Inactive [FUN/MECH]MobCatcher v3.0.1 - Capture mobs and get spawn eggs legitimately[1.4.2-R0.2]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Malikk, Jan 30, 2012.

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    sorry i havent been replying... internet has been down... thanks for finding this for me!

    how to use... Hmmmmmmm... XD

    can you give me a version that requires no redstone for catching mobs? I can;t change the configuration for some resion... it will always go back to default...

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    You should just be able to turn it off. You're saying that your config actually reverts back to the defaults once you reload? cuz that's a problem i need to fix.
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    yeah i think, ill check.
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    yeah, cant change the config file...
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    I got a plugin restricting spawning plugin eggs and I made default have permissions to spawn only peaceful eggs, but the permissions dont affect the throwing of the egg so they are able to throw hostile eggs at spawn and spawn kill can you please make it so the players are not able to throw the eggs or make it a permission so they could be set to not be able to throw the eggs. Thanks
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    There already is a permission node for throwing eggs. Check the pages on my bukkit dev site
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    k thanks
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    Where is the source? I'd like to take a look at it and incorporate it into my plugin if possible.

    - Turt2Live
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    It's not open source, mainly because I'm embarassed how awful the code is, lol. This was my first plugin. Everything works great, but generally is impossible to find your way around or even figure out what it going on...

    It's in need of a MAJOR rewrite... like, from scratch, lol.

    What are you wanting to do with it?
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    My code isn't fantastic either, so don't worry about it :)

    I was hoping to add support for it in my plugin, AntiShare. A user reported that throwing the eggs still gets through all my barriers so I want to create exclusive support for MobCatcher by hooking in.
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    I've actually got a way for you to cancel that without even having to hook in my plugin. The reason it has to be this way is because of a bukkit bug which cancels any playerInteract events if the clicked block was air, which means I can't tell if the event would have been cancelled by another plugin and have to blindly charge forward with ignoreCancelled = false;

    So my hackish workaround is this;

    My listener is set to highest priority, so normal for you should work fine. All you've got to do is catch playerInteract, etc... whatever the situation is where you're needing to cancel a MobCatcher spawn egg throw and addUnsafeEnchantment(Enchantment.ARROW_KNOCKBACK, anylevel); Then when my plugin gets the event, it will check to see if the egg has that enchantment, and if it does, i simply return.

    Admittedly not the cleanest way to do a plugin override cancellation, but w/e, lol.

    And don't worry about removing the enchantment, I take care of that right before I return, so you can just keep adding. And for people using your plugin, but not mine, it wont make a difference.
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    Sounds... hackish lol

    Thanks though, I'll do what I can :)
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    This looks great and I would like to give it a try.

    Will it work for 1.2.5 R1 im not loading up R2 as I have lots of plugins that still only run on R1.

    Pluss I understand this is your first plugin and that you love making plugins.

    I am looking for a real easy earea protection plugin that my memebers could use.
    Most of the ones I have found are to complicated.

    I have two ideas:

    1: setting a sign that protects an area size given into the sign. Eg:
    Protect area, (NAME )
    Depth, ( X )
    hight, ( X )
    Area size ( X )

    2: Using a stick with a diamond as a magic wand to create an area to protect, then just add in hight and size need to be protected.

    I allow my players to build wher ever and whatever they like but they would like to be able to protect ther buildings from damage.

    Each player sould be able to easyly protect a certain area quickly and easerly.

    Would you be intrested in making such a simple property protection plugin. ?

    Ops should be able to over ride all settings and have a few set up comands Eg: how many areas a member can protect, max size, hight, and depth.

    or do you maybe know of a real easy plugin that i could use.

    It must be simple to use for playsers.

    All the best J & R
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    Sorry, but I don't really have time to start work on another project, I've already got 3 in the works, lol, and one of them is a HUGE undertaking.

    I could help you find what you're looking for, however. I've got a couple ideas, but i suppose it would depend on how easy you need it to be.


    Residence is my favorite and it's a much more widely used plugin than Grief Prevention (below), but it is a bit command heavy and it has a kind of steep learning curve, so it's probably not what I would recommend for your situation.


    Grief Prevention:

    Here's one that I haven't personally tried, but if it's half as good as it's description claims it to be, then it should be perfect for you. It also appears to be simpler than most, and where it's not simple it sends you video links, lol. From what I can gather reading about it, it generally does a really awesome job of teaching you how to use it, which might be enough to help you're players out.

