Inactive [FUN/MECH] Pitfall v0.7 REVIVED - Make clay (configurable) a trap door [1000]

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    Pitfall 0.7 - Make clay (configurable) a trap door!
    Version: 0.7
    Download: [JAR] [ZIP]

    I have brought this plugin back to life and updated for the latest RB 953.
    Full credits go to "petrifiednightmares".

    • Allows the user to create traps with clay (configurable). Building a layer of clay, and then a layer of any material above it will cause it to become a trap. Whenever a player steps on the layer above the clay, both layers will temporarily disappear, plunging the victim into the depths of the abyss you dug below. After a second, the two layers will reappear, waiting to claim another hapless soul.
    • Configuration of what block to be used instead of clay.
    • Allows setting up a list of blacklist blocks. These are blocks that will not disappear even if placed above the clay block. Format: [3,24,33,2]
    • Allows the user to create redstone triggered traps with brick (configurable). Once a brick block receives a redstone current from either above or below, it (along with all adjacent block bricks) will disappear for a few seconds. Pictures:
    Pictures (open)


    Review by JamesCosten

    Pictures (open)

    Constructing the trap:

    Filling up the top layer with the same block as surroundings:

    The completed trap is not visible

    But.. Ahh!

    The trap closes back up


    Version 0.7

    • Updated for Craftbukkit Build #1000

    Version 0.6 REVIVED
    • Brought the plugin back to life by myself.
    Version 0.6
    • Configurable trap delays
    Version 0.5

    • Sign's texts will be restored.
    • Will print an error message if any blocks are unable to be restored.
    • Jumping over the clay will no longer trigger trap.
    • Trap will only be triggered if standing on solid block above the clay.
    Version 0.4b

    • Fixed a null pointer exception error when first using the plugin.
    Version 0.4a

    • Minor change to how the plugin gets the version number.
    Version 0.4

    • Added configurable redstone triggered blocks
    Version 0.3

    • Fixed a stupid bug where the plugin will not work if you don't have a blacklist enabled.
    Version 0.2

    • Changed name to Pitfall
    • Added a config file that allows you to specify what block to use as the trap block
    • Config file also allows you to define blacklist blocks to be placed above the trap block
    Version 0.1

    • Added the plugin
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    @Dark_Arc no problem. :)

    BUMP. This plugin just died? ..

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    thank you for updating this to latest build :D now i can get it
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    No problem :)
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    @CainFoool Thank you, for updating Pitfall to the latest RB 953. I appreciate it, I use this plugin non-stop on my server and would have been sad to see it go. Thanks.
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    the links dont work
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    1000 bukkit update?
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    Update for build 1k?
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    Updated for craftbukkit build #1000.
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    nice job i would recommend making it so when you step on the block with clay under a couple of layers under
    it only the clay disperse and then the sand falls along with the victem
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    I put the file in my plugins and then went into minecraft and it wont work. what do i have to do to make it work?
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    can you use permissions with this mod? if not can you make it so you can use permissions?
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    Hey do you think you could update this for 1317 to make sure there are no bugs? thanks
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    Hey, is there anyway you could make this so that when redstone hits a block, all blocks of the same type disappear? It would be perfect for making gates/entrances, if you know what I mean - enter a room and you can't get out! It'd be like a larger scale alternative to pistons, because currently you can only do 2x2 effectively. Also, power to the side block, like demonstrated, would be easier too?


    B   B
    B   B
    B     -----------i-ON
    This would be sop hopeful, and be a great addition to the plugin!
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    I first want to say I'm in love with this plugin, and I want to thank you for picking it back up.

    I've noticed something strange with the redstone trigger though. I changed the triggered block to wood planks, and when I powered one block by putting the redstone on top of it, the block would disappear and then reappear at a 1 or two second interval. I was curious if it was because of a bug, or if it was because of something I'm doing wrong?
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