Inactive [FUN/MECH/RPG] UltimateArena V0.1 - The Ultimate Arena plugin [1.3.1-R0.1 #2269]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by orange451, Nov 29, 2011.

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    OH!! i do need pex, i thought it was optional. lol my dad, sorry for the inconvienence.
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    Ok I have installed this plugin, and I cant ever seem to set it up right. I hit /ua, and it gives me some choices, but nothing to do with building. Do I have to have Pex? If so please give a tut on how to set it up so all things work well. Like how do I make my self admin of ua? Thanks for your time.

    Wow. I feel dumb. That was the easiest mod to set up , and I could not figure it out.

    Now I need to know how to set up the permissions correctly.

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    Yea /UA command Works but attempting to create a map Example /UA Create TheDeathZone FFA results in "An Internal Error Has occured, Its already been mentioned, :D so i wont continue my angry Fist waging, Because from what this looks like This is an amazing Plugin That i cant wait to get
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    Everything works perfectly ok to me, I only have a problem:
    in the various config file concerning the various types of arena i read something like this:


    i try several time to change the nuber of the voice "REWARD" but when the battle ended (in pvp, for example) the player receives nothing. i paste you the config file of the PVParena as it is now:


    forgive me if I speak bad English but I am Italian :/
    I hope that you understand and you can also help, Thanks.
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    Could you like make this not only for permissions ex please, because I run a server on GroupManager instead.
  6. I agree, we run GroupManager too.
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    Agree with the others.. I don't like PermissionsEx because it doesn't have so many functionalities as gm :)
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    My problem is the same as xxsuicidegibxx but i don't understand " i do need pex" , because my english is bad. Someone can explain what I have to do please?
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    just spent 20 minutes setting up classes to find out it was a waste of time because I use groupmanager o_o

    PERMISSIONSEx (PEX) is REQUIRED for this mod to work.

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    Can I use PermissionsBukkit and not Permissionsex for this plugin?
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    Err is there a possebility to remove the need for PEX

    i use McMyAdmin for craftbukkit and it works like a charm even with the beta CB
    Would be great if i could add a group in McMyAdmin that handles the permissions
    instead of a seperate plugin that handles permissions.
    just makes it very hard for ppl
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    Plaese, anyone can help me? °-°"
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    Does not work....

    Internal error when trying to set an arena.../ua create spleef...None of my plugins work today...

    please help...
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    I have 2 small questions:

    Can players join a mob arena on their own with out admins? Example, i would like to make a training room type arena where people can join solo if no one is using it

    so its permissions ex or no go?
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    Hello, im new so can i ask somethink?
    What is other plugin who can stop pvp at all the map? ( sry for my bad english.. )
    I want to have pvp only in the arenas but i must enable pvp from server properties?
    im on Bdev 1.2.. so.. please help :/
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    Look into WorldGuard
  17. hi , your plugin is awesome , your job is awesome . But i have 1 comment , can you modify your plugin for accept the multiworld ! i have created a world for games only , and created an arena , and when i join the arena the plug teleport me in the normal world ....

    sorry for my english , i'm french ;)

    thx for your time
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    so when i type in /ua create mob
    to make a mob arena, it says "An internal error occured while attempting to perform this command"
    ive tried reloading the server, and the plugin, yet it still does not work.
    so i checked my server cmd.exe and it says:

    13:38:42 [SEVERE] null
    org.bukkit.command.CommandException: Unhandled exception executing command 'u
    in plugin UltimateArena v1.0
    at org.bukkit.command.PluginCommand.execute(
    at org.bukkit.command.SimpleCommandMap.dispatch(
    at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.CraftServer.dispatchCommand(CraftServer.jav
    at net.minecraft.server.NetServerHandler.handleCommand(NetServerHandl

    at net.minecraft.server.NetServerHandler.a(
    at net.minecraft.server.Packet3Chat.handle(
    at net.minecraft.server.NetworkManager.b(
    at net.minecraft.server.NetServerHandler.a(
    at net.minecraft.server.NetworkListenThread.a(NetworkListenThread.jav
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.w(
    Caused by: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: ru/tehkode/permissions/bukkit/Perm
    at com.orange451.UltimateArena.PermissionInterface.PermissionInterfac
    at com.orange451.UltimateArena.commands.PCommandCreate.perform(PComma
    at com.orange451.UltimateArena.commands.PBaseCommand.execute(PBaseCom
    at com.orange451.UltimateArena.main.handleCommand(
    at com.orange451.UltimateArena.main.onCommand(
    at org.bukkit.command.PluginCommand.execute(
    ... 12 more

    I get this same error
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    Do you use PEX?
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    Could you respond on the problem of some people don't have or like PermissionsEX but people like me like the idea of having a really good arena plugin?
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    I HAVE TWO PROBLEMS...mob arena work but...
    1 when is day my mobs burn
    2 how to block my creative player to play in creative?...exist some flag for world guard? thanks..
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    No I use PermissionsB
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    I have a few questions/concerns....

    1. Like everyone else that is posting on your thread. Why won't you even consider or reply to anyone asking about supporting other permissions plugins. Many of us don't like or use PEX because we find other permission plugins are easier and in my opinion....Better.

    2. If you don't want to support any other permissions plugin. Could you at least give us an option to turn off permissions and only allow OPs to build arenas?

    I'd really like to use your plugin along with many others, but unless theres a way to run bpermissions and pex together. Where PEX would ONLY be used for this plugin. Guess its not going to happen. I feel like you're losing alot of downloads to this........ Anyway, I do like the plugin and your PVP guns is a perfect addition. Hope you read and reply to this. Thanks in advanced.

    P.S. Zones for PVP guns would be great, if you haven't already added it. Server admins could be at ease and not have to worry about their players killing people with guns and play the game normally. Except for in the arenas
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    when ever i try to create an arena it say "there is an internal error". How can i fix this?
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    An internal error has ocurred... :/ (What do I do?)

    Same here!!!

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    when a player dies on the arena to let the mob will be placed in a fixed place and notdiscouraged in the arena

    Sorry for the language. I'm Polish
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    Group manager is. Just set up for you. Just how you want it.
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    Could you make it so that users are always on a certain team, except the FFA (This is how my server works) Could be optional and edited in the config. Would help me out a LOT!!! Thanks!
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    hi it seems that your plugin has a falt or a bug it has an internal error when creating the arenas. I need the pluign for 1.2.3 by the 23 of march. there are no other plugins out for 1.2.3 witch are arena based but i would like it if you could sort it out. I used it in 1.1 and found it great please get back to me.

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