[FUN/MECH] Punishmental v3.1 - Kill/Punish Pesky Players in 61 Creative Ways [1.5.1]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by RjSowden, Jan 12, 2012.

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    The music never stops, aaaaaaaaaah
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    Bam! 1+ Downloader!
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    Added a tutorial and other assorted videos to the download page. Check them out.
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    I love this plugin. Typing /punish creeper [blah] x 100 is my favorite :D, but there is something i noticed. It would be great to add a delay for the repeat command, so you could type /punish [punishment] [target] [damage] [repeat] [delay in milliseconds after each repeat]. I need that for the fireballs :D. Also, I have some more evil punishments for you to check out!

    [iceberg]- Traps the target in a 3 layer thick icecube.
    [scare]- Sends the target a custom message from herobrine (to use with paranoia and drunk).
    [fgiant]- Create a giant that only the target can see, and it can only hurt the target.
    [seeker]- Create a homing block of TNT that follows the player at near-sprinting speeds until it hits a wall or the target.
    [nudge] Push the target a custom amount of blocks forward.
    [lavapit] Creates a 4x4x2 lavapit around the target.
    [clouds] Teleports the target into a 5x5x3 glass cube just above the clouds.
    [shout] Make a human scream loudly at the target.

    Hope you consider those!
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    Funnily enough waiting for repeats is exactly the thing I'm struggling with now.
    Your other ideas are good, I'll try and fit them in at some point. The two I'm confused about the shout and scare ones though. do you mean, like, a chat message?
    Also, fgiant, (though I like it the most because it varies on what i wanted to do - it'd be ace with paranoia) may take a while also because it requires altering packets, something which I have no clue how to do. Nice ideas though
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    The shout one plays a sound effect of a girl screaming loudly. The scare is a chat message. Hope you can do those.
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    Scare I can do quite easily. The girl screaming is impossible without spout, where the punish-ee could just switch it off.
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    Not screaming forever, a short, loud scream that will make them have a heart attack.
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    Yeah, i know what you meant. What I'm saying is very few people have spout, and those that do might have the FX noise on zero anyway. Spout has also been known to slow down plugins and therefore servers, as well as decease compatibility, which is bad.
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    i have an idea: /p harass
    spawns random animals that follow the player
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    Hey RjSowden my server says that the plugin is having problems connecting to your website and it doesn't work. You need to fix this because I can't use it until it's fixed.
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    I'm already on it. New Version is awaiting moderation then it'll be on bukkitdev. Hold tight.
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    Hey, there is another feature I would like to see, somthing like
    /stoppunish [player] or /pstop [player] (and maybe also /pstop all) to end the punishment(s) for the specified player(s) (this refers exspecially to the punishments like freeze or paranoia) ... just my 2 cents ;-)
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    cool creeper scares them so much they left the server because when ever they go in ther house all of the sudden a creeper comes out
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    Plugin is awesome! And thanks to chat and command history, I can troll by spamming /teleport!
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    Best...Plugin...(for fun)...EVER!
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    I'm shortly going to scale down this plugin to bi-weekly updates, then to monthly, then only when a new RB is out. I'm sorry that I have to do it, but I'm entering the final stage of my GCSE exams and also dealing with some family trouble. I will now be concentrating on a new plugin called MINEBASE which is like a fully integrated co-op/multiplayer social network for minecraft servers. Until the next release,
    Goodbye, and thanks for all the fish...
    Richard L.J Sowden, M6RIS
    NB: I'll still deal with any bugs, so don't stop telling me them , but the fix will only be released when the next download is due.
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    This one made my friend crash. Fix please?
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    I can fix it when i get more details - what version of minecraft was he using, what operating and java version ect... It makes the effect by making the client think that the player has the confused potion effect. It could crash if they have any mods.
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    Nevermind, it works now. :) Thanks anyways.
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    Your and Evil Bastard! I love it! LOL
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    LOVE IT Wheres the like button!!!!
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    I have added the perms, and sorted them to different ranks, and people, but no matter what I do, only ops have permissions to use these commands.
    Am I doing something wrong?
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    I don't think so, I think I just don't know how to program permissions! I'll make a fix :/
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    BEST PLUGIN EVA!!!!!!!!!!!
    [diamond] [diamond] [diamond] [diamond] [diamond] [diamond] [diamond] [diamond] [diamond] [diamond] [diamond] [diamond] [diamond] [diamond] [diamond] [diamond] [diamond] [diamond] [diamond] [diamond] [diamond] [diamond] [diamond] [diamond] [diamond] [diamond] [diamond] [diamond] [diamond] [diamond] [diamond] [diamond] [diamond] [diamond] [diamond] [diamond] [diamond] [diamond] [diamond] [diamond] [diamond] [diamond] [diamond] [diamond] [diamond] [diamond] [diamond] [diamond] [diamond] [diamond] [diamond] [diamond] [diamond] [diamond] [diamond] [diamond] [diamond] [diamond] [diamond] [diamond] [diamond] [diamond] [diamond] [diamond] [diamond] [diamond] [diamond] [diamond] [diamond] [diamond] [diamond] [diamond] [diamond] [diamond] [diamond] [diamond] [diamond] [diamond] [diamond] [diamond] [diamond] [diamond] [diamond] [diamond] [diamond] [diamond] [diamond] [diamond] [diamond] [diamond] [diamond] [diamond] [diamond] [diamond] [diamond] [diamond] [diamond] [diamond] [diamond] [diamond] [diamond] [diamond] [diamond] [diamond] [diamond] [diamond] [diamond] [diamond] [diamond] [diamond] [diamond] [diamond] [diamond] [diamond] [diamond] [diamond] [diamond] [diamond] [diamond] [diamond] [diamond] [diamond] [diamond] [diamond] [diamond] [diamond] [diamond] [diamond] [diamond] [diamond] [diamond] [diamond] [diamond] [diamond] [diamond] [diamond] [diamond] [diamond] [diamond] [diamond]
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    Could you add a punishment 'Spin'. That makes the player Spin obviously! That would be awesome
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    Okaydokey! But how like? spin once, rotate them a random amount, whenever they move? tad moar detail plz?

    also, new release out with PERMISSIONS FINALLY WORKING!!! WHOOT WHOOT!

    use punish.* to permit all or replace * with the lowercase command name you want to permit!!
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    I have an idea regarding the Herobrine scare idea. The Minecraft account called "Herobrine" (yes, the capital H matters) has the skin of Herobrine. Could you use a similar system to MobDisguise to create a fake player entity with that username and spawn him behind the player (or even follow them)? That would be extremely creepy, even more so than the creeper.
    Love the plugin and keep up the great work! [diamond]'s to you! :D
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    Thats what i'm working on doing, i'm just trying to borrow some code from Mob-disguise, and figure out how to only project the entity to one player, and not them all
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    I run a server for my son and 6-7 other 8-10 year olds. This is easily the greatest addon for Minecraft to date.

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