Inactive [FUN/MECH] HauntedCraft v0.2 - Something strange happen! [CB1.4.5-R1.0]

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    Latest version: 0.2
    CB: 1.4.5-R1.0
    BukkitDev: HauntedCraft

    HauntedCraft provides you many ways to trick your players by specific rules like if they're alone in the dark, the block will disappear and so on...
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    HauntedCraft v0.2 now submitted on BukkitDev...
    This version add an improvement on Throw action and also add new actions and rules...
    [A] New Action - Disposal, Explosion, Potion
    [A] New Rules - Biome, Layer, EXPLevel
    [A] PrimedTNT now supported in Throw action
    [F] Showing message when Block rule is matched
    [F] Play action cannot recognize effect
    Throw action now working properly and also improved
    [R] Potion is not supported in Throw action

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