Inactive [FUN/MECH] ExploreMode - Flight w/ no world interaction [1.3.2-R2.0]

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    Allows users to enter Explore Mode, which lets them fly around to get the lay of the land without having the ability to do anything while flying. Also returns them to their original location when they exit Explore Mode, stopping them from getting lost or getting places they shouldn't while having the ability to modify the world.

    /exploremode explore - enters the user into Explore Mode, which allows them to fly around, but they cannot interact with the world at all. They also cannot give/receive damage from entities in the world.
    /exploremode explore time - same as explore, but with a time limit in seconds
    /exploremode explore player - enters the specified player into Explore Mode
    /exploremode explore player time - same as above, but with a time limit in seconds
    /exploremode return - returns the user to the place they entered Explore Mode and disables flight and re-enables world interaction.
    /exploremode return player - returns the specified player from Explore Mode.
    /exploremode timeleft - shows the player their remaining explore time
    /exploremode timeLeft player - shows the player’s remaining explore time

    exploremode.*: Gives access to all ExploreMode commands.
    exploremode.explore: Allows user to utilize the explore command. default: true
    exploremode.return: Allows user to utilize the return command. default: true
    exploremode.modothers: Allows user to change Explore Mode state of others. default: op

    Download Version 0.93

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