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  1. Cinema - Animate pixel arts or whole scenes(also animate Gifs since 1.5):
    Version: v1.62

    ~~~~~~~(anyone wants to make a gif for this place?)~~~~~~~~~

    Ever wanted to animate one of your pixel arts? Or perhaps you would like to make a building change in a more elaborate way? Even wanted to make 3d movies come to life on your server? These dreams can now come true with this plugin!

    Cinema is a block moving plugin which makes scenes come to life in a full moving picture!

    Is it efficient?

    Yes, by skipping the confines of java, and going straight to the binary~ the amount of work your server needs to do in order to accomplish your cinema is minimal!

    Well How Does it work?

    Simple~ Have you ever drawn a scene on a piece of paper, then on the next sheet the next scene and so on~ by the end of it you flip through your book and you see a moving picture.
    The same rules apply here! You select your "Stage", and then you begin to implement your first scene known as a frame. Each save is a frame of your cinema and in the end the cinema will go through the frames in a loop or one time (You Choose!).

    other videos (open)

    Step one!

    Selecting your stage,

    By using /cpos1 and /cpos2 you can select your stage much like using world edit to select your cuboid space. (Alternatively you can select the field with an x y z coordinate /cpos1 [x] [y] [z] [[world name if console]] )

    Once your field is created you can move to step 2!

    Step Two!

    Creating your first frame,

    You need to make your beginning piece of pixel art, or 3d scene

    Once built you use the command /csavedelta (File name)
    (/csave is deprecated)

    Step Three!

    Making more Frames,

    You can repeat step two until your cinema is complete!!

    Step Four!

    Playing your cinema,

    This command is rather long but each field is necessary~
    /cplay (playername) (filename) (set air 0/1) (play count) (restore after stop 0/1) (frame duration)

    The playername IS NOT YOUR NAME it is the name cinema needs to use in order to stop the player if it is in a loop. You can use anything as a player name but again it is Not your name!

    Set air is there to help latency if the player can avoid placing air blocks then there are less blocks it needs to load. (Use 0 so air is not set/ Use 1 to set air)

    Play Count is the amount of times the cinema will play, using 0 will make the cinema loop endlessly unless the server is restarted
    (We are working on a way to keep loops infinite through restarts)

    Frame Duration is in milliseconds 1000 milliseconds = 1 second
    (as of 1.6 the milliseconds are recalculated to ticks. one tick is 20 ms)

    Here is an example of what your command should look like

    /cplay Theater1 Test 0 1 1 400

    This means the cinema will play in player Theater1; use the file test1; not use air; play only once; restore to the first frame when done; and use a 400 millisecond frame duration.

    Koala :(Was going to add a blockquote but didn't feel like reformatting it all to html~ perhaps later)
    Commands in this plugin:

