[FUN/MECH] JukeIt 3.0.0 (formerly JukeBukkit) [SPN1414/CB1.4.7-R0.1]

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    JukeIt (formerly known as JukeBukkit) will no longer be hosted on BukkitDev.

    JukeIt can now be found Here.
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    Where are you getting the song from?
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    Some are ripped, some are downloaded from youtube, some are from torrents, etc. That specific link is only an example of the extension of the url address after .ogg.
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    Ive been wrestling with this issue over the past two days in my head. Here are some interesting points to add to this very important conversation about copyright law.

    • I'm Canadian but my server is in New York. I can share music with my friends. I'm not charging for my server. Does this mean I can share music via the server?
    • Some of my users are not Canadian and have very strict copyright laws where they live. Does this mean they become more liable than I am because spout automatically downloads the file?
    • This isn't simply streaming music from the server to the computer. This is actually downloading a copy to the users computer that they can then go back and play again and again. The user may not even realize that they are participating in this because the folder hierarchy is fairly deep for spout.
    • Does spout have any kind of terms of use for users built in that protects server admins?
    • If server admins are responsible for copyright data being downloaded to a users computer than why would they not be responsible for textures or spout related damage to a computer.
    This really needs its own thread but nobody is talking about this and it is important that we do.

    For now, I'm going to stick with MIDI files I think. I'm not worried about me being in trouble but I am worried about my users getting in trouble.
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    My server is within my state only. Now that you mentioned it, I'm afraid my users are going to get into as much trouble as I will if I do upload the music. D:
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    add reload, and it will be absolutely perfect.

    (oh- and a flymod too. because I know you can, you programer, you.)
    xD loljk
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    Ok ive had a busy week. lets see here lots to respond to.

    First of all, the the discs are supposed to be labeled in your inventory.

    Next up, item shops. the disc will always have the same id of 2256 or whatever. burning discs does not create a new item id. discs info is stored in the durability layer. if the item shop supports selling an item with a durability of lets say: 1. then your good to go. most probably don't. It will have to be something your item shop adds support for. realshop should work, but its porbably outdated, i dunno.

    topic of copyright. if your worried that you have a user base large enough to cause a problem, dont use copyrighted music, set your permissions so that only admins can create discs, and use royalty free music. I have some plans, thanks to some ideas of some users, to help with this though, like whitelisting domains, so your users must choose from a list of songs that you allow.

    hosting: host your ogg files on your own web server. You can use dropbox i suppose, but I dont know how to do it, i just use my webserver. Media IO is for converting music, not for hosting.

    green discs. Ive got some plans for greens discs. so in the future there will be green disc usage.

    Music in the sound channel: theres on option for this in the config.

    redstone. if redstone is powering the jukebox, music will loop for as long as the redstone is on. one you turn off the power, the song will complete, and will not loop again.

    think that covers it all. Lets see what I can get done over the weekend.
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    Here is my chestshop's config with durability items

    And still doesn't works, says "this shop is out of stock"
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    Any idea ? :( People of my server really want to buy discs with this plugin

    Maybe create a selling system like http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/fun-ryvemusic-v1-4-1-add-your-music-in-game-spout-1060.31287/ ?
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    Warning, the tools will be "fresh"

    but also a disc normally has a durability of 0, its somewhat abnormal for a disc to have a durability anything other than 0.
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    I don't understand this durability stuff at all :/
    I tried to modify my config because you talked about that.
    I just want to know if there is any solution for my problem, or if I have to forget what I planned to do in my server.
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    How is the music cache cleaned on the clients? I suppose it should delete downloaded songs after few days without them being played.
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    Hello I have an issue with my mac, I think alot of people using a mac got that issue too. I can't get the sound to work with Spoutcraft. I read that there were a temporary solution using Terminal. Can anyone tell me how to fix it or maybe link the Terminal code?
    I looked through Github, Google, Spout, the FAQ on this thread and ALL the comments to this thread but I still couldn't find anything which helped me. It's so very frustrating .. :/
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    I'm also interested in the music cache destruction time.
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    This shows up in my spoutcraft client whenever I try to play a disk.
    Error in class 'CodecWav'
        Unsupported audio format in method 'initialize'
            could not get audio input stream from input stream
        STACK TRACE:
            javax.sound.sampled.AudioSystem.getAudioInputStream(Unknown Source)
    Error in class 'SourceLWJGL OpenAL'
        Audio Format null in method 'play'
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    We really have a lot of fun with this plugin on our server. It's very fun to sneak up behind an idler, place a jukebox behind him, and play 'Never Gonna Give You Up' behind him/her.
    Too bad the music driver crashes quite often, but I guess that's not in your range of fixing. Let's just hope that's fixed by either Mojang or the Spoutcraft devs soon.
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    Lunar Delta

    It seems that *every* regular gold disc on the server assumes the name of the most recently burned cd. Is there any way to prevent this?

    Also, I don't think this is working properly with PEX. My moderators can use all of the commands, even though they:

    1. Do *not* have the permissions
    2. Are not OPs

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  17. May I ask why ? It seems to work just fine.
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    Is it possible to have other players hear the record by putting it in the jukebox, or do u just have to use the /cd play <url>?
  19. Actually I think I found out why... sometimes the jukebox just starts playing by itself while having no CD... but I didn't had the paitence to test without the lever... you should fix that anyway because requiring redstone wire between jukebox and lever just looks wrong IMO.
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    any way to make a playlist by putting a chest next to the jukebox and it plays them in that order?
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    It is pretty unstable but realy cool wen it works...
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    I hope you can continue working on this one, because this is by far the best spout music mod. I would love to see new features.
    Some ideas:
    - Add the green playlist disc
    - Maybe add a feature to convert mp3 on the fly? I think that will be a bitch to make, though.
    - Add something to make spamming stop: only make a new song playable on a certain jukebox after an x amount of time or a max playing songs globally (so songs wont start at the same moment)

    I just had a short moment with this, will do morr testing tomorrow! Thanks for the amazing plugin, Im now making my own club!
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    I have a dream, don't know if it's possible:
    Create a jukebox, place a chest at its side, single or double, fill the chest with already burned gold cds, right click or left click the jukebox and it starts to play all the cds in the chest.
    What do you think? :rolleyes:
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    I Have made a directory with music if any one wants to use it for their music Click Here to goto the forum post , also if you reply there with requests ill upload it , Albums , Songs or Play list's from playlist.com.
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    please make it work with file:// urls

    so I can make urls from shared folders to my LAN network users
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    unburned discs have the same name as the latest burned disc I create.

    ALso, some problems:

    When i walk out of the boundry, the song stops. Is there a way to fade the music the further I go, and not actually stop the song?

    When i restart the server, all discs are reverted back into the original records.
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    its awesome and worked the first few times but recently when i run the server the black box says: SEVERE could not load plugin/jukebukkit and when i try to use it on the server it says unknown command. please help?
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    i put some discs in some jukebox , but when i restart the serveur , all the jukebox are empty... :(
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    Same problem as me. Plus all the burned discs revert back to normal discs
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    Please, please, please, PLEASE, as soon as Craftbukkit for 1.8 arrives - UPDATE THIS MOD! THIS IS MY FAVORITE MOD!
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    It's gonna take some time since MCP, Spout and Spoutcraft must update too :(

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