Inactive [FUN/MECH]MobCatcher v3.0.1 - Capture mobs and get spawn eggs legitimately[1.4.2-R0.2]

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    Again, any errors? There's actually some pretty basic things I do need to know in order to help you...


    If you haven't found it, a 1.3.1 version is up

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    Ok yeah i have the last version.

    Now the problem is when i catch an animals my redstone dust is still in my inventory, i don't waste any of them.

    I have made simple configuration complex as well and still, doesn't work.
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    There's OP permissions for free captures, feel free to remove them...
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    ok now it works obviously i'm gonna do some last final tests but it seems to work again thanks for your time, like i said before your plugin is great.

    Ok just notice a little bug because i remember that we could in the previous versions do it, this is the fact that we can't make pay a player more than 64 redstone dust to capture a mob.

    I remember to use 80 redstone dust in the previous versions, and even more.
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    Well, I really do like the plugin! It works very well. The only thing I have to say is that when you shoot a tamed mob out of a dispenser (say you picked up your cat with the egg and put it in the dispenser), it isn't your pet anymore. The mob that is shot out is just the normal version. Not sure if this is a bug, or the way you intended, but just letting you know. Thanks.
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    Um, not really intended, its just not something I'd thought about. It used to work that way, but since I made tamed mobs spawn tamed to whoever spawned them, rather than the original owner, i guess it broke it for dispensers.

    What I could do is make spawn eggs used normally always spawn tamed to that player, while eggs used by dispensers pull the data for whoever it was tamed to last.

    I'll have this in the next version.
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    Great mod! But the most recent version 2.18.1 seems to have a bug. I have this plugin running on my server, but it only has to work in 1 of the 7 worlds on that server. So I have specified in the config that on 6 of the 7 worlds, MobCatcher must be disabled.
    Only, on worlds where I have this plugin DISABLED, villagers don't breed. The hearts appear, but the kids don't. They start to breed as soon as I remove the plugin completely. Could you please look into this?
    Thanks in advance!
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    There's a bug in bukkit that causes villagers to spawn with incorrect SpawnReasons, likely the work around I put in place is messing with the villager breeding, probably an easy fix. Thanks :)
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    i am trying to find where the op things is not using my redstone or in my case i try bone and seeds. whats the spout line for ?? and whats the vaultcost thing about ?
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    The spout line doesnt apply unless you are using Spout, you can disable it from there. The vault cost is the amount of money that it will cost to capture if you are using Vault.

    There are OP permissions for free captures, you can find all the permissions nodes on the Bukkit Dev site.

    Version 2.19 has a fix for this, it was released a few days ago if you haven't found it.

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    Well, I can try whatever I want (original configuration, no other plugins and so on), but there's no minus in my pocket. Counts of eggs are the same, counts of redstone dust are the same.

    Where do I make a mistake?
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    There are OP permissions for free captures as well as some other things, feel free to negate them.
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    comes a update for 1.4.6 ?
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    There's one out for 1.4.6.

    You can find all of the recent versions on BukkitDev, as I'm no longer updating this page.
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    ty :) and found :D

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