    • /cpos1 [x] [y] [z] [[worldname if console]] :
      Show Spoiler
      set the first corner of your cuboid, which should be saved. if you play a saved file, this will be the pos1 you used by saving. so save your pixelart where you want. and then set pos1 to the destination and play your animation.
      if no parameters were given, the position of the players feet is used(the block you are standing in)
      as player you can also specify the x, y and z. if you want to use this command from the console. you also have to specify the worldname
    • /cpos2 [x] [y] [z] [[worldname if console]] :
      Show Spoiler
      sets the second corner of your cuboid. is just used for saving. parameters are the same as in /cpos1
    • /csave <filename> [frameindex] :
      Show Spoiler
      behaves just like csavedelta. this method is deprecated. i suggest using just csavedelta
    • /csavedelta <filename> [frameindex] :
      Show Spoiler
      saves the frame selected by pos1 and pos2 to the specified file. you can optionally specify the index in the file the frame should be saved to. e.g. /csave test 1 would save the frame as second frame in the animation. 0 would be first frame. if index is out of file the frame will be saved last
    • /cplay <ID> <filename> <setair 0/1> <playcount> <restore after stop 0/1> <framedurationInMillis>:
      Show Spoiler
      plays the given file under the given ID (needed to stop this player with cstop)(ID does not refer to your own player name, but to the name you give the playing animation. it also can be 213232123 or whatever. its just for identification purposes later)
      setair specifies if air blocks should be set when animating. if this is 0 no blocks will be set to air.
      playcount is the amount of times the file will be played. it then calls stop by itself. playCount = 0 means it plays endlessy
      restore after stop means, that every block ever set by the command will be restored to that what was there before starting the player.
      the frameduration is the amount of time it takes until the next frame is drawn in your world.
    • /cstop <ID> :
      Show Spoiler
      stops the player with the given ID. this refers to the ID used in /cplay
    • /cinfo :
      Show Spoiler
      shows you the current pos1 and pos2. Also shows current version and give you a note if there is a new version available
    • /cplayers :
      Show Spoiler
      shows all currently playing cinemaplayers
    • /cinemaremove <filename> :
      Show Spoiler
      removes the file with the given name. this cant be undone
    • /ceditopen <filename> :
      Show Spoiler
      opens a cinema animation for editing
    • /ceditremove <index> :
      Show Spoiler
      removes the frame at position <index>. the first frame has index 0
    • /ceditsave :
      Show Spoiler
      saves the changes made to the animation
    • /ceditclose :
      Show Spoiler
      closes the editor and file. all unsaved progress will be lost
    • /ceditinfo :
      Show Spoiler
      shows you the current loaded file in the editor
    • /ceditshow <index> :
      Show Spoiler
      draws the given frame at pos1. undoes the last showed frame by this command
    • /cinemagif <input file name(with extension)> <output animation name> <alignment> :
      Show Spoiler
      converts the given image (preferably a GIF animated file) into a cinema animation. for alignment see /cinemagifalignment. input file has to be in plugins/cinema/
    • /cinemagifalignment :
      Show Spoiler
      Shows you the 5 available alignments (use the numbers shown here as parameters in /cinemagif
    • /creverse <ID> :
      Show Spoiler
      reverses a given players playdirection. so you can reverse a playing animation
    • Saves/deletes and plays animated Pixel arts/ 3d Scenes
    • notifies you if a new version is available (use /cinfo)
    • restores playing Cinemas after shutdown of server
    • converts GIF-files to cinema-animations
    Download here
    or here
    Source Code also available there

    Big Thanks to Koala for writing most of this text =3
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    Sorry caps
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    *remember of this plugin in minecraft classic*
    AwwesoMEE !
  5. i made the classic one too :p
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    please make a video tutorial
  7. its not that complicated...
    use cpos1 and cpos2 then csave filename and repeat the csave (press up arrow in chat) for each new frame and then finally use /cplay and if you want to stop it use cstop
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    Feature requests:

    Allow user to save a flag at the end of the animation that tells the playback routine to auto-stop at end of file.

    Allow user to save a flag in animation file that determines whether or not landscape is restored after playback or just left as whatever the last frame that played was.

    Optionally, these could be parameters of /cplay instead. Just my thoughts.

    Awesome plugin! Thanks.
  9. just playing the file once? uhhh well i dont know why anybody would need this but ok.

    ok will add that restore thing and playonce as soon as possible. maybe this weekend
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    I plan to use this with a plugin that lets you execute commands from signs or other triggers. I'm thinking gates and drawbridges and other effects that I'd want to trigger on demand. Playonce and optional restoration modifiers would take this plugin over the top.

    The only thing that would make it better beyond that would be if you added your own sign trigger element. I'd bet that would make this plugin Godlike in many people's eyes.
  11. well signtriggers are not really a part of a plugin called cinema, and as you already have your plugin which executes commands... ill just make the play once and restorething
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    Awesome, will download and check it out soon! :)
  13. Cool, downloading for my to be theater :D
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    Meh. This is getting really frustrating.

