Inactive [FUN/MECH] Parties v1.3.1 - Lets players form parties. Includes party chat, TP, and more! [1185]

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    Parties - Gives players ability to form a party and teleport / chat to each other.
    Current Version: v1.3.1

    • Lets players form parties.
    • Party chat (using the /pc command)
    • Each party has a party leader.
    • Different party types:
      • Open - Any player can join party freely using /party join [PartyName]
      • Invite - Requires a player already in the party to send a invite to somone wanting to get into the party.
      • Leader - Only the party leader can invite people.
    • Players in the party can send teleport requests to each other.
    • Parties persist even thorough server restarts.
    • Disable / Enable party PVP, party chat, and party TP (in the config)
    • /pc [Text] - send a chat message to everyone in your party.
    • /pc - Toggles on/off party chat mode (all your chat is party chat until turned off)
    • /party create [PartyName] <open|invite|leader> - creates a new party, if no type is specified, open is default.
    • /party leave - leaves your current party.
    • /party join [PartyName]
    • /party list - If your in a party, lists your party members, otherwise lists all party names.
    • /party invite [PlayerName] - invites PlayerName to your party.
    • /party accept - accepts a party invite
    • /party decline - declines a party invite.
    • /party tp [PlayerName] - sends a request to PlayerName for you to teleport to him/her.
    • /party tpaccept - accepts a request for somone to teleport to you.
    • /party tpdecline - declines a request for somone to teleport to you.
    • /party disband - disbands the party (if your leader)
    • /party kick [PlayerName] - kicks somone from the party (if your leader)
    • /party leader [PlayerName] - sets a new party leader (if your leader)
    • parties.allow.join
    • parties.deny.join
    • parties.allow.create
    • parties.deny.create
    NOTE: if a player has neither allow nor deny for tp or chat, it will fall back on the default value which is stored in the config.yml. Also, allow is only needed to overrule a group inherited deny permission for party creation and joining. Allows take precedence over denys to make group inheritance work better.

    v1.3.1 - 8/16/2011
    - Update to new bukkit permissions.

    v1.3 - 7/28/2011
    - Added custom colors
    - Added max party size option.

    v1.2.2 - 3/19/2011
    - Found out how to hide the onPlayerQuit nag...

    v1.2.1 - 3/19/2011
    - Updated to CB612 / Minecraft 1.4

    v1.2 - 3/19/2011
    - Added permissions support.

    Change Log (open)

    v1.1 - 3/17/2011

    - Fixed bug allowing players to join more then one party (delete your parties.dat when upgrading if this happend)
    - Made /pc toggleable
    - Added config file to allow changing of PVP and other settings in party.
    - Other miscellaneous tweaks.

    v1.0 - 3/16/2011

    - First Release

    File: Parties
    Source: GitHub
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    do you think you can put in a configurable party size in the config?
    it would be awesome
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    The help screen really needs an overhaul.
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    Bump for justice and one of the best and few Party options out there.
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    Great plugin.
  6. My players seem to have access to party teleport even though:
    partyTpEnabled: false <- in config
    No nodes added at all <- in permissions
    Adding DENY nodes in permissions file and will report back if that fails aswell.
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    I've been using this plugin for a long time and it is really good. I have one suggestion, would it be possible to make it so you see party chat in the console?
  8. is there any way i can prevent users from leaving a party once they are in? like a "parties.allow.leave" parmissions node that i can deny users?
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    Hi. I have this plugin with party teleports disabled in config, but the players can use that command anyway. I am not using permissions. Is there any solution? thanks
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    A command to summon a party member? :)
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    Can you make it so you can maybe limit the number of people in a party? I'm going for like, Dragon Age type of RPG in a way with that.
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    I would like this feature also.
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    @bekvon I know youre very very busy currently, just wanted to let you know that on current builds with Permissions 3.x+, the permission nodes are borked. People without the nodes can also open parties and so on.

    Maybe you have a moment to look into it?
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    Is there a chance you can add iconomy/cookiemonster support so that when a mob is killed by someone in the party everyone gets the money?
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    Any chance this will be updated? Anyone want to fork it?
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    Great plugin, filled a gap I had after removing mcMMO. I hope to see an update that will add those color settings one day.
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    Protip: Change "Includs" to "Includes"
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    Amazing plugin, can you add support for build 1000 ? Seems apparently the configuration file are not taken into account ? (sorry i'm french)
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    Should be easy to do :)
    Il see about adding somthing to the config :)
    Thanks :D
    Mmm, I am going to be doing some work on this plugin very soon, and I'll see if 1000 broke anything while I'm at it. Its been a LOONG time since I have worked on it, so its fallen a bit into dis-repair :)
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    Great plugin, I love it!
    Requesting to add party limit size like Legolas75893 stated, and possibly hook into iConomy so that it costs a fee to create a party.
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    Need an update :) !
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    Hey Bekvon,

    Is there a way to edit the /party help text?

    I disabled the TP feature so I'd like to remove it from the /party bit :)
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    v1.3 released, finally got around to adding in some new features :)

    You need to edit the plugin.yml inside the .jar file to change the help text.
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    @bekvon when i toggle party chat ON (with /party) all of my text is send x2, can you fix it :) ?
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    @bekvon I believe there might be something glitchy with the parties TP function. Even when set to false people are able to teleport to each other.
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    Would it be possible to add a permission for the /party command altogether? I have a unique world in which I want all commands disabled... and people can party tp in to it.. from a tp enabled world..

    so basically when people in this world type /party (anything) it just says party commands not available.
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    If you could include an example party create. That'd be great
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    For some reason my parties are not staying persistent now that i'm on CB1060 with Parties 1.3.1

    No errors or logs to show they are just disappearing.
  29. pretty fucking sweet plugin. Thanks.

    request: implement so we dont have to type full name of ppl but only part of it :)
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    Great plugin.
    Only thing I would ask for is a way for Admins to monitor chat channels
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    Could you add Party Suffixes after the player name... in normal chat

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