    Again, I've not used it, but here's the link.
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    I have an issue with this. I'm trying to install it on on a 1.2.5-R2 server and when it's installed people can't log in. Most of the time they time out trying to log in. The only other plugins i have installed are the latest versions of Essentials, Dynmap, and SilkSpawner. I was hoping to use this in conjunction with SilkSpawner since that allows for the crafting of spawners if you have spawn eggs.

    Any ideas what might cause this?

    [edit] Seems to be working now. I had complex configuration enabled before, but now I do not. Maybe that had something to do with it or maybe I screwed up the file during my editing? Not sure.

    Anyway, does the configuration, simple or complex, only work if you have Vault enabled? I'm not at all familiar with Vault, but I do like the idea of having to consume a resource like redstone to use the eggs and to also be able to set the % chance a capture is successful. But right now no redstone is consumed and it seem to work 100% of the time.
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    Thanks for the link. Unfortunatly like all of the other easy protection plugins this one also seems to have been abandoned and out of date. Pluss I need one that can protect ereas that have already been built. :-(

    It is kind of crazy. One of the most needed plugins for minecraft is an easy protection mod for players, but they all seem to be out of date and abandoned. :- (

    If you know of some one that would maybe intested in taking over, updating or making a new easy protection plugin it would be great if you could let me know.

    I would like to have something a bit like this one. Link:

    I need it for 1.2.5 R1

    It is a shame that so many easy good plugins are not kept up to date. :-(

    Bye the way your MobCatcher is FANTASTICK all my players Love it and it brings great fun to the game.

    A Big BIG thanks for making MobCatcher

    and for your help .

    Bye the way I love your work and I am thinking about also useing EpicGlass in the near future.
    I personaly think you will get most donations from a easy area protection plugin. As it is something that all players need. I,ll donate $10 for a good easy protection plugin. :)

    All the best J & A
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    No, either simple or complex should work without Vault. If you enable Vault in the config, but don't have it on your server, that would cause issues, lol. If your config file is giving you issues, you might try making a copy of it (or simply renaming it) and generate a fresh one. Then switch that over to complex and see if it works. I could definitely see someone messing up the complex config while editing it, just because its so many nondescript lines, lol, but that's how the people wanted it. I've not ever had anyone have an issue with the config, especially to the point of stopping logins, but if you do keep messing with it, let me know what happens and I'll give you any insight I have.
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    So how exactly should the resource consumption work? Does it just subtract the specified materials from your inventory? I'm thinking about using gold as the resource used since we have little use for it otherwise, plus I want creation of spawners to take a bit of work. Oh, and is the resource used on each attempt or only on a successful capture?


    [edit] Well, no matter what I change no resources are consumed and capture is successful 100% of the time. I'm stumped as to what the issue could be.
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    There are OP permissions which should be giving you free captures. You'll have to add some negative nodes if you want everyone to be charged.

    Have a look at the permission nodes here.
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    Ahhh... that makes sense. I normally play without OP privileges, but had temporarily given myself OP privileges so I could get the eggs and resources necessary for testing. That's almost certainly it then. I test this later after work.
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    I love this plugin unfortunatly the Sign-based mob protection system dont seem to be working.

    The sign comes up ok but players can still kill my mops and distroy fences ect in protected area. :-(

    Can you help. ? I am using 1.2.5R1
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    All the signs actually do is stop players from capturing. It doesn't stop them from damaging or building/breaking anything (other than the sign itself)
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    aha ok thanks :)
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    I love this plugin. Its like pokemon for minecraft. Its a simple way of collecting your hoard of wolves and taking them with you safely through caves with lava. Keep up the good work with this~!
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    When you catch a mob such as skeleton or creeper, does is kill you when you let it out? Or will it be like your own personal minion? If not, could you code it so they dont attack the person that spawned them?
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    MobCatcher doesn't alter the behavior of mobs in any way, and this is not a feature I plan to implement. The purpose of the plugin is to catch mobs, I'd like to keep that clear and specific, rather than expanding but spreading myself thin.
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    How do i make it so that ONLY the people that i chose can use this plugin?! so that this guy can catch stuff but That guy can't?
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    Well, there's this whole thing called permissions where THIS GUY can do stuff and THAT guy cant.
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    Malikk yes i know, but as of right now when i installed it everyone can do it! and i don't want it to be that way!

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