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Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by orange451, Nov 29, 2011.

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    I am working on getting the plugin working on my server, but I am having a few "issues" with the Mob arena.
    Is there a way to configure what mobs spawn? It spawns ghast which burn down the arena ceiling and floor. XD

    I read through this thread and haven't found much info (or if it is even possible) to change what mobs spawn.
    All help is greatly appreciated! :)
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    Thanks, /reload worked.

    I love this plugin, but I seem to be having trouble setting up any type of arena except for PvP...
    When configuring the arena for other gamemodes, the plugin stops responding after telling me to set an arena spawn for the RED team.

    Thanks for a great plugin and great support for an idiot like me. :p
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    It only stops responding when you don't follow the instructions EXACTLY as it tells you to :p
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    Hmm... Any idea what I am doing wrong? It allows me to set lobby points, arena points, and lobby spawn points for my Bomb arena... but not for arena spawnpoints. I'm supposed to use "/ua sp", correct?

    Sorry for being bothersome, :(
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    Remember to use /ua done when it tells you to.
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    Thanks so much, orange451!
    The players on my server love this.
    Great work, and thanks for the help.

    The best to you,
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    So I Get Most Of the way through making one of these pvp arenas, but when it asks to make spawnpoints, it doesnt set anything. Know any reasons why?


    Okay, So I Got Spawnpoints set, but when i join, it just says stand still for 2 seconds and nothing happens...
    Any help?


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    Have you tried /ua enable "insert arena name here" and then reload the plugin?
    Let me know if that works for ya. :)
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    Hey Orange, Your plugin looks amazing! But I need to ask you a question do you have a Skype I can txt you with? Thanks!
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    Is there a config to enable placing blocks and dropping stuff?
    Oh, and how do you change the speed of a class, because I want to make a fast class.
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    Updated UltimateArena!

    What in this one?
    • Infect arena (set it up just like a PVP arena, I will document it later [you have to survive on the red team to win]).
    • I started writing an API, you will see something called "" if you decompile the plugin in the package, so you can integrate your plugins with this in the future
    • I fixed some rewards for arenas (mob arenas rewards still don't work)
    • a few other bugs were fixed as well.
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    How do you change the classes or create more?
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    copy one of the current class files in the classes folder, rename it, and change the values inside of it (using a text editor).
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    Is there a way turn turn off the wool on the head thing? It's really annoying >.<
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    I'm trying to make a arena but when i finish where the players will spawn after the lobby it just says "Done with Player Spawns"

    I'm doing exactly what it says when i do something like this /ua create example pvp
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    Can you make it so you can chose which world the arenas are in? Cause having it only at the starting one is really annoyin

    Some of the files that the plugin uses are missing, uninstall and reinstall the plugin.

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    Um great plugin, but im having some problems with the perms (PermissionsEX) People can do /ua and /ua like and
    /ua list and so forth, but no one can do /ua join unless your an op. Please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! P.S: i need to know the command to add perms for joining, cuz i've tried a whole bunch and it doesnt work.
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    Hey can anyone tell me how to make people spawn with splash potions/or enchanted weapons Can people please answer this fast.

    Orange, can you add a way to be able to make a class in game, by doing, for example, /ua class <name>

    and then it would make a class based off of your inventory?

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    I love this plugin just wondering are you ever going to make capture the flag for it that would be awseome
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    Good idea!
    I will :)
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    oh and can you add like a rank system in the arenas, so if player Steve wins x amount of games he gets,
    say, Warrior rank, and now he can use more of the classes in the arena. The names of Ranks and what you have to do to get them would be configurable. and so when u start some classes are locked, but you unlock them by ranking up.
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    I set everything up but when i do /ua join [arenaname] it would say stand still for two seconds please wait and the absolutely nothing happens. can someone please help me?
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    try reloading the server. that worked for me
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    That worked Now i try to create a Pvp arena and when it comes to the Redteam spawn point it does not do anything after that.
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    I have a big problem with using this plugin, I don't know whether it's specifically the PVP game mode or the whole plugin. Joining the game and classes works fine, everything is how it should be. But then when the game starts and players are spawned inside the arena, no one can move. Whenever a player tries to move, he is set back a block. This makes it impossible to play and I really do want a fix or advice please :(
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    Still the spleef and the PvP arenas are not working. For the PvP i cannot setpoint to where the red team is gunna spawn on the field 0.o and its similar with the Spleef
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    How do you make custom classes? I am trying to make a TF2 style Capture the Flag map with SDK's mod, and I want to use custom loadouts for it. I know how to use data values and true/false configs but not java. Can I still make custom classes?
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    if you can't set it up, then you did not follow the directions EXACTLY to what they say to do.

    There is a folder labled "classes" in the UltimateArena folder. Open those files in a text editor, you'll figure it out pretty easily :)

    then you did not set up your arena zone correctly :)
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    Thanks it works now, all the points you set must be on the same level :/

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