Inactive [FUN/MECH] MusicCraft v1.4.4 - Compose music! Play it with note blocks! [1185]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by bekvon, Mar 1, 2011.

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    is there a way to do this with signs rather than through commands?
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    What were you trying to do when it said you didn't have permission? also what version and plugin of permissions are you using (regular permissions or groupmanager)?

    Yea, just put your MML script on the sign with the [MML] tag on the very beginning and then right click the sign and it will play on a adjacent note block.
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    So it would be:
    /mml play test
    I tried that and it just played one note (the default test.mml is still there)
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    Blah, I misread your first post, your trying to play a saved song from the sign, in that case use [MMLSong] on the first line, and the song save name on the second line.
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    Totally awesome plugin ! [​IMG]

    .. redstone also might work as a stop-playback when noteblock is playing, what do you think ? [​IMG]

    Nowadays with redstone i can start playback, than push signal to the noteblock again and repeatedly starts ..
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    When i make a rightclick on the test schild ([MML]ABCD]) come's the information with permissions i use regular permissions
    --- merged: Mar 6, 2011 10:48 AM ---
    And i have bukkit_update so all my plugins are on the newest stand...
    --- merged: Mar 6, 2011 10:59 AM ---
    minecraft say "You don't have permission...."
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    Btw, does this use threads and if so, are you using the scheduler to sync the note block updates so they happen in the main thread. Remember, you aren't supposed to call API functions from other threads, unless you have checked that they are thread safe.

    This is ... erm ... a public service announcement :).
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    hey its a realy great plugin but i do have one problem with it..
    i use redstone alot so im working with redstone on this plugin too.
    when u change the redstone to high it works but when u set it to low it works again so buttons make it sound weird like it repeat the start of the music..
    if u can fix that i will thank u alot!
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    Here's my crappy repeating rendition of the beginning of Fur Elise. It is a bit off, but I'm too tired to find out why. :)

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    I'll look into fixing the on/off redstone part lol. I will be realeasing a new version here soon thats built with the new recommended build of CraftBukkit (493).

    And you have given yourself the 'musiccraft.use' permission right? Ive been building / testing this plugin using Permissions 2.0 which I know is kinda outdated at this point. I guess its time to upgrade to the latest and see if that will fix it. As of CraftBukkit 493 I will have no choice but to upgrade anyway as the old 2.0 no longer works.
    EDIT: One more thing, have you changed anything in the config.yml?

    Ehh... I am using threads, one per note block. I'll look to see if the functions are thread-safe or not and will fix that if they are not :)

    Yay! finallay some real music rather then just test music lol. Thanks! :D
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    this is a mediocre rendition of Sandstorm by Darude (needed a song for the dance room)
    sounds good on tree

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    I'm the Admin must i give me 'musiccraft.use' and so?
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    just use 'musiccraft.*'
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    Ryan John Smith

    I don't know if someone has allready asked this but, does this work with redstone circuits? Like can i connect a redston circuit to the sign to make it play what is written? (i know i may be abit lazy as to not test this myself but i would like to know if it has included this system).

    Oh wait nvm i didnt read the "Works with redstone" feature. lol my mistake :p
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    I thought if I am admin, I can use all commands
    --- merged: Mar 7, 2011 3:00 PM ---
    Yeaaaaha it work!!! My problem was my permissions config.yml had the name permissions.yml :D
    --- merged: Mar 7, 2011 3:11 PM ---
    I have another question can i play a .txt file? When yes please make a tutorial!!!
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    Love the plugin man; I've been waiting for awhile for something like this to show up. Just had a question regarding longer songs because it seems after playing a few notes it'll start skipping around or adding delays in where there shouldn't be (CB493, tried with and without other plugins). I have a feeling this is probably server (or rather, computer) related and not because of a bug but I just wanted to see if you knew any possible solutions.

    Although before the skipping got to bad, I managed to get the first half of Wicked Child (Castlevania stage 3)

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    Brennan Mathers

    Y is my music repeating when there isnt an x in it?
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    Glad you got it working :)
    You can play a song from a .mml file. Look inside the MusicCraft/songs folder in your server's plugins folder.

    Thanks :)
    As for the delays, I have noticed that sometimes the songs do lag because of server lag, or network lag. It can also really lag if your standing near a bunch of fast paced playing music blocks. Its unfortunate that there's no way for me to really fix this.[​IMG]

    What conditions are this happening under (are you playing music from a sign, or from chat, or from a sign playing a saved song)?
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    how it works with. xml files? What should I do ingame?
    --- merged: Mar 7, 2011 7:41 PM ---
    On the shild and so...
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    It uses .mml files not .xml. Heres an example of the format .mml uses
    #MML Song file generated by MusicCraft.
    #Fri Mar 04 22:01:40 EST 2011
    Write your song in a file like this one and place it in MusicCraft/songs. You can also write it in game by typing /mml save [SongName] [MML Script] and it will save a new file as [SongName].
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    Brennan Mathers

    played from a sign from a file using [MMLSong]
    seem to only happen in this one are though
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    But i cant use commands /mml etc i can only use sign shilds :(
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    I love that plugin, but please make it compatible to the sign color plugins
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    FYI, there are three we can actually use O3 for the third one.
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    It'd be pretty awesome if you could link two signs together with another sign, so clicking the third sign would play the notes on the first two signs simultaneously. Or maybe the ability to set noteblocks as "Violin 1" "Bass 2" "Drum 1" etc with signs, and have a an MML use those designated blocks as specific instruments in a score.

    I'm just interested in seeing support for chords and scores, really.

    Cool stuff so far, though.
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    Its possible, you would have to record the Morrowind theme to a midi file then use an Midi to MML converter.
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    Two excellent songs so far, keep them coming? How about Ghosts 'n' Stuff?
    Mmhm, just a suggestion though: Have ability (maybe a command?) to play all music signs on server restart.
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    Make more songs please !
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    Is there a way to convert MIDI or add support for MIDI?
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    I'll try, I'm not sure how exactly the sign colors plugins work, but I will try to find out and see if I can make them compatible.

    Ah, you are right. MusicCraft already supports that third F#, I just forgot to mention that in the original post. I'll fix it.

    There is probably already another utility out there that will do this. I haven't looked specifically though. Also, due to the fact that the Minecraft note blocks are very limited in both octet ranges and note lengths, most existing MIDI songs wont convert well anyway.

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