    I'm have recently started my own Bukkit server, and I have found a lot of plugins that I have loaded on. I saw this plugin, and I knew I had to have it (Being a fan of gifs, and pixelart). I followed all of the instructions, The cpos1 and 2 portion of the plugin worked, and when I got all of the frames in, I tried it, and it said this:

    "An internal error occured while attempting to perform this command"

    Can someone please help? I really wanna use this plugin on my server. Thanks :)
  15. well can you tell me what is in the server.log?? cause "it doesnt work" is not a very accurate error description :p

    btw i added the playcount option and restore after stop option to the cplay command
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    Meh, one minute. I need to look through the clutter of it all. -.-

    EDIT: Okay, well, I didnt notice anything out of the ordinary. It just says Cinema was loading, and was enabled. Is there supposed to be a folder that was supposed to be loaded for it? Please help.
  17. if that internal error thing appears, there will be an error entry in the log. not at the beginning but when u executed it. something like [severe] javasucksexception at blahclass:blahline
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    xD Okay, lemme try it out real quick, I'll be back in a minute

    What the- Its working o_o Maybe its because I tried /cplay on the first load? Anyways. Thanks :) Love the plugin :)
  19. lol okay have fun. maybe there was a fix for your problem in the newest version?
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    Yes, please!
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  21. maybe someone else can do a video tutorial. i dont like speaking english in videos.
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    I havent even updated yet :D Idk what happend, but still, thanks, its really epic.
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    the plugin is nice, and working.
    but when ever i do /cplay i see that in the console
    12.04 16:36:34 [Server] INFO / lost connection
    12.04 16:36:31 [Server] INFO... 14 more
    12.04 16:36:31 [Server] INFOat org.bukkit.command.PluginCommand.execute(
    12.04 16:36:31 [Server] INFOat com.forgewareinc.Cinema.Cinema.onCommand(
    12.04 16:36:31 [Server] INFO Caused by: java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 2
    12.04 16:36:31 [Server] INFOat
    12.04 16:36:31 [Server] INFOat
    12.04 16:36:31 [Server] INFOat net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.w(
    12.04 16:36:31 [Server] INFOat net.minecraft.server.NetworkListenThread.a(
    12.04 16:36:31 [Server] INFOat lishid.orebfuscator.hook.NetServerHandlerProxy.a(
    12.04 16:36:31 [Server] INFOat net.minecraft.server.NetServerHandler.a(
    12.04 16:36:31 [Server] INFOat net.minecraft.server.NetworkManager.b(
    12.04 16:36:31 [Server] INFOat net.minecraft.server.Packet3Chat.handle(
    12.04 16:36:31 [Server] INFOat lishid.orebfuscator.hook.NetServerHandlerProxy.a(
    12.04 16:36:31 [Server] INFOat net.minecraft.server.NetServerHandler.a(
    12.04 16:36:31 [Server] INFOat
    12.04 16:36:31 [Server] INFOat net.minecraft.server.NetServerHandler.handleCommand(
    12.04 16:36:31 [Server] INFOat org.bukkit.craftbukkit.CraftServer.dispatchCommand(
    12.04 16:36:31 [Server] INFOat org.bukkit.command.SimpleCommandMap.dispatch(
    12.04 16:36:31 [Server] INFOat org.bukkit.command.PluginCommand.execute(
    12.04 16:36:31 [Server] INFO org.bukkit.command.CommandException: Unhandled exception executing command 'cplay' in plugin Cinema v1.1

    thank you.

    plus that i did the player name .. but its not showing my body in the movie ?

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  24. its not enough to just give the playername (player does not reference to you but is a identifier for the playing file)
    you have to give all parameters for cplay.
    /cplay test testfile.cin 1 0 1 200
    plays testfile.cin as player test with setair on and restore at stop on at 200 ms per frame, and it doesnt stop itself (the 0 playcount)
    i just forgot to add a check if there are 6 arguments
    return false;
    that is why you get the error. i try to get an argument which is not there and it throws that exception
    /edit: fixed
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    ok its working good .. i did that /cplay mralzaabi ... , but no player is shown ?
  26. AGAIN: the playername is not your name, its the identifier for the "cinemaplayer" with that name you can stop it later
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    ohh .. ok got it i thought that there should be a player in the movie .. o_o
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    Video Please!
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    I Made a quick video to use this plugin :
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