Inactive [FUN/MECH/RPG] SquadBot V0.2 - have NPC bots in combat! [1.4.2]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by orange451, Nov 6, 2011.

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    I cant tame my npcs but they attack etc etc plz help?!?!
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    • Do you have permissions ex?
    • Did you right click them with the correct item to tame them?
    • are there any errors in the console?
    • did you even try to tame a TAMEABLE npc? (instead of a hostile one)
    Help me to help you.
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    SquadBot is awesome! We love it on our server.

    We can't tame tameable NPCs on our server, but I think it's a conflict on our server. We're also running mcMMO. I renamed the mcMMO.jar and console is puking out a stream of errors. I'm certain this is a conflict on our side, I just don't know how to fix it. I've attached a console grab for your review. I think the first line says it all.

    We love SquadBot even though we can't tame the NPCs. :p

    Anyway, to tweak the ratio of tameables versus aggros?

    Great job, Orange!

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    That's not a bug.
    You have an outdated version of Java.

    Thank you!
    As for not being able to tame the bots, that is very weird (it might not be just on your side O:) I'll look into it (but make sure you're using the correct item! [default is the cookie]).
    To change how many "aggros" spawn, change the maxNPC's option.

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    Java7 u5 ..... how is anything java7 considered outdated?
    (build 1.7.0_05-b05)
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    My plugin is compiled under JavaSE-1.7.
    I tested it on a friends computer, and after I redownloaded the newest version of java, the error went away.
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    Right... we're using Java 1.7 u5 ... latest out is Java 1.7 u7 ....
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    Hey, Orange ... we can now tame with the cookie. The only change we made on the server was adding Vault.

    Would that make sense? Does SquadBot require Vault to tame? It's probably somewhere in the "required plugins" that I didn't read. ;)
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    it should require PEX.
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    Does this require Java 7, because im running snow leopard and cant get Java7
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    This plugin is great, had to remove MCMMO to get it working though.

    Could we get some more configurable stuff? for example so many bots spawn with leather armor and wooden items, my inventory is constantly crammed with them.

    Can you add a config file for us to change what % of bots are hostile or the frequency of them and what items/armor they can spawn with?

    Feel free to say no, this mod is awesome as it is :p
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    i have this problem,it appear to konsole every second
    at com.orange451.SpawnHuman.human.HumanNPC.createHandle(
    at com.orange451.SpawnHuman.human.baseNPC.spawn(
    at com.orange451.squadbot3.npc.normalNPC.<init>(
    at com.orange451.squadbot3.npc.HostileNPC.<init>(
    at com.orange451.squadbot3.npc.EvilNPC.<init>(
    at com.orange451.squadbot3.main.spawnEvilNPC(
    at com.orange451.squadbot3.NPCSpawner.doSpawnEvil(
    at com.orange451.squadbot3.NPCSpawner.spawnEvilNPC(
    at com.orange451.squadbot3.NPCSpawner.tick(
    at com.orange451.squadbot3.main$NPCUpdater$
    at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.scheduler.CraftScheduler.mainThreadHeartbeat(C
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.w(
    03:01:15 [WARNING] Task of 'SquadBot3' generated an exception
    java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: net/minecraft/server/EnumGamemode
    at com.orange451.SpawnHuman.human.EntityHumanNPC.<init>(EntityHumanNPC.j

    and when i try to /givebro or some else squadbot command in the game, this wild thing appears
    an internal error occxured while attempting to perform this command
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    I'll recompile it with the newest version of craftbukkit, because in that error, your craftbukkit is missing this class file:"java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: net/minecraft/server/EnumGamemode".
    Redownload the plugin from the main post :)

    What was wrong with it? o:

    That'll be something you can expect in the future :)

    That first thing is already a possibility. While it's not percentages, you can change the exact amount of bots that can spawn.
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    can i add this plugin to tekkit server?
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    Sorry, I meant the percentage of Hostile/non hostile bots :p

    I would like to be able to use this mod to make my server more difficult, so the option to set 100% of bots to be hostile would be really useful, or If I didnt want my players being spawn killed by a gang of 5 bots with Stone swords I could set the hostile percentage to 0%.

    I'm using this mod in my server, Factions prevents bots from spawning and says something about 'Safezone'
    I worked around this by setting the bot limit to 0 and allowing players to use the '/Givebro' in exchange for some in-game currency.

    Having mcmmo caused me to be unable to damage any bots and they couldn't damage me (Apart from arrows), but i'm happy to remove mcmmo in place of this mod.

    I'm looking into creating my own plugins, would you mind if I had a little play about with this using Eclipse?

    If you like, I can give you the error messages caused by mcmmo and Factions.
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    you kind of can do that.
    -Set the maxNPC's to 0 (for 0 hostile bots)
    -Set the maxNPC's to 25 (for 25 hostile bots)
    -Set the maxUntamedNPCs to 0 (for 0 tameable bots)

    Factions doesn't prevent bots from spawning in the safezone, I do :)
    I'll make that an option if it is bothering you.

    Very odd o:

    Go right ahead.

    I'd love them :)
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    It didn't seem to want to spawn them even when I was outside of the Safezone, it was also throwing up some long errors in the Server at regular intervals and made it hard for me to monitor the server properly :(.

    Thanks for the help Orange :) have you got Skype?

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    Can anyone test this on a 1.4.2 server?
    I would imagine it's broken.
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    I updated this for 1.4.2.
    • fixed a bug in targeting
    • fixed a bug where hostile mobs following you wouldn't simulate holding down the "space" bar while you are above them in water
    • Since 1.4.2 armor does not correctly show up. I'll try to fix this
    • Since 1.4.2 the heads don't correctly turn. It's probably because the variable for the head rotation was changed.
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    How to give NPC a gear? I tried right click and drop. Nothing happens. I have 1.4.2-R.3
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    This plugin is awesome. But a major 1.4.2 bug is they cant jump, we cant give them weps and armours and we have to relog to see the stuff they are carrying. (We is me and the people on my server) ok edit i was playing with it some more and i found a few more bugs. 1. cant rename them even with sign. 2. if u tame 2 of them they will sometimes attack eachother if they hit one another so yea. 3. this isnt really a bug but they spawn EVRYWHERE i cant leave my house without being mobbed by like 6 of the red ones. thats all LOVE this plugin. bai. ok sorry for ANOTHER edit but they are spawing in walls and stuff. oh yea and my brothers house is small and they are still spawning inside it. but i still love it and i will always love it. ok sorry yet another edit but u cant set them on fire with fire enchanted weps
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    Check the config. Is the option checked where bots can only take in gear while they're sitting? If so, either change the config, or sit your bots before giving them items.

    Most of your bugs have already been listed in the post I made 2 above yours.
    The renaming is from the old squadbot, you can't do it in this one yet, sorry.

    If you don't like how many evil npc's spawn, change it in the config.
    I'm not sure why that bug where they can't become on fire from fire enchanted weapons happens, but I'll try to fix it.
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    im kind of a noob at this stuff but should i use winrar and what is the config file labeled as?
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    Would love to add this for every one on my server, atm I cant get any npcs to spawn tried reloading server multiple times and always 0, is there also anyway to spawn them?
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    Please help i cant make other npc's hit others
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    Can you add group manager support? I would really love to have this plugin on my server but i cant switch to pex
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    Could you add Multiverse support? Like in the config file theres a option: Worlds: (true/false)


    if Worlds was set to false then bots would spawn in every world :D
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    That could be an interesting thing to add :)
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    this is something every server should have. looks great but wont work in my 1.4.5. are you working on an update?

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