[FUN/MECH] Punishmental v3.1 - Kill/Punish Pesky Players in 61 Creative Ways [1.5.1]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by RjSowden, Jan 12, 2012.

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    RjSowden This is a wonderful plugin. You did a great job! I vouch for this plugin. I can't wait to test this out when I get home! I also have one question. Is this compatible with PermissionsEx?
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    Erm... Some servers running this also have permissionsEx on them, so i guess it does work with them. I don't know much about permissionsEx and whether you need additional code, but it doesn't look like it, so i'd say yes. It is compatible with permissionsEx.
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    it is not compatible with PEX sorry. only people with the * node can use it properly
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    Right, Thanks. I'll see what I can do - it won't be in the next version because i've just uploaded it

    Hey, does anyone know where I can get one of those spiffy "Plugin Developer" forum tags? they look kinda neat. Oh, and Punishmental 2.75 is now out. That ones got repeats, raining fire, paranoia and environmentally friendly versions of strike and explode. Download it here:
    . Oh, and twitter. Follow me on twitter, So I can update you on how the updates are going, while I update my updates.

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    Hey, i love the plugin, but i'm having some issues with 2.75:
    1) i punished myself and set repeat to 0, now its running the command constantly and spamming up my chat window. i had to stop the server to end it.
    2) irongolem doesnt despawn after x damage has been dealt, and paranoia doesn't seem to ever stop, i'm not sure how to make it go away.

    and lastly, i would love a reorganization in the syntax of the command to /punish [player] [punishment] since many other plugins make you specify the [who] first (like /tp nutshell1 RjSwoden), but that's just a quality of life that i ran into, i love the plugin :D
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    Right. I'm doing a fix for both problems right now, but my family have decided yet again to go on holiday - so the solution won't be uploaded 'till at least next friday, when we get back.
    I'm also making the username and punishment interchangeable so people can type either /punish rjsowden fall OR /punish fall rjsowden. Expect fixes and interchangeable arguments in the next release, 2.8 next Saturday, as well as drunk, blind, starve, poisen and slow punishments.
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    THANKYOU, this is a great plugin, i punished all the pesky griefers on my server
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    ummm I have a question, how long does the Freeze punishment last?
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    It lasts until the person frozen is ended - i.e. To stop them from being frozen, use the end punishment.

    I forgot to mention, to stop paranoia, you end them, i.e. Use the "end" punishment on them.

    Awesome. But why did you need to comment the entire first post?

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    Can you PLEASE update this plugin for the latest build? I am making a Hunger Games Map Server and I NEED this in order to play the role of the Gamemakers. THANK YOU IN ADVANCE!
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    NO WAY! that's what we were initially going to use it for. Which book? 1st or 2nd? are you going to put it on YouTube?

    It's already ready for 1.2.5-R1, I just forgot to change through forum label. Download punishmental 2.75.

    Also, you might want to have a look at my other plugin called Thor. Its almost the same as punishmental except you point and click at the location you want to explode/set on fire/strike lightning/spawn a hound ect...
    Its not yet ready for 1.2.5, but it should work on its current version (i'll update it when I get home)

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    I will!
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    Hi, I am using this plugin on a small server for my friends, I love it, except I froze someone and I don't know how to unfreeze them. Could someone please shed some light on this for me?

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    Use the end punishment. You can use the end punishment to stop all the continuous punishments.
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    Im a bit of a noob, whats the command? I tryed /p end <playername> and they died, but were frozen at spawn. Any ideas?
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    /Punish End [player username]
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    Tried that, still frozen.
    [Edit] I fixed it, for others having the same problem, I deleted all the files for that user.
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    I'll make it easier in the future for this problem to be remedied - what files did you delete? I'll make the plugin remove them if they don't get unfrozen, them try again.
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    Say the world name is 'New_World', then go into the main craftbukkit folder, and then into the folder called New_World. Then go into players, then delete the player's file.
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    That is weird... The plugin shouldn't save anywhere but the ram and its own config file. Thanks and well done for finding a solution anyhow. I'll see what I can do.
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    Haha love the quote of me RjSowden :D

    Still one of my favorite plugins! Keep up the good work, and I can't wait to try out the new update that came out.
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    Cool. I'll deffo keep my eye on that. I'm just uploading version 2.8 which has swappable punishments/usernames (it doesn't matter which way round they are put in the command) as well as 4 new punishments. Approval should take about 5 hours

    Version 2.8 uploaded with the user requested slow punishment, a fix for iron golems, and 4 other punishments


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    How can i stop the punishment freeze ? o.o you should at a /p stop ....
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    Use the end punishment. If that doesn't work, delete the users files and try again. This was mentioned several times before
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    yeah, but /p end ... kills the player. can't you add a command that doesn't kill the player to end the punishment ?´:D
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    Okay, point taken. "Stop" punishment will be in 2.85, and will end a punishment without killing the player.
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    Hey Rj I have a request for you that if you can do it, would make your plugin soar over the other Punishment plugins and stand out. Here it is...

    So lets say that there's some A hole on the sever who is talking trash and bragging. You watch in pain as he spams your server chat with sassy side comments and crude remarks. Soo how to change this?

    Make a Punishment that would effect how he chats. For example, I was thinking that you could make it configutable so that the next thing someone says, is what you type in the punishment. For example:

    /punish [chattroll] [username] [desired text] [duration]

    When this punishment is set upon the user, what ever you put in the [desired text] box will be what the user says for the amount of time you set in the duration. Here's a scenario to hopefully sum up any confusion.

    Dude: I'm sexy
    Bob: Shut up
    Dude: No your stupid
    Me: Quit it dude
    Dude: No your not the boss of me. I'm too cool for this server
    *You unleash the chat punishment upon dude*
    Dude: I am a a turd licker.
    Bob: ?
    Dude: I am a turd licker.
    Bob: Lol what?
    Dude: I am a turd licker.

    Now do you see what I mean? Tell me what you think.
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    I think thats brilliant. I've been debating putting something like that in myself, but your method is better. Your wish is granted.
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    hey Rj, i also have another idea, do you know the plugin "joker" ? it was a fun/punishment plugin and there was a command to write as someone else, i mean i write /punish [imitation][username][message] but without a duration, so you could use this plugin to let the other person execute a command or let the troll looks like a real troll and also a command that stops the player from chatting would be awesome,let's say you freeze someone but he has the perms for /p end due to a bug, so he could free himself, but if you also mute him, he couldn't do antyhing :D

    for example:
    hater: THIS server sucks, you are all idiot!
    newuser:why ? is there somethign wrong ?
    [punishment in action]
    hater:aaw just joking, i really love this server :D you should invite all your friends to play here ^.^

    xD would be great to troll the trolls and haters :D

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