[FUN/MECH] Punishmental v3.1 - Kill/Punish Pesky Players in 61 Creative Ways [1.5.1]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by RjSowden, Jan 12, 2012.

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    i have 1 question, the only permission this plugin has is: /p.* or /punisch.* ?
  2. Ok i love the plugin, however whenever i type /stop well it stops the server :p and /restore is to do with world edit :(
    so i was wondering if u could change it to like /p stop or even just /end and find out what has not been used :D
    thanks.. cos it make punishments abit to long :p
    otherwise i have to reload server D:
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    Sorry, on my part. The commands ARE /p stop or /p restore and always have been.
    I guess the front page is open to interpretation. I'll change it, sorry!

    No, the COMMANDS are /p or /punish , Thats it. You then add the player you want to punish and the punishment name, the names are in that box.

    Sorry for the slow replies, I've been busy with exams!
  4. Hmm for me when i do /p stop it brings up command list. same with /p restore.
    :/ so for u, u can do /p stop? maybe its a bug or even just my server fucking up?
    thanks again.

    Ow and i have Exams to :p stupid Science :p
    Had last lesson today. YaaaY

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    OH RIGHT! Sorry, Didn't realize, I thought you were trying to do /stop!. Yeah, for me /p stop stops the punishment, /p restore restores all but webs :/. What are your permissions like, if you have them? Have you given yourself the Punish.restore and Punish.stop permissions? what version of the plugin are you running?

    I wish my lessons we're over. I've still got 13 exams to go, and I can't stop going to lessons 'till I've done the respective exam :/
  6. right so i am running the latest (downloaded yesterday from this forum). bukkit is not latest. it is the previous one. (one before up to date bukkit) and i am op.. so i dont need perms :p

    yep same.. ive got 9 more to do and im in alot :(
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    Thanks, that actually really means a lot. :')
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    Thanks for adding the spin punishment! Its great! Is it possible to make them constantly spin? or even make it customization-able and add [degrees] at the end! to make the player spin slowly but that much... Dw if u cant, its great u added the spin punishment :)
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    Add a backup command that back's up a player's inventory and xp levels and clear's there inventory untill the punishment is stopped. That way op/mods/admins can use this without being accused of abuse
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    Will Do.
    So THATS what you meant. Come to think of it, that is a much better idea. Sure, will change it so its constant rotation :p
  11. I would really like to know what they do(even though im still getting this plugin regardless) but all three of these say poison? why? do they really ALL poison the player?

    • [poison] Poison: Makes the player poisoned
    • [strip] Strip: Makes the player poisoned
    • [nether] Nether: Makes the player poisoned
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    great plugin, but the /p restore command doesn't work for the "rename" punishment. it says the player has been cured, but they still have the name I gave them. I've been working around it by renaming them again back to their original name, but it seems like the /p restore should work for that?
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    lol! You're the best dude.

    Thanks for fixing the perms, man! I haven't tried the update yet, but I'm excited.

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    Good point, Hadn't bothered to code for that one. Will put out a fix for that when I have some time (I'm quite busy over the next 5 days)

    Oops... Yeah, I'd forgot to change the description. I'll do that now, Thanks for pointing that out, i'm a bit embarrassed its been like that for the past 3 months :/
  15. it has? XD

    how do you make more then 1 flame arrow go at them? i keep reading the exlpanation message, but that is more like a reminder, not a tutorial on how...

    /punish firearrow __NightWhisper ????? so like it will fire one, then fire another, then fire another.. kinda like ur raining arrows on them or someting
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    Can i punish all the players with the same command or punish a particular group created with PermissionsEx?? :eek:
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    So in your example it would be (say for 10 flaming arrows)
    /punish firearrow __NightWhisper 0 10
    you just add 0 then the amount of arrows after the main bit

    No, but thanks for suggesting it, i'll see what I can do for the next release
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  18. kk thx, didn't know how to get around that other info i had to put in before the number, so i just put in 0? THANKS!
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    Is it possible to disable the /p alias? Its conflicting with mcMmo's Party Chat system for me.
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    Not in any current version, I'll see what I can do for the next release

    Just as a heads up, the latest release has some cool new punishments, based on punishments you guys have used the most (people prefer punishments that cause confusion or physiological tension, according to data gathered from the plugin):
    Fragile - Makes the world around the player appear to turn into glass (for the player only, everyone else sees it normal)
    Chat - Its chatroll, but without all the other arguments.
    Night - The players local time switches to night (server time remains the same)
    Rewind - The players day runs backwards at an accelerated rate (server time remains the same)
    Slap - The player flies backwards.
    Annonce - Server makes a "Player Died" type of announcement
    ... And a few more.

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    Just done an update that might fix your problem. Download Punishmental 2.97

    Done that in the latest version, as per your request. Before punishing do /SavePlayerData [username] and if you want to restore a player, do /RestorePlayerData [username] Its in Punishmental 2.97 and upwards. Download Punishmental 2.97 :)

    Just been going through the posts again and realized I never got round to fixing your problem!
    So, Just checking, Were you doing /p stop [username] ? or /p stop ? Because you need to include the username of the player you want to stop punishing.
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    I wanted to donate, but it said that your paypal hasnt been confirmed :( can you fix this?
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    Thank you! Turned out my mum hadn't replied to an email from paypal confirming her account (it has to be my mum because I'm under 18). I've fixed it, so you can now use pledgie to donate to me and help me get to work!
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    ooh seems fun troolo im gettin it for my server
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    Thanks. I'm donating £4
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    No, Thank you! Is there any feature you'd like implementing in return?
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    hmmm. How about turning all the entities a player sees (people/mobs/etc.) into creepers?
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    I keep trying to download the plugin but when I go to the link in the main post it just says "This project is under moderation. If you believe this to be a mistake please contact the forum Administrators." I really want to download this for my server. Please help???
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    Excellent! I'll hop to it!
    Yep, the moderators were just doing a fantastic job of moderation (Really, no sarcasm there), There has been a bit of confusion about the research code. I'm sorting it right now, don't panic!

    Computer Messed Up. Uploaded version of 2.97 was actually a debug version that my computer froze at and wouldn't let me upload anything else. Am also going to climb Mt. Snowden. Will be fixed sometime next week.

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    I have a problem i like to be on creative mode on my server but it turns me into gamemode zero plz help!

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