[FUN/MECH] Punishmental v3.1 - Kill/Punish Pesky Players in 61 Creative Ways [1.5.1]

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    Offline broken build? I downloaded it before you marked it as broken and it works just fine...
    Also, could you make villagers keep following the player? They don't seem to do that for me. Also, making them invincible and spawning one whenever they go into a different world would be horribly funny, it would just follow them endlessly until you "stop" them.

    Edit: Thought of this two seconds (literally) after posting, but perhaps punishments dealing no damage such as Rename and Chat troll should not change the players gamemode to survival?
  2. You should make a punishment that sends like 5 lightning bolts around the person!
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    Absolutely fantastic plugin, great work :)

    RE: sambot's comment. Would it be possible for you to include the ability for us to turn off game mode changing on a per punishment basis? :p
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    Good Point, Once I get my programming environment running again I'll do it!

    You can already do that, just specify the amount of times to cast lightning and the time inbetween the stikes:
    So to make lightning hit someone (player 'jake') 5 times, with a 0.2 second interval, you'd do:
    /Punish jake fstrike x 5 0.2
    Its that simple!

    Put the letter 'y' after the main punishment bit. So in other words, to 'strike' someone but keep them in creative, do
    /Punish jake fstrike y

    Yeah, When I say broken I mean "I'd left in a bit of debug code that could be seen as a minor security risk". Not intentionally, but the programming software wasn't exporting changes (and it wasn't telling me this), so I'd effectively uploaded an insecure debug version, which the mods promptly removed.

    Upon closer inspection, It appears "Rename" won't put the player out of their current game mode anyway, though Chatroll would, so I'll fix that when I manage to actually change the code.

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    i can't seem to get some of the punishments to work...
    rewind just gives me the help page

    and where should i add the ...[msg] in the kick command?

    otherwise REALLY awesome plugin
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    thanks :D this plugin looks like it could be a lot of fun.
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    I've fixed eclipse and put out version 2.97 again! Thanks again everyone for your patience, donations and downloads!

    Also, can someone come up with a slogan?

    Make sure you are running the right version. Rewind was in 2.97 that was quickly recalled and has now been put back up at http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/punishmental/files/29-punishmental-2-97/. you put the [msg] in the kick command like here: /punish kick [username] [msg]
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  8. im not sure what it was but it is fine now :D
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    how can i set permissions.. cause anyone on my server can use it, even though is says only op can
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    It was the wrong version.
    The plugin will default to OP unless your permissions file says otherwise. Check your permissions file is either empty or says that only the group you allow can use the Punish.* or child permissions. Check the bukkit wiki for info on how to set up permissions
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    May i suggest making the hellhound one more powerful? like spawning 5 hellhounds?
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    Please read the instructions, although they are long winded: You can set the amount of times to run the punishment (or in your case, the amount of hounds to send) by adding the amount of times you want to do it after the damage argument. If you don't want to specify the damage, use x. So you'd do: /punish hounds [username] x 5
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    /p does
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    Absolutely amazing plugin! I love it!
    Although I have encountered one issue with it. The commands /punish paranoia, and /punish babble do not seem to work as described. In fact they do not work.
    When I type /punish babble it will throw me an internal server error, same goes for paranoia. Could it be because I have NoCheat installed? Or that I am trying to do it to myself?
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    Same thing is happening to me

    Also does this plugin mess up mcmmo? it stopped working eer since this plugin was installed

    (edit) Also commands such as slap dont work at all
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    Okay, thanks. I need to know a few things first before I can get round to fix it?
    What version of punishmental are you running? (I have applied a fix to slap in version 3.0 that may fix your problem)
    What version of bukkit are you running?
    Does the punishment just 'not work', or does it throw an error? If so, what does the server console say?
    You say it stops mmco from functioning. How so? Does it receive errors, do specific features fail, or does the whole plugin just not work, full stop?

    If the server console/log has any error messages in it related to punishmental, please send them me either via this fourm post or a PM.

    For paranoia to work, the client must have their SFX volume at an audable level. A fix has also been released for babble, paranoia and chat (in version 3.0) to make it compatable with cheat prevention plug-ins, however, no one has yet clarified if it has worked.

    Sorry to burdon you with theise questions, but punishmental contains over 5000 lines of code, and I'm effectively looking for a misspelling on one character. Answering those questions makes my job a lot easier and therefore faster :)
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    Mcmmo was fixed and everything seems to work exept or the interna server error and how slap seems to work but then locks me in place for a few seconds
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    So, how would I put in permissions? i know Punish.*, but were does the player go? This is going to be my first ever permission ever on any server (I have made many attempts but only got one working.)
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    Going to have some fun with this awesome plugin again :_)
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    Found a typo.

    When it lists all punishments it says "stave." However, /punish stave ater doesn't work. I'm pretty sure you meant STARVE.
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    Indeed I did. Will change when I get the chance, although as said this page is no longer updated regularly,
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    Good plugin it's funny

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