Inactive [FUN/MECH/RPG] UltimateArena V0.1 - The Ultimate Arena plugin [1.3.1-R0.1 #2269]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by orange451, Nov 29, 2011.

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    What is cq?
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    Then you're still doing it incorrectly.
    Please, if you can't follow the written directions, try following the videos... exactly

    In due time, my friend.

    Read the main post.
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    i followed all your steps and watched the video but after im done with the mob spawns and do /ua done nothing happens, it never creates the arena....
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    yeah I did but I don't understand what battlefield styled game is?
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    Please make it Multiworld Compatible, and Capture the flag should be awesome too!
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    Hi, did first install of this great plugin. I tried it, but I don't get any 'stuff' when the arena starts. I chose different types, it gives nicely the message 'you will spawn as ...' but my inventory is empty. I'm on a 1.2.5 server, emptied my plugin-directory (so no other-plugin-related-stuff).
    Any idea's?
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    I have no clue.
    I also use the 1.2.5 recommended build, and have no problems.
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    It seems to have solved itself. I cann't reproduce it anymore...
    I have two more questions:
    Is it correct that I get a redwool-head, can I change this (eg to get some head-armor)?
    Do you have any idea when you might start looking into MultiWorld? Do I have to think weeks/months/years/no clue?
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    I'm having a few glitches using this plugin, after I set up the arena, when I try to join the arena it says "stand still for 2 seconds" but then it doesn't do it!
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    Hey im having this problem when i create my pvp arena i set both red and blu team spawns then i type /ua done and it says "Done with player spawns" then nothing happens i watched the video but it didnt work PLZ HELP
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    Please Help!
    I was making a free for all (FFA) arena but came along an error. After I created the arena region and lobby and lobby spawn, I set the player spawns and typed /ua done after setting them. Then my server said:
    All of my arena creation progress was deleted after this happened.
    I dont know how to paste an error log because when I try to copy the error, it de-selects what I highlighted.

    Im having a similar (maybe the same) problem.

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    I am trying to make a pvp arena but it seems that after i set points finally for blue spawn and say done it forgets my arena or just erases it help?

    same guys

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    try reloading the server (/reload) or reloading the plugin (/ua refresh).

    That means you didnt set it up correctly <3

    Yes, you should be getting a colored wool block, it is used to determine what team you are on. No, you cannot change it at this time (mostly, because you couldn't tell who is on what team then xP)
    I'll look into it, when I have time. Finals are coming up in the next 3-4 weeks, and my grades are... lacking... After, however, is the summer and I will have a lot of time to plugin develop.

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    Can you tell me what I might have done wrong? I followed the instructions at the beginning of the fourm again, but the same thing happened.
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    It didnt seem to work i do everything up to creating blue team in arena but no arena shows up is there a special pattern to where the lobbies and arena foundries should be placed.

    Does the arena still work if you surround it with glass

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    It seems like only ops can use arenas how do you change that.
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    Good luck with the Finals! Get that first done, no matter what! I am using some other plugins, but I really like this one, so I keep it in big view :) :)
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    This is very nice but can you please make something that you can get like Iconomy money rewards if you win, instead of items?
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    I keep having problems with the Ultimate Arena! I keep glitching out when I spawn in the game, like the pvp fight and the mob arena. You can't lave where you are set to start at. When you move your coursor, you go back to where you look at when you first spawn in. You can't click a sign unless its in front of you either. Could you please help? I really want to play the pvp and the mob arena.
    I'm not sure if its the server or the jar file itself, by the way. Please Help! [creeper]:'(
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    The Spleef Arena is not working for me, It stops when it says "Create an arena spawnpoint for the read team"
    I type /ua setpoint but it doesnt says anything at all!
    What am I doing wrong?
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    Hi, I just installed this plugin into my bukkit server and it is amazing! people in server love it.
    However, I have one problem with permission of commands. Currently (default setting) we cannot use the
    command "/ua j <arenaname>" or anyother /ua command without being an OP.
    I tried to fix it alone but couldn't figure it out. I wanna make other groups (currently my server has "default","builder","moderator","admin",and "owner") to be able to use /ua commands.
    what should I do?

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    I love the plugin, but i cant seem to get the mob arena to reward players.
    my mobs config file


    people win, but get nothing.
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    Excuse me , can you add support for the deny commands in the arena? thanks
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    rewards don't work for any of the arenas :(!
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    can someone tell me if there is permissions for this because i cant use it without being opped and i want anyone to be able to join an arena

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