strength II potion added to him.

    sound good?
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    Yes that would work better. Also i need to find out the ids for enchanted items so i can set it so that some classes start with enchanted items
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    At the moment, you cant.
    I plan on writing a way to give items enchantments through the configs.
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    I can see that this question has been asked, but mine is different, it's because when I am at the PVP Red spawn Arena setpoints, it does nothing at the /setpoint command, help please?
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    I love this plugin. It has easily become one of the most popular features on my server.
    Problem is it is becoming too popular, and the arena notifications are spamming the chat.

    Can I disable some of those? What about Ghasts and such being spawned in PVP/FFA arenas, can those altered via config file?
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    your a idiot -_- they dont give out minecraft
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    Idk if this is your plugin or not but perhaps you can help, on my server i have built multiple levels underneath the ground each with a different Arena like CTF, FFA, ect, and whenever someone on the surface above the arenas logs out while above them and then logs back in their whole inventory disappears, i even tried it out on myself in disbelief when players where telling me this, thank you for your time :]
  13. Hmm, something I have seen from your posts is that you consistently use wrong grammar and spelling, even in the OP.
    Could you maybe fix the OP, and also maybe make it look better?
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    Is there a way to use the arenas, without using the classes?
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    Help why can't non-ops join !!!!!!!! losing people because they can't join any arenas
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    It is a permissions issue. First step is to relax. :)

    You need to add the ultimatearena.player permission to your members that wish to use the arenas.
    Hope that helps ya.

    The capture the flag system seems oddly buggy,
    in that the flag blocks remain throughout the arenas once the matches are over.

    Is there any way to fix this? Anyways, still an amazing plugin.
    My server has both official arenas and player made ones, and this plugin makes it all possible.

    Thanks for all the work you have done on it!

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  17. I really like this plugin ! great work ;)
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    Any idea when there might be a rewardssystem for the mobarena?
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    Hello i just downloaded it i tried to create a mob arena following the tutorial, after i finish it turns out it has created a TDM arena NOT a mob arena. Is their anyway to fix this? Thanks
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    I have a mob arena but no mobs spawn. I ve set for them aspawn points.
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    I tried to create a FFA Arena, but I think there is an error in the program because when i'm creating the Arena (set lobby points and Arena Points) the plug in tell me to set spawns points for Red Team and Blue Team. But I selected FFA mode and there aren't team in FFA mode...
    Is it normal ?

    Thanks for the answer.
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    Hey, does anyone know why only ops can join the arena's?
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    Because you didnt update permissions
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    When I'm making a PVP arena and I get to the point of setting the red arena spawn, I type in /ua sp, and nothing happens, I've tried typing /ua done the retrying to set the spawn but still doesn't work, I've tried about 5 times making sure to do everything right but still nothing, it's a pretty big arena, and the lobby's are on the opposite side of the arena, does this matter, what should I do?
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    Hello. This is a perfect plugin (by the idea) but it has few bugs. I need to ask you something. If you will answer me I'll be very thanks.

    1.) I've made 10 classes: 5 for basic, 5 for members. Can you write or do tutorial, how to make permissions for them or the system, that i could edit in plugin, so that guests can't use member classes.
    2.) How to add splash potions to classes? When I add splash potion (ex. splash potion of harming) I get potion of harming but not splash.
    3.) What you can do with gold? You can't play with items, so what it's for?

    Sorry, for bad language, I'm just learning it.
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    I'm having a problem with this plugin. I set up a MobArena stadium and didn't have a problem.

    I then decided to make a PVPArena and am now having problems. Whenever I get to the point where it says to set the Arena Spawn Piont for the Red Team I can't select that point. I use /ua setpoint and nothing happens.

    I built a stadium for the PVPArena but can't set it up. Does anyone know why this doesn't work for me? I've watched the video as well.
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    Not working for me... I set up the arena, but for mob arena when I finish setting mob spawns, it just sais: "Done with mob spawnpoints" Ulike in the video tutorial for mob arena it does not say "do /ua join mob to play" when done... Help? I will try other game modes and see if they work. :(

    OK, tried just regular CTF and when setting red team arena spawn points nothing happens when I do
    /ua sp
    /ua setpoint

    Whats happening?

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    How do you change the rewards?
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    Alrgiht, I made a city beside my arenas with a walkway between my 4 arenas. I used WorldGuard to protect the city beside it and the arenas, but i set a flag for Mob-spawning deny. Is there anyway that the arenas can override the worlguard and spawn mobs in the arenas while stopping mobs from spawning in the walkway while only using one region?
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    lol i have put ultimatearena.player in my permissions.yml folder stoped the sever then restarted it but people who are non-op can still not join D: ? i have a mac book pro by the way

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