Inactive [FUN/MECH/EDIT] Cinema v1.62 - Make animated pixelarts/scenes [1.2.5-R2.0]

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  1. released 1.5
    added support for gif conversion to cinema animation. gifs have to be in plugins/cinema/
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    a animation with 160 frames runs quite well:D ,but before it starts to play the server doesnt response for some time :(
  3. this will be fixed in the next release (its already fixed in the current sourcecode but you have to compile it yourself)
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    Sorry for this noob question but, how do you install this plugin? i tried making animations but it doesn't work. whenever i try to save a frame, they would say "1 blocks frame save......" i have seen others doing it and their plugins would say 521 blocks, 70 blocks etc. why is mine only 1??? i am sure i selected more then one blocks using cpos. Any help????
  5. "why is it not working?" is a brilliant way to describe an error... would you at least use cinfo to look where the coordinates of cpos1 and cpos2 are?

    /edit: fixed in 1.61 i gave pos1 two times to the save algorithm. sorry
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    does it work with glowstonelantern plugin?
  7. never tested. it saves and restores the id of the material. if Material.get(id) works with your plugin cinema should too
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    Seems Like A neat plugin
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    How to autoplay the animation after a serveur reboot ?
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    But how ?
  11. just shut the server down and restart it.... dont stop the playing animations before shutdown
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    If you add redstone animation ( pull the lever - start the animation ), it will be the best plugin ever!
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    Not for me...

    Edit : now it works (strange).

    I don't find this feature Oo.

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    I mean, If I press the button - the animation starts.
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    Sometimes on server restarts, the animation stop... I use remotetoolkit

    Where do you find this feature please ?
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    Awesome plugin! But the one question I have is about command nodes? I want to be able to set a scrolling message like "Welcome to my server" but don't want others to use it. What nodes do I add to do it?
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    Im getting a weird problem, the plugin used to work for me perfectly until the most recent update, then animations would no longer start playing, or load at all. It says it loaded and started playing fine, but no blocks are changing at all. Im using the latest Bukkit RB.
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