[FUN/MECH] JukeIt 3.0.0 (formerly JukeBukkit) [SPN1414/CB1.4.7-R0.1]

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    JukeIt (formerly known as JukeBukkit) will no longer be hosted on BukkitDev.

    JukeIt can now be found Here.
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    This will take some figuring out. Its hard to debug things on the client side. (Just to round the bases, make sure he has his music volume turned up enough in his client settings. I actually had this happen a couple times on my server.)
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    Hmm, i will just wait for another user to come online, since the highligher plugin also doesnt work for him, and for others it did.. only the spoutwallet works for him i think

    Ill let u know :)
  4. superbe plugin ! could you add a duplicate command ? I've made a little video where we can see the plugin in action (at 2:54 )

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    please help i cant find a website anyware that i can upload my mp3s to and that the url ends with .mp3 are there any sites you may know please help
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    you sir... have left me speechless.

    Cloneing cd's will indeed be in my next realease.

    Awesome video btw! shows it off very well.
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    can someone please make a tutorial vid asap on how to set up sprout and stuff so u can use jukebukkit also show how to use jukebukkit
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    all of my users must put the cd in & out before playing it... argh

    How old are you?

    Oh, sorry for triple-post, but can you make chest-support?
    Like a playlist?
    Do you get my idea?

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    please man is there any websites i can use to get the url i tried dropbox it doesnt work please
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    +1, no, i take that back: +99999999999999

    ew. This should defiantly not be working like this. v0.3 might have some of this smoothed out. When a disc is inserted all players within range should auto download the song and begin hearing it together. Hopefully I will have this figured out soon. On my test server it works as expecting. Questions: are you running on build 1000? are you running in sproutcraft-dev (because im testing on recommended build of sproutcraft, not the dev). Is anyone running their sprout client in anything other than windows (cuz if so i guess ill be hopping over to my linux partition to do some additional testing)

    Features and Issues ;) I totally get your idea. fistbump.

    try {
    Sprout Wiki
    } catch {
    } finally {
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    im 15

    dude i dnt evern understand a thing about sprout iv been searching for hours to find a site i already installed sprout and that bukkit somthing sothng sp wat ever its called wen i type in a url from dropbox it says was not able to connect to url given what am i doing rong

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    ive never used drop box before. but ill take a stab at this. If your not using a url that you created as a public link (in dropbox) then your probably getting a 403 error. you probably need to use a url that you have made open to the public (in dropbox somehow). and you cant use mp3's. You can test this by signout out of drop box, then pasting that url you are trying to use in your browser address bar (paste the url into the address bar).
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    I think I'll try the JukeBukkit plugin on my server and see how it goes.. looks interesting.

    Also.. I made a post the other day in the BCMusic thread on 2 open source methods to convert nearly any form of digital audio to Ogg Vorbis... Hopefully someone will benefit from the info.


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    Fistbump accepted. *raises fist*

    I use rb 1000 & recommended build of spout. (server & client)

    I have experimented with this for a few hours now. The issue fixed itself somehow... It worked when i placed the disc while they where there, not if they got tp-ed after the disc was placed into the jukebox. It works fine now though!
    The wav files where pretty much useless. They took too long to both upload & download. the ogg files where fine though.
    Its a really good plugin you've made! But you should make all players download the file as soon as its made! That would solve the issue if I'm correct.
    Seriously, this is a awesome plugin!

    Just some ideas:
    The playlist
    Having the title & artist displayed like regular disc's
    Connecting multiple jukeboxes
    Configure the display (Deadmau5 - strobe, instead of Strobe by Deadmau5)
    Global music
    A "now playing" text in the top-right​

    Thats probably what i got for now.. :D
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    Hey man ive read through all the forum posts and i still cant get this to work :( i have the spout launcher and the server and everything installed the link through drop box works perfectly and i could really use some help! here is the link to the song http://dl.dropbox.com/u/10893876/omg.ogg and the link works but i can hear it in minecraft P.S. if someone can help me i will pay them :)
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    does this mean you switch to non dev mode and it worked? i havent even tried it in the dev builds yet, only because ive been afraid of making something that wont work for the current build.

    Try restarting SpoutCraft, by completely exiting and reopening. this seems to help sometimes while im testing (i know, its not a pretty solution for now)

    i think version 3 will be alleviate many problems. we will see. I had restone activation implemented but found a bug might have to push it back a version. Thanks for all feedback everyone. Yall are making me... so.... (teary eyed)... happy.

    woop, posted right after you mercury. disregard.

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    @thedudeguy i have reexited it a billion times and it still doesent work BUT i did get the download popup
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    It could be worth mentioning too if the file was corrupted during the download it would be cached that way. currently theres no way for me to tell the client to destroy that cache, you could try erasing the music files in the cache in the .spoutcraft folder
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    WORKING NOW i just had to turn up the sound not music :p
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    * Music stops when left clicking very fast and won't start again till server restart.
    * Mucic stops if you turn music to 0% and up to 100% again. (In the client options)
    * Music won't load if you join the game while music is playing. (Even possible with Spout?)
    * Music stops when you play music somewhere else. (I know you are already aware of but I still post this here)

    Feature requests/Ideas:
    * No idea if Spout is possible to do this: Add a new Burner block.
    You rightclick the Burner, it opens a interface. Where you can enter a link, title and interpret and you have to put a disk in and then you can take the new disk out.
    * Support for Green Disk, maybe a color chooser with more colors?
    * Warning for users when file exceeds Megabyte limit of x to prevent giant downloads for users with low connection.
    * Marking special URLS in the config.
    For example you mark bukkit.org/music in the config.
    If you write song.ogg ingame to burn it uses http://bukkit.org/music/song.ogg by itself.
    * URL blacklist/whitelist
    So you can block/allow special hosts.
    * Interface when playing a disc? Like the normal discs, Now playing: Title by Interpret
    If interface like in Vanilla Minecraft is not possible how about a chat announcement for all the guys in reach.
    * Toggleable "Hear everywhere" option in the config.
    * A command to "unburn" cds like /cd remove
    * /play <url> command for admins. Plays the song for everyone on the server without burning.
    * jukebox.use permission. Disallows users without the permission to start/stop music. (Only burned one of course, not normal one)
    * Server Option to wait for all users to download before starting the music. (If possible)
    * /cd mute command to stop all songs from playing only for you.
    * /cd stop command to stop all songs global for everyone.

    Feel free to include whatever you think fits in and is possible without too much work. ;)
    I will post more ideas as soon as we get some more.
    Great plugin and good idea, makes music in Minecraft more enjoyable.
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    I know i might sound dumb but how do i upload it to a disc? Please help. :D
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    Wow great list! Love every one of those suggestions. What would really help me keep track of those is if you added them into the issues list of the github project page right Here

    Little confused on your issue there. Perhaps you can give me some pointer on where the Original Post is lacking in its explanation so i can spruce it up. (thats not sarcastic or insulting im being serious)

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    All in one or a own one for every suggestion/bug?
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    One for every suggestion/bug. than they can be tracked and added to milestones, by you to see my progress, and by me so i can remember what im supposed to be doing.
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    Alright, adding them all.
    Can I mark them as Feature by myself or you have to do it?
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    massive help! thanks a million. as far as the tags, i really don't know.
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    Can someone help me with this

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