Inactive [FUN/MECH]MobCatcher v3.0.1 - Capture mobs and get spawn eggs legitimately[1.4.2-R0.2]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Malikk, Jan 30, 2012.

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    Not sure if its already a feature, but using Towny player info to stop others stealing your animals on your plots could be better than signs.
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    Yeah, I made the sign system because I didn't want to have to make flags for every area-protecting plugin. It was just kinda a place holder. But yes, actually, it does respect towny regions. It follows all towny rules about mob damage. So, in a region where you can't damage mobs, you can't capture them either
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    Thanks for the response, for sure this plugin will be loved in my server. Good job!
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    Hi Malikk,
    GREAT Plugin... you now have resolved my issue as to how to get mooshrooms back to my farm :)

    However I do have an issue with the plugin itself. For some reason when I capture mobs either directly or projectile, it does not charge the 5 redstone that it is setup for. I also have it setup with Vault so that it costs 100 to use this tool, but it does not seem to deduct the amount either.

    I am using the latest Bukkit server with MC1.2.4

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
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    its me again,
    i found out a conflict with multiverse inventory:

    when you catch a cat and have the egg in inventory and enter another world,
    where you have a new inventory, and go back to normal world,
    the egg is no more a cat, its an ocelot again.

    same is happen wit (tamed) wolves


    use Essentials as the eco plugin, it works great
    iConomy is even outdated and no longer supported
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    Default permissions for OPs bypass all costs and chances. Add the negative permissions nodes if you want OPs charged as well.

    I assume its deleting data for every mob, tho? not just those. If I'm understanding you right (I don't use multiverse inventories), you're saying that when you leave a world, MV saves your inventory, and keeps your inventories separate, per world? Likely, MV just doesn't support enchantments yet. That's not something I can fix. You're just going to have to wait for a MV update.

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    Thanks for the Plug-in Malikk, but I was wondering is there any way to make the mobs spawned through eggs permanent? I had an area controlled , spawned some mobs there, logged off, came back and they were gone. And no, no other players interfered, they just despawned since there was no one in that area. Kinda makes the whole area protection pointless if the mobs will just disappear if you aren't there watching them.
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    I believe that's a bukkit bug atm. They shouldn't be despawning, but they do. I'm not sure there's anything (uncomplicated) that I could do to fix that. I think were just gonna have to wait on bukkit for this one...
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    there is a new recommended build out, it shouldn't have
    such a bug with animals (i check this now)

    well, for MV, it can handle enchantments fine
    but a solution is to dont have the eggs in the inventory.

    we just need this separate inventorys cause we have
    survival and creative world


    no, for me animals do not disappear
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    Yeah, you would think so. Apparently it only happens to some people. I know it happens on my server. But its not 100% reproducible, so its only marked as 'plausible' on the issue navigator and isn't getting any real attention from the devs.
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    Thanks for the prompt response. And this might sound like a noob question, but not sure how to add the negative permission nodes. I am using Group Manager to handle all permission. How do I add the neg nodes in the GlobalGroups.yml file for Group Manager?

    Thanks again.
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    You're welcome :)

    Should be as simple as adding a minus sign in front of w/e node you're wanting to change.

    So, or -mobcatcher.allow-all, etc.

    If you need any more help with groupManager, I think you could find it here.
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    same like on any other permissions plugin:

        - -bukkit.command.plugins
        - -bukkit.command.version
        - essentials.helpop
    help and helpop allowed,
    the 3 other disallowed


    Essentials recommended build is out now,
    i will test if this still conflicts as an OP (both RB: bukkit and essentials)


    lol its annoying
    now the colors on the sign complete gone.
    it still not works for OP/fulladmin,
    it still works for regular Players, but its now only
    black text.
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    I see and option for Enderdragon but it won't capture them?
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    By default, EnderDragon are disabled. You'll need to set them to true in the config to be able to capture them.

    EDIT: Unless thats a new bug due to a bukkit update

    Essentials is kind of a jerk about overriding things other plugins should be taking care of. I heard they've got most of their methods set to lowest priority, which means they're handled last, but have the final say in everything.

    But I remember seeing config options for turning sign color on and off in essentials somewhere. You might have a look at that.

    Also, I still have no idea how to resolve that conflict, but I think we've established that. Lol

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    Emiya Shirou

    I just want to make sure, This works in RB of 1.2.4 R1.0 ? I need it for an Ester event.
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    well, forget this OP thingy, its totally non important.
    but the black text on the protect signs now is shit

    i have read that bukkit changed something with signs:

    cant find it back, sorry -.-

    so what i have to search for in the essentials config?

    Emiya Shirou

    it works fine,
    only optical bug when use essentials
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    Yes, everything works on the new RB :)

    You're the only person whos ever had an issue with that. And everything i've tested works fine with a clean essentials config, so I wouldn't really call that a full fledged bug. It's more of a completely unpredictable and rare incompatibility
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    ok, give me a day to regen a clean config and setup it new.
    i would not have a clean config on live server...
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    Hey Everybody,
    My next release is going to just be a bunch of tiny changes. But I want to try to get as many of them in one update as possible so that you guys don't have to download and update 5 times for a bunch of little things.

    So, If you've recently made a suggestion or reported a bug either in the comments section on BukkitDev or on the bukkit forums page please go to the BukkitDev page and make a ticket, because without a ticket I will likely forget and your change WILL NOT BE MADE.

    Again, please use the ticket system. It will make my job as a developer a lot easier and insure that you, as the user, get the changes/fixes that you want included.


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    i found one think i didnt liked too much. when i spawn mob near me i get my simple egg back but in new version i can throw it and when i do that i dont get egg so its fails my pokemobs idea. So can you add ability to get egg back when you throw mob egg? :)
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    ah, yeah. I probably just totally forgot to add that line in.

    Thanks :)
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    u should make the eggs stack
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    Due to the fact that Im saving individual ids for each egg in order to recall data about the mob that was captured, I cannot make them stack or their data would be lost
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    why when i cath mobs same type they dont stack and if i want to dont let me_
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    As I've explained to quite a few people, I saw data for each mob when you capture it in the form of an enchantment. That enchantment ID number is then used when you spawn the mob to pull its data for color, age, etc. This simply wouldn't be possible without removing the stackability of the spawn eggs because their enchantments would all get erased.
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    Malikk I want to make it so that not everyone is allowed to capture mobs by default. I try to negate the allow-all node but that seems to be unresponsive. Basically I want to add this as a donor feature on my server...
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    ok thanks for the feedback
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    v2.10 has a basic mobcatcher.can-catch, thats the node you want. It defaults to true, so you'll have to add a negative node for whatever permissions groups. Allow-all defaults to OP, so youll probably have to use negative nodes for that as well.

    But Allow-all has been in this plugin almost since the initial release and no ones had issues with it, just double check your permissions, its probably just a syntax issue there
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    I don't know if this is possible or easier, but could you just have the stack average the information from each new egg? That's good enough for me.

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