Inactive [FUN/MECH] Hawk v0.3.1 - Old school fly plugin [1.2.4-R1.0]

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    Hawk - old school fly plugin


    Download at BukkitDev: Link
    Source at Github: Link


    Hawk is a old school fly plugin that allows you to fly/hover without being in creative mode. All you have to to is to hold a feather in your hand and rightclick. With the first click you will be in the fly-mode, with the next click you enable the hover mode. While you hover, you can move up by pressing SHIFT. The next click will bring you down to the ground again.
    The Configuration allows you to modify the boost you get while flying/hovering, the item used, the displayed messages and if you want flying/hovering to consume items over time.


    PERMISSION or just hawk.*


    • 0.3.2
      • refactored code
      • added javadoc
      • fixed possible exploit with item consume enabled
      • fixed players would be immune to non-fall dmg
    • 0.3.1
      • fixed console spam
    • 0.3.0
      • added configuration
      • added item consume
      • fixed kick
    • 0.2.0
      • init release
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    Oh awesome! Great job.
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    do you need to enable flight on the server or will this overide that
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    completly ignores it
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    thanks ill give it a whirl on my server then
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    Rly good plugin ;) By the way hawk don't ignore msg " Flying is not allowed on this server "
    Can u fix it ?
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    Doesnt work in my server. I want VIPs to have flying, but adding permission hawk/fly or hawk.* doesn't work. Server returns no error messages. Works for OPs.
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    the permission would be and it works fine on my server, what permission plugin do you use?
    And yes, if the permission isn't set it defaults to op
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    Mista Epic

    Add a config, please! So we can edit the flight speed of hovering AND flying, so when we fly we don't make sonicbooms, and so when we hover we don't look like turtles with wings. xD
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    My server has Permissions 3.1.6 (phoenix). I've gave permission, but nothing happens. Ah, AdminCmd is better for flying without gamemode, I'll forget this :)
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    Dude... Permissions 3 should be dead for over half a year... every plugin still supporting this should be punished for doing so.. how can you even think that this pile of crap is still supported?

    There is the build in bukkit permission system now but yea whatever it seems that admin cmd is one of those plugins.. go! go and be happy in the past
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    Permissions 3 is a good permissions plugin.
    It is not a pile of crap.
    I don't care if it's not supported, it still works fine.
    All other server plugins work fine with Permissions 3.
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    this very please !
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    Uploaded a new file, Changelog:
    • Added Configuration:
      • Item
      • Hover/Fly Boost
      • Messages
    • Added Item consume:
      • ItemID
      • Items gets removed every x seconds, different values for fly/hover
    • Fixed Player getting kicked for flying using Hawk
      • Console gets still spammed with kick messages, seems to be a bukkit issue
      • ppl might still end up being kicked
  16. using bpermissions and for admins it does work.
    Hoovering mode slowly floats up? is it supposed to do so?
    hope this doesnt fight with NOCHEAT plugin :)
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    You'd have to give them the necessary nocheat permissions to bypass their flychecks.

    It's not a piece of crap you're right, but plugins shouldn't be supporting something that hasn't been updated since May 24th.

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  18. yes i have set the - nocheat.checks.moving.flying for donators :p
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    I hate to point out this, but this is exactly the same as VoxelAir. Sorry.
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    .. if you'd have took the 48 seconds to actually watch the video you'd see that they're not "exactly the same". All i can see that is equal is that you hold a feather. Gratz on your senseless flame
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    Ignore posts like that man, good plugin. :) (Btw flaming at flamers makes you look bad) Not going to use this because it doesn't suit my server needs, but definitely recommending it when I can.
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    It would be nice if you added commands to enable/disable flying/hovering :)
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    Alright, so its not exactly the same. Props on the smooth movement, and sorry, I was in a bad mood at that time.
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    Thanks for this plugin ;).
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    Hi, this is a very nice plugin! I started maintaining Wings, but I actually like this one more. Especially your code is much nicer!
    While reading your code, I realized that in HawkEntityListener::eek:nPlayerDmg in the else if checking the dmgImunePlayers-list you don't check for DamageCause.FALL. I just wondered if that was by accident.

    And: your Topic isn't up to date, because you support 1.2.3 ;-) (And it works with 1.2.4, too)
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    thanks :) fixed it along with another bug, ill upload the new version in a minute
  27. Update to 1.3.1?

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