[FUN/MECH] MinicraftVolcano v0.21 - Mine, find treasure and escape you of volcano [1060]

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    MinicraftVolcano - The Minecraft Volcano plugin:
    Version: v0.21

    Once your volcano sets where you want, lava is running down the volcano's flanks and is transformed into differents blocks.
    A treasure is hidden into volcano, but you should be very careful to get it successfully. Sacrifice will be necessary to have the best chance to get the treasure in good condition.
    It will be possible getting Sponge Rob (Sponge block) among treasures. This block will secure yours chests and prohibit to put TNT by another player in a five blocks radius.

    It's experimental plugin, backup your server.
    images (open)


    • Volcano
      Mine on the volcano where lava is transformed in severals differents blocks (coal, gold, diamond...). Nothing can be placed on volcano. Creeper and PigZombie pop on volcano.
    • Mini skills
      Carries four pieces of armor chain for activated Mini Skills.
      Diamond sword : right click is launching a front charge, more efficient by jumping
      Bow : left click on block allow a vertical jump
    • Minitrap
      Generate dungeon with a treasure inside the volcano.
      When the volcano is on the top, the event begins.
      When someone opens the treasure, there is a explosive eruption and the event ends.
    • Karma
      With good Karma you can reincarnate with all your items.
    • Sponge Rob
      Sponge Rob is linked to players and can put one at a time, secure yours chests and prohibit to put TNT in five blocks radius. Rob can be placed only in "secure zone".
      Open treasure with Gold Disc for have your Sponge Rob (Sponge block) and bedrock.
      Gold Disc : left click is disapeared any block, right click give you some information on volcan distance order to put some blocks (sponge, bed and bedrock).
      Place bedrock only on your Sponge Rob area.
    Download The Minecraft Volcano plugin
    Source Code


    - Do a backup of server map
    - use /miniv for see distance between the spawn point and you. Good distance is 200 blocks.
    - /miniv create test
    - /miniv start test


    - One Minicraft Volcano in the world
    - Op commands for modify or if there is a problem :
    Tips (open)

    - Jumps in the hole on the top of the volcano for to have good karma at begining event.
    - Place your armour in your inventory before jump, it's easier to die.

    Version 0.21
    • Fix
    Version 0.2
    • Integrate Volcano plugin
    • Generate dungeon
    Version 0.17
    • First release
    DONATE if you like my plugin.
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    Need plugin version & description in title and a download link for visitors (dropbox or something) Looks like a good plugin.
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    is this even a plugin? its looks like its just a schematic
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    Just schematic. For the moment or other minicraft plugin for that.
    I search a little description for the title. :)
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    So its a volcano schematic, with a plugin that does nothing involving volcanoes.

    Your plugins name should reflect what THOSE features do, I expected a volcano generating plugin, not a schematic with a plugin with random features that do not coalesce.
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    it looks cool, but you shouldn't have to have we, you should be able to do it with an included command...and it is kinda just a treasure generating plugin...but with improvement i'm sure it'll turn out ok. Maybe have the volcano erupt spewing balls of obsidian with treasure inside? or maybe just balls of obsidian. To all immature out there, stfu.
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    Uh...I'm not sure if I get what this plugin does...your English is a little bad (which is understandable, but is still a reason why I don't get this) and the way you organize the thread doesn't help me.
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    well well well :)
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    since it's a schematic and the plugin will come, moved to WIP
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    thank you
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    Redesign of the plugin to version 0.2.
    I hope there is no more bug.
    Have fun !
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    can you end the test WITHOUT blowing up the world?
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    what do you mean?
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    when i type "/mini end test" the volcano is blown up with tnt and it destroys the world.
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    its explosive eruption, that finish event.
    But yes, i have to do that better with the command.
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    fix bugs ^^
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